The Papertown Paperchase

The Papertown Paperchase A two act children s play in which the Salamander a sort of dragon is in trouble with the Fireflies because he is unable to create a fire To redeem himself he is sent on a mission to burn down Paper

  • Title: The Papertown Paperchase
  • Author: David Wood
  • ISBN: 9780573050329
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • A two act children s play in which the Salamander, a sort of dragon, is in trouble with the Fireflies because he is unable to create a fire To redeem himself he is sent on a mission to burn down Papertown.

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    • Ryker Ross says:

      Paper Towns Is a book about a boy named Quentin Jacobsen and his love interest Margo Roth Spiegelman after his amazing and thrilling night with this beautiful girl he has had crush on. He begins wondering where she went finding all these clues thanks to that night and finally finds hers later on. The book was very interesting catching my interest instantly because I can relate so much in my life being 17 years old, but he describes every situation as you are like there doing the pranking and fee [...]

    • Em says:

      Paper towns is the story of a boy named Quentin Jacobsen, and the adventure he is drawn into by childhood friend and love Margo Roth Spiegelman. in the second part of the book Margo disappears and he wonders if he will ever see Margo again. Margo leaves him a series of clues as to her whereabouts, so Quentin and his friends spend time piecing together Margo clues to find herMy favorite character in the book is Margo: the reason why I love Margo is because she's so spontaneous and she's not scare [...]

    • Rachel Johnston says:

      Paper towns by David Wood. Paper Towns is about Margo, a girl who loved mysteries so much that she became one. Q and Margo go on a mission to right wrongs and wrong rights. She has a list of people she needs to get revenge on so Q and her spend the whole night together. All of a sudden the next day at school Margo isn't there, nor is she the next or the next. She's gone. Then Lacey, Ben, Radar, Angela and of course Q spend hours of driving looking for Margo who has left them clues. I can't spoil [...]

    • Naiela says:

      This book i think is so cute because this girl and this boy have been street neighbors for such a long time and then they grew a friendship connection. Later on the boy starts having feelings for this girl and does not know how to cope with his feelings, so he just ignores the girl. Then the girl disappears somewhere in the world and leaves very detailed clues for the boy to figure out. Really loves how this book ends because its the cutest thing ever and also ends very sad and dissapointing but [...]

    • Xueling Wu says:

      the book was interesting because its about young adults having the time of their life getting revenge .This book would be perfect for people who like romance and young adult books cause someone falls in love and its about young adults having a adventurous lifed there is also mystery when someone runs away and the other person goes after the person by following clues. i don't hate it but i didn't give it four or five stars because i'm not that interested in romance but adventure and mystery was o [...]

    • Mia C. says:

      I absolutely loved reading paper towns. I found it a very mysterious, romantic novel that was hard to put down about a group of high school teenagers. Margo Roth Spieglman loves mysterious so much, she became one herself. Even though I loved the novel, the ending was disappointing. There are many happily ever after books, however this was not one of them. I would recommend this to anyone who is older than 10 years old. Overall I think John Green did an amazing job of creating an amazing novel.

    • Val Veglia says:

      I recently started reading this book Papertowns and I have really enjoyed it. Margo is a very strong willed character and I like how Quentin and her just so happen to be neighbors. Quentin seems like an average teenager that is shy and doesn't really stand out from the crowd. He has secret feelings for Margo ever since they were little kids. Quentin almost seems pretty awkward and not extremely social.

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