The Singing Bones

The Singing Bones A unique and alluring art book showcasing Shaun Tan s extraordinary sculptures based on the timeless and compelling fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm In this beautifully presented volume the essence

  • Title: The Singing Bones
  • Author: Shaun Tan
  • ISBN: 9781406370669
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A unique and alluring art book showcasing Shaun Tan s extraordinary sculptures based on the timeless and compelling fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.In this beautifully presented volume, the essence of seventy five fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm is wonderfully evoked by Shaun Tan s extraordinary sculptures.Nameless princes, wicked stepsisters, greedy kings, honourableA unique and alluring art book showcasing Shaun Tan s extraordinary sculptures based on the timeless and compelling fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.In this beautifully presented volume, the essence of seventy five fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm is wonderfully evoked by Shaun Tan s extraordinary sculptures.Nameless princes, wicked stepsisters, greedy kings, honourable peasants and ruthless witches, tales of love, betrayal, adventure and magical transformation all inspiration for this stunning gallery of sculptural works Introduced by Grimm Tales author Philip Pullman and leading fairy tale scholar Jack Zipes, The Singing Bones breathes new life into some of the world s most beloved fairy tales.

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    • Emily May says:

      An absolutely stunning book of art. It's a hard book to categorize and my shelving is somewhat misleading. It's neither graphic novel nor fairy tale retelling, exactly, though it does contain both graphics and fairy tales. Shaun Tan has crafted 75 beautiful sculptures to represent 75 Brothers Grimm fairy tales, with little snippets from each fairy tale on the adjacent page. Each sculpture is quite simple, but thoughtful and perfectly atmospheric. I must admit that I don't check out that many boo [...]

    • karen says:

      THE WHITE SNAKEi have never said this before, and it goes against all my readers' advisory training, but anyone who gives this book fewer than 5 stars is just flat-out wrong. it is an absolutely stunning bookUNDLINGapparently, not only can shaun tan draw and paint real good, but he is equally skilled at three-dimensional art and here he has created 75 sculptures ranging in size from 2 1/4 - 16 inches, illustrating various grimm's tales, reminding us how very dark they were in their original, und [...]

    • LolaReviewer says:

      I found Shaun Tan’s THE ARRIVAL fascinating so, obviously, I couldn’t drive by this beauty without picking it up along the way. Thank goodness I did. Woah, What a book. So this isn’t a novel. Or a graphic novel. Or a collection of poems. Or a compilation of short stories. Or anything you may think, really.On one page there is an excerpt from one of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales and on the next one an image of a sculpture Shaun Tan made.And let me tell you they are INCREDIBLE. Worthy of be [...]

    • Cait (Paper Fury) says:

      I thought this was going to be more of a storybookbut it's definitely focused on art. And you know what? That's awesome. Pictures are great. Petition to have more books full of pictures and photos because I aM A CHILD and need visuals.It's set out like this: one page has a snippet of a fairy tale, and the next has a weirdly dark photo to go with it. The photos are kind of creepy?!? Which is 5000% awesome. (Although some of them were a bit dull, but most I liked!) Some of the artistic representat [...]

    • Tatiana says:

      Shaun Tan is a real artist, and this is a gorgeous book of art. A little hard to explain what it is exactly, definitely not a graphic novel, as it is described in many places. Rather it's an album of Tan's miniature clay and papier-mâché statues accompanied and inspired by 75 of Brothers Grimm fairy tales. I am not sure Tan can take any credit for the fragments of the tales he uses (did he interpret or rework them in any way? I have no idea), but his work is absolutely beautiful. Very often th [...]

    • Carol -Reading Writing and Riesling says:

      My View:What a beautiful collection! Shaun Tan has captured the essence and emotions of the Grimms’ Fairy Tales with his deceivingly simple yet evocative sculptures. The works are eloquent and are beautifully paired with edited extracts from The Complete Fairy Tales translated, introduced and annotated by Jack Zipes (Vintage Books, 1987); these sculptures and extracts are truly memorable and have succeeded in replacing any childhood images I had of the tales. So many emotions fill these pages; [...]

    • Trudie says:

      Ever since picking up The Little Red Treein a Melbourne bookstore I have loved the illustrative style of Shaun Tan. His sepia toned book on immigrationThe ArrivalI think is a masterpiece. So when this book appeared with Tan's distinctive take on illustrating the Grimm fairy tales there was no way I was leaving it in the bookshop. So many great illustrators have been associated with the Grimm folk tales - Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, Walter Crane and more recently Daniela Drescher and Andrea Dez [...]

    • Erin says:

      What do you get when you put Shaun Tan's artistic bend and have him interpret Grimm's fairytales? A whole lot of fun! I was raised on the Brothers Grimm and Charles Perreault, so I absolutely enjoyed the darkness of the tales. Although I do have to say that the Rapunzel representation, looked like a phallus with golden hair. Other than it was a great read.

    • Kaitlin says:

      This book is STUNNING which is exactly what I would expect from Shaun Tan, author of The Arrival, one of my all-time favourite ever graphic novels. This is more of an art book than an actual story, but it's so whimsical and creepy in all the right ways and it ties very strongly to The Grimm Fairy Tales. What Tan has attempted within the pages of this book is to condense each of the Grimm tales down to its rawest and most primitive form. Using sculpture as a medium and various materials he has ma [...]

    • Elise (TheBookishActress) says:

      If this image is intriguing to you, you need to read this.The Singing Bones is a book of art inspired by fairy tales. Some are literal interpretations. Some are eerie, yet convey the vibe of the story. But all are interesting and beautiful. I knew some of the stories, but a few were unknown to me. I especially loved the choices Shaun Tan made of quotes. I especially loved the the Juniper Tree (31), Bearskin (46), One Eye Two Eyes Three Eyes (56). The art was always interesting, but of course I h [...]

    • Lauren says:

      INCREDIBLE! So, I took my time reading this book but I'm really glad that I did. I rationed myself on a couple of tales a day to ensure that I fully took in the beauty of each one, and I can honestly say that I have been richly rewarded. Not only is The Singing Bones by Shaun Tan a fully compelling and engaging read, but his accompanying artwork is mind-blowing! Some of my favourite sculptures include Hansel and Gretel, The White Snake, The Fisherman and His Wife, Foundling, Mother Trudy, All Fu [...]

    • Emily Mead says:

      This book is absolutely STUNNING. The sculptures that Shaun Tan's created, alongside the stories they come from, are so strange and wonderful, and they match perfectly.Full review to come!!_________________________________________If you like a) illustrations, b) fairytales and c) sculptures, this is definitely the book for you.Shaun Tan is a bloody legend, basically. I requested this one from Allen and Unwin, and the absolutely GORGEOUS book turned up in my mail. I almost screamed, people, it wa [...]

    • Sam says:

      Powerful and Amazing!

    • Kayla Leitschuh says:

      Part fairy tale collection. Part art exhibit. Altogether a beautiful and haunting work.

    • Emily says:

      This book is a collection of photographs of small sculptures inspired by tales from the Brothers Grimm. Shaun Tan shows that he is as wonderful an artist in this medium as he is an illustrator. I was enchanted by the art work, but frustrated because I realized I am not familiar with the vast majority of the Grimm tales -- each facing page includes an excerpt from the referenced tale, but not enough to give you the whole story, so I felt I lacked the key to appreciate the book fully.

    • Alicia says:

      A foreword by Neil Gaiman, a history of the Grimm brothers (who were librarians to boot!), a series of creations by Shaun Tan of The Arrival fame with an excerpt from the real Grimm's tales, and a closing chapter about the tales. Um, OBSESSED. They are rich, dark, creepy, magical, puzzling, and more. It immediately went into the hands of my Horror Fiction and Film teacher who is a Gaiman fan and clearly has a horse in this race. I can't wait to hear what he thinks tomorrow. As for me, the images [...]

    • Karly says:

      It's not often that an artist can bring a new and completely fresh vibe to fairytales, but Shaun Tan has achieved it wonderfully. This is a collection of sculptures that reimagine and represent the Grimm's fairytales so well that you find it hard to believe there was ever any other way. Absolutely stunning.

    • Michael Earp says:

      Amazing! Absolutely inspired interpretations of fairy tales in sculpture form. More detailed review to come (hopefully).

    • MB (What she read) says:

      These are really beautiful pieces of art. Their seeming simplicity is evocative and very complementary towards the Grimm tales they depict.

    • Becky says:

      First sentence: There are stories, honed by the retelling, simplified by the people who recorded them and transmitted them, old stories, with the edges rubbed off them, like the pebbles on a beach, each story the perfect size and heft to send skimming over the water, or to use to strike an enemy. Folktalkes are like jokes: If they had a beginning, it is lost to us. Premise/plot: The Singing Bones is a collection of photographs and one-page 'retellings' of Grimm fairy tales or folk tales. The pho [...]

    • Elizabeth A says:

      I'm a fan of Shaun Tan and his work, so was delighted to get my hands on this one, and it does not disappoint. The thing to know going in is that it is not a typical book that you read. Like many of us, the author is fascinated by fairy tales, and he created little sculptures that capture the essence of 75 of the Brothers Grimm stories. I had not heard of many of these fairy tales, so it was lovely to have a little synopsis of each story at the end of the book.The format of the book is as follow [...]

    • Stacia says:

      This book is like a museum production. Heavy, glossy pages. Gorgeous, minimalist sculptures inspired by Inuit & pre-Columbian artwork. And Grimm fairy tales edited to their barest words -- really just a few lines. Each story has a single, facing-page layout: the story stripped down to its most basic form facing one artwork that depicts the essence of the story. Seventy-five stories total.A stunning piece.

    • Maija says:

      10 favourite sculptures (it was hard to choose!):The Frog KingFaithful JohannesThe White SnakeThe Boots of Buffalo LeatherThe Singing BoneLucky HansSnow WhiteAll FurThe Nixie in the PondThe Master Thief4.5 stars

    • Kirsty says:

      In his inspired and unique take on the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm, Shaun Tan presents seventy-five of their stories, each with an accompanying sculpture. He has photographed each of these interpretations beautifully, with light and shadow coming into play almost as much as the objects themselves.The Singing Bones includes an introduction by fantasy aficionado Neil Gaiman, and an insightful essay by Jack Zipes, entitled 'How the Brothers Grimm Made Their Way in the World'. Tan himself adds [...]

    • Abigail Monhollen says:

      The artwork in this was so beautiful. Shaun Tan's interpretations of the famous Grimm tales is deeply captivating. It was hard to put this down as I looked forward to seeing the next piece of morbid/dark/meaning figurine on the next page. If you like the Grimm brothers or grew up on classic fairy tales you should definitely read this. -A

    • Kristen says:

      This is, for lack of a better phrase, very cool. Shaun Tan's sculptures are simple and dark, yet cause complex reactions and emotions in connection with excerpts from the Grimm Brothers' fairy tales. Many of the stories I am unfamiliar with, but that didn't take away the intensity of the moments taken from each one. I don't know how else to describe a book that is essentially art-inspired-by-stories. So, againry cool.

    • Jessica Healy says:

      I have always loved Shaun Tan's art, and have been greedily scouring the internet for images of this series of sculptures he did for maybe a year now? I was so very excited for this book to be released, and it was even better than I imagined it would be. I've just typed and deleted several different efforts to describe how it feels to look at the sculptures in this book, but I just can't convey it. In the foreword, Neil Gaiman says that Shaun Tan's sculptures "do not look like the moments of the [...]

    • Mathew says:

      Thank goodness for the Brothers Grimm and all the other folklorists who, although we could argue have stamped their own ideologies upon the originals, nevertheless accrued a wonderful selection of stories for us share and reflect on over and over again. Shaun Tan's own interpretation of the stories here, done through papier-mâché sculptures (covered with air-drying clay) and a brief, yet prominent passage from each of the stories, is something that I have not encountered before. His creations [...]

    • Wendi says:

      Shaun Tan has always been one of my favourite authors, so I didn't hesitate to pick up this book as soon as it was released. I've only ever seen his artwork as one dimensional illustrations in other books but I love his work, so I expected the three-dimensional pieces here to be great. Read the rest of my review at wanderaven

    • Sara says:

      There is utterly nothing like this book - and I kept a list as I reading of the ideas for teaching with it. Amazing pairings of the REAL Grimm's tales alongside compelling art. Strange and dark and delightful

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