Jinx and Tonic

Jinx and Tonic Let the Trials beginThe time has finally arrived The Trials are in full swing and celebratory parties fill The Isle as Candidates go head to head to prove themselves worthy of the coveted Ranger title

  • Title: Jinx and Tonic
  • Author: Gina LaManna
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Let the Trials beginThe time has finally arrived The Trials are in full swing and celebratory parties fill The Isle as Candidates go head to head to prove themselves worthy of the coveted Ranger title Drinks, dances, and masquerade balls set the stage for a glamorous series of events until suddenly, it all changes.The most dangerous criminal on the island escapes fromLet the Trials beginThe time has finally arrived The Trials are in full swing and celebratory parties fill The Isle as Candidates go head to head to prove themselves worthy of the coveted Ranger title Drinks, dances, and masquerade balls set the stage for a glamorous series of events until suddenly, it all changes.The most dangerous criminal on the island escapes from prison Tragedy strikes The Isle is thrown into chaos due to old, forbidden black magic, and only one person can help.As the island s Mixologist, Lily is expected to step in and save the day When she s forced to keep secrets from X while deciphering decades old clues, however, she s pushed to the edges of her sanity.With the help of her family, The Core, and her new boyfriend, X, Lily must stop The Puppeteer from taking over the island before it s too late.Because if she doesn t succeed, nobody will.Welcome back, Islanders.

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    • Monique says:

      You know that feeling you get when you're on a winner? This is how I feel now. This is the third book in this series and I think it is going from strength to strength. Miss LaManna is keeping me enthralled and captivated to the end. In this episode, its is more about the Candidates and the Trials. It is a major honor to become a Ranger so the test is not for the faint hearted. But with an escaped prisoner, things get side tracked for a while. One thing that is constant is Lily and Ranger X. Thes [...]

    • Elisa Hordon says:

      Welcome back to the Isle and what a welcome it is.I really love a series that blossoms more and more with each story and not just the characters themselves but the Isle as a whole and the stories themselves.Lily is back and seriously better than ever she has come a long way from the young woman in Hex on the Beach who didn't even know she was magic and now she is the Isle's Mixologist and what a Mixologist she is.I love Lily and Ranger X their relationship is something special and it just keeps [...]

    • Joy Novel Thoughts says:

      Ahhhh! This book. where do I even begin? I think I say it every single time, but this is by far Gina's best work to date. The pieces to the puzzle are starting to fall into place little by little only to for you to realize that the puzzle is bigger than you realized and there are more pieces you need to complete it. The world Gina has brought to life is just fascinating, we get to explore a new piece of the Isle and the descriptions of are tangible. I lived and breathed this book. Days later and [...]

    • Anameeka says:

      I didn't like this book as much as the first two. That said, this was a nice bit of entertaining fluff. I think what I like best about these books is that Lily is an ordinary woman. Although this is a paranormal, Lily is just muddling through life the best she can, and her magic doesn't help her with her those issues. My favorite part of this book is when Lily is discussing her Mixology process with Poppy. I relate to its intuitiveness, I think this is how many creative processes and innate tale [...]

    • Barbara Hackel says:

      This is the third in the Magic & Mixology Mystery Series, and things are getting intense. The Candidates are doing public Trials to qualify for becoming Rangers when it becomes apparent that someone is using a horrible magic that is stronger than just about any other magic. It starts on the same day as a long imprisoned woman, called the Puppeteer, is broken out of jail and starts to use her Blood Magic on the Candidates. Lily and X, as well as the Core, try to get to the bottom of this with [...]

    • Dayreader Reviews says:

      I am in love with this series!!! I was hooked when I first met Lily and her quirky little family! I always had high hopes for how Lily's story would play out with her new family and new responsibilities but when I starting reading this book I had no idea how much she would actual go through. I felt my heart jump a few times at the most heartwarming times, but also at the most horrifying times! Yes, I do know that this is a PG-13 book but when I read some of these scenes I was just upset by the w [...]

    • Tere Fredericks says:

      The End? No It Cannot Be!Three book series, with a Mixologist learning of her birth right as THE Mixologist of an Isle of mostly witches. My reviews of the first two are with those books.One of the worst types of magic is blood magic. With that, you can rule the world. The last to try it was locked away, not only from the world, but from the dolls she had created for everyone on the Isle. Thus became The Puppeteer. She has escaped and the world is at risk again. It is up to Lily and her family a [...]

    • Diana Castro says:

      when is the next book being written! Great serious, what a fun read. Great characters, great story lines, can't wait for Book 4. Well written with such care and uniqueness. Witches, potions, fairies, shifters, vampires, they are all on the isle and having fun, then add a murder mystery to spice up the story line - what more could you want from a book :)

    • BookedEvery Night says:

      Jinx and Tonic is the 3rd book in this series and each book just keeps getting better and better! It makes me even more excited for the books that are to follow.In this book we learn a lot more about both X and Lily. We learn about some of Lily’s family history and while there are questions that are answered there are more that come up. I love that about this book, although the books don’t end in huge cliff hangers, each book leaves you with questions that you can’t wait to find the answer [...]

    • Jeanie Jackson says:

      The Magic and Mixology Mystery Series has been a delight since the first book but Jinx & Tonic is my clear favorite so far. I love that the Lily has matured as a person as well as a mixologist through the books. And I love to see that her relationship with Ranger "X" is so solid, so solid in fact (spoiler here) her reveals his name!!! The complication on the island take a toll on their new relationship but Lily determines to stand firm in her roll and in her love.Just as it it is time for Zi [...]

    • Jenica says:

      This series just keeps getting better and better! We are back on the isle with this amazing gem and our heroine Lily is having a hard time staying true to her promise to the core. She hates hiding things from Ranger X. There relationship goes through mores downs than ups in this one, but its not to bad. He knows she is hiding something and he hates it because he just wants to keep her safe. He reveals some pretty personal things in this book, which I loved:) She is head strong though and stays t [...]

    • Vivian says:

      I really like this series and hope there are more to come - I didn't want this last one to be over! A light paranormal read, a little romance, whimsical and imaginative - just fun to read. Lily's cousin, Zin, could become the first female Ranger so anticipation is high during the selection Trials. The competition is fierce and a candidate dies before an arena full of onlookers. It turns out a dangerous criminal, the "Puppeteer" has escaped and the Isle is filled with fear. Lily has been asked to [...]

    • Marsha says:

      I'm really enjoying watching this series unfold, watching the characters grow, and especially Lily (the protagonist.) Not only see how each mystery plays out, but also how her relationship with Ranger X evolves. Although a cozy, this book has a little more suspense in it. More surprises thrown in a well. Fun lovable characters. Fast moving story-line. Good clean fun, suitable for all ages. You are probably going to want to read the previous books before this one. As it is with the authors other [...]

    • Chrysta says:

      This has by far been my favorite book in the magic & mixology series! You really get to see so much more in to so many of the main characters stories! Right from the beginning this book has you captivated! Starting with the ranger trials & how that all plays in to what is going on with the faction! I don't want to spoil any of this amazing book but you learn more about the mysterious Liam, X & even some more in to Lily! I can not wait til the next book in this series comes out! Gina [...]

    • Robin Matheny says:

      I have enjoyed reading this series so far. In this 3rd book the suspense is improved over the previous 2 books. I enjoyed Liam very much. A few of the conversations between X and Lily are predicable and annoying, however I really did enjoy the storyline. The descriptions of the surroundings were fabulous. I am 3 books in and feel like I have too much time invested not to read the 4th book in the series. It is a simple and quick read. It kept my attention and was overall pretty good as a cozy mys [...]

    • Nage says:

      Even Better Than The First Two!I enjoyed the first two bit wasn't necessarily running to read another installment of the book. I tend to not go for "cozy mystery" style books and I had kind of slid this book in that category. But everything got turned a little more up I this book, the plot ( some amazing twist!! )the stakes, and X's and Lily's relationship (finally) . Def a great book!

    • Suzi says:

      I'm ready for the next book in this series!I really like this series although this book wasn't my favorite. Sometimes I got lost in the descriptions and couldn't imagine the settings or the placement of the characters. I do like this series and will continue to read this series. Thank you Ms LaManna!

    • KittenPeters says:

      Talented author Lilly has many choices to make and a tonic to make to save the islanders from blood magic. There are many twists and turns for Lily and she will be faced with some strong challenges in the future. I cannot wait for the next book. While you are waiting for the next book make sure to read the Lacey Luzzi Mafia series. You will not be able to put them down

    • Darlene says:

      Wow!I started the series because I liked the title. It's fun, light reading, but it's also a good story that keeps developing along with the characters. Looking forward to the next!

    • Miki Pringle says:

      Awesome, next one????? Please don't let it end here! You won't be disappointed with this series. Perfect beach booke!Awesome! Next one???? Please don't let it end here! You won't be disappointed in this series! Perfect beach books! Grab a drink and let's go

    • janice g. phelan says:

      Jinx @ TonicDelightful books worth anyone's time. It is unique with a new twist that will intrigue one and all. If you have not tried books by Gina LaManna, I encourage you to do so.Jan PhelanTemple, TX

    • Nicole says:

      So goodThis story just gets better and better. I struggled to get in to the first book but once I did I couldn't help but continue through the series. I can't wait to see what's next. I want more!

    • Jamie Clark says:

      awesomely addictiveThis is yet another amazing book. I was caught up from the beginning and just when I thought I knew what to expect, the plot thickens again. I can't wait for book number 4.

    • Eileen Grose says:

      Another great book!!Another great book and I can't wait for the next installment. I look forward to reading these characters. They are fun and entertaining. I highly recommend this book.

    • Jan Vessechia says:

      ExcellentCouldn't put the books down. I read each one in a day. The characters were so captivating that I couldn't wait to find d out what was going got happen next. Highly recommend the series.

    • David Kahrs / Brigette Boudreaux Kahrs says:

      Great seriesTotally lives up to expectations. Hex on the Beach had me hooked. I very rarely buy books on Kindlel, but had to have the rest of this series. I can't wait for the next book.

    • Hollyhocks says:

      Entertaining. Easy read. A bit melodramatic at times. With the mentioning of The Trials or The Faction it sounded like it wanted to be Hunger Games or Divergent at times.

    • Terrie says:

      A little hokey, but these books have spunk. I love spunk

    • dana munger says:

      Good readEnjoyed all three books in the series. Nice flow and good characters. Hopefully the series will continue?! I look forward to other selections.

    • Holly says:

      Another fun quick read

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