Can I Build Another Me?

Can I Build Another Me Can I Build Another Me follows a child s hilarious wildly inventive train of thought as he decides to make a clone of himself and starts to ponder what makes him Him Is it the scar on his knee or his

  • Title: Can I Build Another Me?
  • Author: Shinsuke Yoshitake
  • ISBN: 9780500650783
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Can I Build Another Me follows a child s hilarious, wildly inventive train of thought as he decides to make a clone of himself and starts to ponder what makes him Him Is it the scar on his knee or his sticky palms Is it his love of acorns or the way he winks The he thinks about it, the complicated it becomes.

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    • Mathew says:

      I loved this book but it took a second reading to want to read it. With this interesting transition occurring at the moment between picture books, non-fiction and graphic novels this fusion text was a surprise in terms of format but once I got used to it I understood that I had in my hands a really special book indeed.Yoshitake's book is a wonderful reflection on what it is to be the only you in the world but not done in the painfully schmalzy way that some early reader books do. The story begin [...]

    • Fromwordstoworlds says:

      Can I Build Another Me? is one of those so well written and profound picture books that dare to explore big, philosophical concepts in such a hilarious and inventive way, that when you finish reading it, notions like existentialism, individuality, selfhood or life experience are already familiar.A few months ago I read Yoshitake’s It Might Be An Apple, a beautiful piece on perception and first impressions and now I am happy to have read Can I Build Another Me?, as Yoshitake’s reflection on i [...]

    • Claire Holloway says:

      I love this book! This book is a fantastic picture book, which also has features of a graphic novel, for all ages (both key stage one and two). This book has a good plot; it is about a young boy who buys a robot which will act like him, but in order for the robot to be like the boy he has to find out what the boy is like so it asks him lots of questions. The questions the robot asks makes the boy consider who he is and what he likes, such as the places he likes to go, his likes and dislikes and [...]

    • Mavi says:

      Funny and self-reflexive at the same time. Very nice illustrations.

    • Becky B says:

      Kevin decides to get a robot and train it to be him. But as the robot asks more questions about how to be Kevin, Kevin realizes more and more how complicated he is as a person and individual. Even when they both think the robot is ready, things don't quite work out.I like the moral of this story, showing how intricate a person can be. I'm not always a fan of the illustration style. Overall ok, and a good book to talk about what it means to be human.Notes on content: Two butt shots and some bathr [...]

    • Iluvnamie! says:

      Just received the book 'Can I build another me'. We were really excited when the English translation came out. It's again a high imagination masterpiece(IMHO) about a boy who bought a robot to masquerade as him to do his homework and chores. An interesting and hilarious conversation ensues between the two as the robot needed input on Kevin's personality in order to impersonate him. My boy enjoyed it very much and he surprised me when he pointed out the small amusing details. This is an amazing b [...]

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