How to Be Ultra Spiritual: 12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority

How to Be Ultra Spiritual Steps to Spiritual Superiority Welcome to the Glorious Grandeur of Ultra SpiritualityIn case you haven t noticed the New Age has become the Old Age But don t recycle your crystals just yet His Enlightenedness JP Sears is ushering

  • Title: How to Be Ultra Spiritual: 12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority
  • Author: Jp Sears
  • ISBN: 9781622038213
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • Welcome to the Glorious Grandeur of Ultra SpiritualityIn case you haven t noticed, the New Age has become the Old Age But don t recycle your crystals just yet His Enlightenedness JP Sears is ushering in the Newer Age, blinding us with the dawn like brilliance that is Ultra Spirituality How to Be Ultra Spiritual presents Ultra Spiritual JP s none of a kind guidance, so yWelcome to the Glorious Grandeur of Ultra SpiritualityIn case you haven t noticed, the New Age has become the Old Age But don t recycle your crystals just yet His Enlightenedness JP Sears is ushering in the Newer Age, blinding us with the dawn like brilliance that is Ultra Spirituality How to Be Ultra Spiritual presents Ultra Spiritual JP s none of a kind guidance, so you can better yourself through teachings on Competitive spirituality the Ultra Spiritual foundation that the rest of your Ultra Spiritual path rests on Why burying your feelings alive makes you thrive Dreaming up your awakening how to engineer your carefully contrived spiritual narrative Rigidly yogic yoga the moisture filled cloud formation that drops rain upon your river so your flow can flow Following the light to the greener spiritual pastures of veganism He ness, financial levity, deathliness, and other qualities of the quality guru Mindfullessness all of the fullness of mindfulness with none of the mind Merciless meditation the most effective way to become meditative and, duh, spiritual Accessing the forces of critical nonjudgment Using plant spirit medicine to experience a degree of enlightenment that you aren t enlightened enough to experience without the spirit who lives inside its particular vegetation Humbleness, and how to employ it in the most superior sense of the wordWith How to Be Ultra Spiritual, His Enlightenedness JP Sears brings the heart and soul of ancient spirituality back to life with a progressive aggression, replacing the diluted uselessness of modern spirituality with the waaay spiritual wisdom of Ultra Spirituality See if you can keep up .

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    • Heidi The Hippie Reader says:

      Anything can be a competition- even spirituality. JP Sears in How to Be Ultra Spiritual tackles everything from meditation to existing in the "soon" in a tongue-in-cheek effort to educate the reader on all spiritual matters. Not for thin-skinned readers, this book uses humor to examine just how ridiculous the whole spiritual thing can be when taken to extremes. Though JP never breaks character, it is clear from the sheer amount of New Age material covered in these pages that if he hasn't been on [...]

    • Crystal Starr Light says:

      Bullet Review:Hilarious - and yet JP has done something that many others (bloggers, youtubers, comedians) cannot. He doesn't just regurgitate his videos in this book - he puts it into a cohesive whole and adds to it. Yes, some of the bits will sound familiar from the videos, but there is nothing verbatim, that I could find at least.I think it's funnier if you come from a religious background, but be warned: if you are really REALLY religious and take that too seriously, this might make you mad.

    • Pop Bop says:

      Irony Is Just Another Word For KarmaI think you have to thoroughly know and deeply care about a subject in order to most effectively mock it. That's pretty much what you have here. It may be in the vanguard of a new type of self-help book - the semi-serious parody drawn from an author's successful semi-serious You Tube parody channel.I just finished Dom Mazzetti's "The Swoly Bible", which is a send up of muscle gods and body builders, drawn mostly from Mazzetti's "Bro Science Life" You Tube chan [...]

    • Tonya Dawn Recla says:

      I'm less concerned with JP's book from a literary perspective and much more interested in what it adds to the spiritual growth, consciousness conversation. I think it's safe to say that his intent wasn't to craft a literary masterpiece, but to make a point about the current state of self-help, personal development, "newer age" guidance. And, to that end, he succeeded. "The absolute brilliance behind JP Sears and his alter “Ultra Spiritual” persona is the constant contradiction. His diatribes [...]

    • Athena Bingham says:

      If you've read yoga or spirituality books some of this satire might hit the nail dead on the head. One line in this book was almost exactly the same as one I'm reading for my YTT, which gave me a laugh. Because of the appropriately twisty language, it look me a little longer to read than a general fiction book. I will definitely pull this out again and read it when I'm feeling too Serious about YTT.

    • Kaitlin Marie-Brown Salter says:

      I am now a true Ultra Spiritual being. You are a majestic guru, Jp. Superiority is a wonderful state of being.

    • Lisa Shultz says:

      The funniest book I have ever read! I have watched JP's videos on You Tube for awhile now and found them very amusing. I have also read a lot of spiritual books. With that background, I found the book hilarious! JP provides a breath of fresh air and tickled my funny bone. I rarely turned more than 2 pages without laughing out loud. Besides being humorous, it brings to light arrogance that some "spiritual" people display. It also provides balance to a largely serious subject matter. JP helps me r [...]

    • Wes says:

      The drug chapter really saved this book for me. JP is a funny guy but his style just works better in YouTube videos. The book kind of drags when it's the same character page after page with no substance beneath it. Good for some chuckles, but not much else. Videos are a better medium for this work in my opinion.

    • Miroslav Matoušek says:

      Mind blowing experience. Harder to read at start but loved it. Audio version must be a lot better.

    • Camille McCarthy says:

      Very humorous and accurate about the new-age lifestyle. I always enjoy JP Sear's videos, and I enjoyed his book just as much. He's a good writer, although I think his humor comes across better on film because you can really hear the tone of his voice. His writing is at times a little too clever, in that you have to read a sentence a few times to really get the joke. My favorite parts were the chapter about Veganism and the chapter about Gurus. If you like his videos, I suggest you read this book [...]

    • Bryan Tanner says:

      I intended JP's book to be a cerebral palate cleanser after recently finishing Brené Brown's Daring Greatly and other, more-serious personal-development books. I was attracted to this read after watching JP roast social-media yogis and essential oils evangelists on YouTube. I hoped that by engaging with him longer, I could learn more about JP's actual beliefs.As I began reading, I appreciated JP's dead-pan cynicism…for about 5 minutes. After that, I expected him to subtly provide readers with [...]

    • Charlene says:

      Okay, first of all, I love JP Sears. He's amazing. I think his wit and cleverness is astounding.That said, this was a VERY hard book to read! Not that the language was difficult nor was the grammar bad, but a lot of the sentences are meaningless or nonsensical. But that's the way they are supposed to be! I was really shocked how difficult I found that to read. After a few chapters I was able to accept it and go with the flow, but the struggle was real!If you are familiar with the new age communi [...]

    • Jess says:

      JP Sears is the satirical Yogi I've been looking for! His book is full of insitefull spiritual information chopped up w/ humor. An enjoyable read for any Yogi trying not to take themselves so seriously & enjoy life.

    • Lizzy C says:

      How to Be Ultra Spiritual: 12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority is a must read for anyone in desperation of having their aura blown, chakra assaulted with light, or mind melted into mindlessness insta-superiority. Laughed until my third-eye cried.

    • Jamie says:

      Currently reading this book and loving it. JP is a gem. I am cracking up wanted to take note of my favorite quotes."Unless you've purchased the good stuff from your local discount shaman, you've never heard the sun scream out for attention."

    • Juli Hoffman says:

      This entire book is written as satire, from cover to cover. It effectively pokes fun at any and ALL religions, religious and spiritual practices, and atheism. If you don't LIKE satire and sarcasm, you won't like this book. I've read satirical books in the past. This book is "Ultra-Satarical."That saidI started reading this book while waiting five hours for new front tires to be put on my car after the first snowfall, along with EVERYONE else who waited too long to put fresh tread on their cars. [...]

    • Infinidimincorp says:

      JP Sears videos on Ultra-Spirituality are biting, hilarious and profoundly accurate satire. As someone who works in this field, they feel like oft times necessary and brilliant pieces of observation.The big question to me, going into reading this book, was whether the punchy energy of a 5 minute youtube video could be held through a full text. And the answer is mostly. Certainly a lot of these jokes are jokes that have been made in videos, and parts of JP's circular, rambling, self-contradictory [...]

    • Christina says:

      The title says it all. It's a humour title skewering the hypocritical, commercial, selfie frippery of current commoditized spirituality trends: Westernized, franchised yoga; "mindfullessness," "critical nonjudgement," juicing. It takes the piss of the "Any mantra you can chant, I can chant better, my aura's resplendent, more resplendent than yours" enlightenment competitors. The chapters are very funny, the observations are as sharp as the writing. The point I perceived in every chapter is: if y [...]

    • Sarah says:

      JP Sears is hilarious. Admittedly, I watch his Facebook videos from time to time. He is very convincing in his comedy to the point that you don't know whether or not he is joking. Unfortunately, that transferred into this book as well. While reading this there were times that I definitely knew he was joking. However, there were times where I wasn't sure if he was hiding behind his comedy to come out and say what he was truly thinking. Also, some of the time it can be hard to read as a lot of it [...]

    • Vivienne says:

      I chose this on Audio as after watching a number of his videos with his distinctive voice it seemed to be the best way to approach. Sears is very funny and while I put it on hold while I listened to Swing Time I do feel it's a good book to 'read' in small doses in order to appreciate better and not need a deprogrammer because he has hypnotised me with that sonorous voice into drinking the magic tea!Good fun though be aware laughing out loud in public can be off-putting when in public.

    • DianeK Klu says:

      I love JP’s videos. I also love that he has serious videos with good sound advice. I was hoping that this book would have been a combination of silly and serious but sadly it was only silly JP. I listened to the audiobook, so it was like listening to one of his silly videos for over 7 hours. I now hate JP! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Stick to your videos bra!

    • Erin says:

      Dear lord, I love JP's occasional videos, but this was the most boring crap self-help humor I could imagine. Reading this made me fall asleep faster than the ending of Dracula. I could only make it halfway through before it was finally retired to the back of my toilet so I have something to read if I forget my phone.

    • Marcia says:

      I love JP's video clips! He's full of sarcasm about making fun of extremism of anything in an irreverent wayis one happens to be about spiritualism. I found it harder to read because I had to constantly be in a sarcastic tone in my mind the whole time. I think listening to the audiobook in his voice would have been easier for me to follow!

    • Alan says:

      Meh. I love watching Sears on YouTube. I think he's hilarious. Perhaps his humor is much better suited to 5 minute focused chunks. In this book, you get his attempt to sustain a whole book on one "joke." Needless to say, it falls pretty flat. The introduction is the funniest part book and it kinda goes downhill from there.

    • Ivan Appel says:

      Sometimes overly sarcastic, sometimes repetitive, and not really suited for binge-reading in one sitting.But nevertheless it's hilarious AF.

    • Garret Rose says:

      Funny in some parts, annoying in others; this was an interesting piece of satire.

    • Stevie Kincade says:

      RTC (I mean it this time)

    • Marcia says:

      I love JP's videos. I just didn't get into the book as much. That probably has more to do with me liking sarcasm in small doses than with the actual book itself.

    • Shannon says:

      Imagine JP Sear's Youtube videos, but instead of 5 minutes, it is 7 hours. In general it was funny, but it also got annoying.

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