A Charming Hex

A Charming Hex Bubble Bubble June Heal is excited to be going on an island honeymoon where she not only will she get away for some much needed rest away from her magical powers that she d promised Oscar she d leave

  • Title: A Charming Hex
  • Author: Tonya Kappes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Bubble Bubble June Heal is excited to be going on an island honeymoon where she not only will she get away for some much needed rest away from her magical powers that she d promised Oscar she d leave home, but where she will get away from her sassy talking crystal ball, Madame Torres, and her pesky familiar, Mr Prince Charming Cures and trouble The secluded islaBubble Bubble June Heal is excited to be going on an island honeymoon where she not only will she get away for some much needed rest away from her magical powers that she d promised Oscar she d leave home, but where she will get away from her sassy talking crystal ball, Madame Torres, and her pesky familiar, Mr Prince Charming Cures and trouble The secluded island is a perfect getaway for the charming honeymooners, especially since the only other vacationers are a wedding group June Love s a good romantic wedding and this one is on the beach Magic stirs June is embracing her old mortal self until the groom from the wedding party washes up on the beach MURDERED And troubles double June is unable to keep her promise to Oscar about not using magic for their weekend island getaway and finds herself square in the middle of the investigation Suddenly, June wishes that her pesky familiars were there to help and realizes that there really is no place like home.

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    • Vivian says:

      I have to say that this book was my favorite of the series so far! June's latest adventure takes her and Oscar away from the charming village of Whispering Falls to tropical Tulip Island for their honeymoon - and June has promised "no magic" while they are gone. Although much of the book takes place on Tulip Island, I just have to say that I love the charming village of Whispering Falls - the small whimsical details that really contribute to the story such as June's charm/protection bracelet, th [...]

    • Christine Lee says:

      I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I love the Tonya Kappes Charming Mysteries Series, and A Charming Hex is the latest, and best, in the series.June Heal and Oscar Park finally get their honeymoon, and Oscar is desperate for June & Oscar time, sans magic. But magic - and murder - seem to be everywhere! Will they solve the mystery in time to enjoy their honeymoon?Another outstanding 5-star from the wonderful Tonya Kappes!

    • Teresa Kander says:

      This was my first Tonya Kappes series, so I think it will always be my sentimental favorite. In this book, the 9th in the series, Oscar and June are ready to head for their honeymoon. They are headed to a secluded island, so everything should be restful and romantic, right? No such luckother guest is murdered, and June manages to find herself in the middle of the investigation. Will she be able to keep her "no magic" promise to Oscar, or will she have to disappoint him once again?Tonya comes thr [...]

    • Diana Blick says:

      ConfusingI wish I had better things to say, but this book seemed a little rushed, especially near the end. Spoiler alert: There were not nearly enough clues given during the short action on the island and the appearance of certain characters from the village was just as confusing as they are. They neither added anything material to the story nor the comic relief that I think the author was hoping for. In addition, the relationship between the heroine and her husband is just plain strange. They h [...]

    • Donna Harms says:

      Absolutely Awesome! June and Oscar went on their honeymoon to Tulip Island. Prior to the trip June had a nightmare which typically means someone is going to die. What was supposed to be a honeymoon without magic, finds a little magic indeed being used. This story was so good I had to read it in one sitting! You can't help but fall in love with June, Oscar, Mr. Prince Charming and the rest of the folks in Whispering Falls, KY.

    • Susan Miller says:

      Still!!! Too many errors😡I would think be her tenth book there would not be ANY errors. But yet they are still there. Please get someone to better proof read your books. Very disappointing.

    • Michelle says:

      In book nine of this series we find Oscar and his new bride June patiently awaiting word from the council on where their honeymoon will take place. June has another dream, this one is about the beach and being in the ocean. June is worried because she promised Oscar there would be no magic on this trip. Of course before they leave Mr. Prince Charming brings June another charm in the shape of a spiral. The same spiral shape she saw in her dream. June is worried about the shop but she leaves it in [...]

    • John Presler says:

      June and Oscar are finally going on their honeymoon. While June wanted to go to Hawaii and Oscar had selected Jamaica, The Council selected Tulip Island, a small island in the Caribbean as their destination.Unfortunately, June has been having a recurring nightmare in which she sees a person drowning and she knows from experience what that means. Trouble with a capital "T". On the other hand, she has promised Oscar "No Magic" while they are on their honeymoon.When they arrive on the island, they [...]

    • Arielle Deltoro says:

      This charming novel continues June’s story from Tonya’s Magical Cures Mystery series. June lives in Whispering Falls with her new husband Oscar. They’re getting ready to leave on their honeymoon and have agreed to no magic while away. Despite their promises, they can’t seem to leave the magic at home and the suspense and chaos seems to follow them there. This story is filled to the brim with magic, love and secrets. Often times when people are presented with secrets and mystery they beco [...]

    • Barbara Hackel says:

      I can hardly believe this is the ninth book in the June Heal Magical Cures Mystery series! I think every book is better than the last, and this is no exception. I am thrilled that Oscar and June get to go on a real honeymoon-but what was I thinking? Fortunately June has prepared as much as possible for the time away from Whispering Falls. Fortunately also, her Aunt Helena loans her a special magic that only needs June's thoughts and a snap of her fingers to work. Seems like this trip should be f [...]

    • Cecelia Kelsey says:

      June is having a nightmare. She has had them before and they usually mean something bad is going to happen. This cannot be good. Oscar and June are waiting for the Village Council of Whispering Falls to tell them where they are going on their honeymoon. Whispering Falls is a village where only spiritual people live and work. June needed to get to her shop, A Charming Cure , to make some potions to take with her even tough Oscar wanted no magic on their honeymoon. June was raised by a magical fat [...]

    • E says:

      I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. When I got the copy I realized that I had purchased the rest of the series, but had not read them yet. Good thing I am a fast reader and Tonya Kappes is a great author. The great writing and fun characters really draw you in quickly and it's very hard to put the books down. I recommend buying the whole series.In A Charming Hex, book #9 of the Magical Cures Mystery Series June Heal and Oscar Parks finally get their much needed honey [...]

    • Debi Paglia says:

      In A Charming Hex, the 9th book in Tonya Kappes’ Magical Cures Mystery series, June Heal, witch owner of Whispering Falls’ homeopathic apothecary shop, A Charming Cure, and her new husband, Sheriff Oscar Park, finally leave on their honeymoon trip to tropical Tulip Island for a restful magic-free holiday. Unfortunately, Fate has a different plan for the newly-weds. June has a dream premonition that the coming danger will involve the ocean. With the help of her familiars, Madame Torres (her s [...]

    • Allison says:

      Wedding bells have come and gone and now the happy couple are off to their honeymoon! This should be the beginning of June and Oscar’s “Happily Ever After”, but this is June were talking about. The scene is set in a beautiful island location with attentive staff and beautiful scenery. The bride and groom are enjoying their time together and with new friends only to be interrupted by, you guessed it, a dead body. Oscar has been recruited by local law enforcement to help which in turn interr [...]

    • Lisa says:

      I am honored to be a part of the Kappes Krew so I received ARC. Wow, have to admit I have not read this series from author (Love the Ghostly books, Spells and Fixin! series) so it was such a treat. I know I am going back and starting at the beginning and enjoying all the charms on June's bracelet. What a great idea Tonya. Do you have a bracelet like that? LOLOh my. My honeymoon was very quiet compared to June and Oscar's. Oh, and Mr Prince Charming and Madam Torres. And the sisters. The characte [...]

    • Jeannie says:

      First off I just want to say I want to live in Whispering Falls! This is my favorite series of Tonya Kappes. It is full of magic and mystery. Tonya's descriptive writing style lets you feel like you are there, smelling the lavender and sage of the shop blessings and feel Prince Charming's fur when you bend down to pet him. I want to have tea in The Gathering Grove. This is my favorite book of the series so far. Oscar and June finally have their honeymoon on Tulip Island. But it doesn't take long [...]

    • Lisa Hudson says:

      This is my first time to read a book in this series & also to to read a book by Tonya Kappes. It won't be my last! I'm delighted to find a new author who has written a book in a genre(magic cures) I wouldn't normally read but I found very entertaining. Kappes' lead characters, June Heal & her new husband Oscar, are well developed and intriguing. She has included local townspeople that own shops in her village of Whispering Falls, KY. June & Oscar are finally able to go on their honey [...]

    • Catherine Winslow says:

      I received this book to review. I hadn't read a Tonya Kappes book at all, but had the first 1-6 books in the Magical Cures series. I quickly read book one to see how the series began and liked it. I just finished A Charming Hex. I usually hate reading books out of order, but Tonya explains enough that I felt like I didn't miss anything, just adventures that I can read after this book. I love the quirky characters and Madam Torres. The village description makes me want to visit. A solid cozy myst [...]

    • Julie says:

      Nice plot, butI have read this entire series, and never encountered so many errors in the other books. And I'm not just talking simple spelling or grammar errors either. I'm talking the kind of errors where the reader has to re-work the sentence from the implied situation, and in some instances I had to just skip on by not knowing what was intended. Other than that, the plot was good but could've been developed a bit more- especially at the end when the twist happened. Seems like the author was [...]

    • Lisa says:

      I loved A Charming Hex by Tonya Kappes.This latest book in the Magical Cures Mystery Series takes the main character June Heal and her husband Oscar out of their charming village of Whispering Falls to a small island for their honeymoon. They will not be able to relax after one of the few people on the island turns up dead. June with the help of her magic, her husband, cat and crystal ball must find the killer. I loved the characters and Whispering Falls. I am looking forward to reading the next [...]

    • Sally Hannoush says:

      The writing style sucks you in and so does the beginning of this book. After starting the book who wouldn't want to read more? She writes in a way that you must keep on reading to see what is next. And by the way- if Tonya Kappes is reading this- I'm now craving Ding Dongs! This was a fun supernatural murder mystery. A great way to fill an afternoon. I love the characters and the settings. I can picture everything clearly. I will be going back and reading the mass amount I missed. Being this is [...]

    • Jennifer Dicenzo says:

      This has to be my favorite Tonya Kappes series and probably my favorite book of them so far. (Hoping she has plenty more planned) I just love June and Oscar no matter the situation they are in. Unfortunately for them, this trouble finds June on their honeymoon where all they are supposed to do is relax and enjoy themselves. And since June was supposed to travel without certain things, will she be able to keep herself and those around her safe? I just cannot say enough about this series. They are [...]

    • Latifa Morrisette says:

      If I could live in Whispering Falls I would. The characters are funny and always have a good time.June heal and Oscar Park finally got married. The only thing left to do is go on their honeymoon. Oscar wants ocsar and June time. No magic, no nothing. So when they arrive at Tulip island, its starts off normally enough but what they don't expect is for one of the guests to be murdered. Can they solve this mystery and salvage what's left of their honeymoon? I'm new to this series by Tonya knapped a [...]

    • Barbara Flowers says:

      With the Magical Cures series, Tonya Kappes has once again created a cast of quirky characters that the reader quickly comes to love. This latest installment continues to focus on Oscar and June with appearances by all the characters from previous books. As always new characters are added to the mix.If you're looking for a lighted hearted read with more than a touch of magic, you'll enjoy this series. The series is best read from the beginning, but be warned once you've finished the first book y [...]

    • Yaritza says:

      Tonya created another magical book filled with mystery and magic. Oh and I cannot forget her talking crystal ball Madame Torres and her familiar Mr. Prince Charming. This is an amazing continuation to the Magical Cures series. June was able to finally go on her honeymoon with Oscar. Before she went on vacation she was having terrible nightmares of what she will encounter. My favorite character is Madame Torres she is hilarious and dramatic. This book had a great plot and made all her readers hap [...]

    • Karen Snyder says:

      For those who love a good mystery filled with quirky characters, adventure and humor – this series is for you.You are sure to love as much as I do the latest adventure of June Heal and Oscar Park. Where trouble is sure to follow them no matter where they are, even on their honeymoon. I love this series and it keeps getting better with each book. This was a very enjoyable read. Tonya draws you right into June’s world and the lovable residents of the charming village of Whispering Falls.

    • Linda Paterson says:

      Another 5 stars review for a Tonya Kappes book!Best book in the series so far! Loved this book! Oscar and June finally get to go away for their honeymoon. There's so much going on in this book that keeps u turning the pages. The Magical Cures series is one of my all time favorites! Grab your copy today; You can't go wrong with any of the books in this series. I highly recommend this book and the many other books by Tonya Kappes!

    • KimberlyDawn says:

      June promises no magic on her honeymoon. Can she deliver? Well, probably not when she finds herself involved in a mystery. Who murdered the groom? As June and Oscar try to put the pieces together, June realizes the break she needed away from her familiars is not what she expected. She finds herself in need of those that are always there for her. Can they figure out who committed the murder and still have an enjoyable honeymoon? This story was great, and kept me hooked throughout!

    • Maureen says:

      This charming series has charmed me again. This time June and Oscar are on their honeymoon on a beautiful island only to find that crime happens everywhere. Even with help from the mainland they have their work cut out for them. The plot is just right with a wonderful mixture of intrigue, magic , murder and surprises. She keeps you guessing until the end as usual. For more details see my blog bookishsmart/2016

    • Lyn Jenkins says:

      OH! I absolutely HATE finishing a Tonya Kappes book. I never know how long it's going to be before I get lost in another one. "A Charming Hex" is the latest episode of June Heal, who has a wonderful knack of enlarging Whispering Falls population and getting involved in murder. Even on her honeymoon and away from the village June finds adventure, magic, murder and a couple of magical beings. As always Prince Charming her fairy god cat is in attendance even when he isn't supposed to be.

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