Heat Lightning

Heat Lightning On a hot humid summer night in Minnesota Virgil Flowers gets a call from Lucas Davenport A body has been found near a veterans memorial in Stillwater with two shots to the head and a lemon in his mo

  • Title: Heat Lightning
  • Author: John Sandford
  • ISBN: 9780399155277
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On a hot, humid summer night in Minnesota, Virgil Flowers gets a call from Lucas Davenport A body has been found near a veterans memorial in Stillwater with two shots to the head and a lemon in his mouth exactly like the body they found two weeks ago.Working the murders, Flowers becomes convinced that someone is keeping a list with many names on it And when he discOn a hot, humid summer night in Minnesota, Virgil Flowers gets a call from Lucas Davenport A body has been found near a veterans memorial in Stillwater with two shots to the head and a lemon in his mouth exactly like the body they found two weeks ago.Working the murders, Flowers becomes convinced that someone is keeping a list with many names on it And when he discovers what connects them all, he s almost sorry Because if it s true, then this whole thing leads down a lot trails than he thought it did and every one of them is booby trapped.

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    • Kemper says:

      "When the going gets tough, try to unload it on that fuckin' Flowers."This philosophy is put into practice when several men are murdered and the bodies are left prominently displayed on various veteran’s memorials with lemons in their mouths. With Minneapolis about to host the Republican National Convention it’s a bad time for a bloody murder spree. Since Lucas Davenport is wrapped up with all the convention planning he puts his man Virgil Flowers on the case. Virgil finds connections that i [...]

    • Jonathan Janz says:

      I've only read two John Sandford novels, but I'm ready to apply an adjective I've formerly reserved for only two writers, both of whom rank among my favorite writers of all time: Joe R. Lansdale and Elmore Leonard. The adjective? Sly. I'm not just talking about Sandford's wonderful leading man Virgil Flowers (affectionately--sometimes--referred to as "that f&%#in' Flowers"), but also Sandford himself. The paragraphs and pages fly by, but when you slow down and study what you're reading, you [...]

    • Jeanette"Astute Crabbist" says:

      Of course, four stars in the brain candy category is not the same as four stars in the great literature category, but I really enjoyed the ride while reading this book. This is the second in Sandford's new Virgil Flowers series, and I liked it more than the first one, Dark of the Moon. Good plot with lots of little kinks and curves, and Sandford's trademark guy humor. Also many familiar characters carried over from the Lucas Davenport series, so I felt I was hangin' with my old friends. I especi [...]

    • Eric_W says:

      I really like the Virgil ("Fucking Flowers") Flowers series. I've read several of the Lucas Davenport books by Sandford and find the Flowers books to have more humor and interest. They are also perfect for listening to while putting up snow fence. I have about 800 feet of snow fence to put up along my lane. For those who don't know what that involves, it means driving fence posts into the ground with a post driver weighing about 20 lbs, unloading rolls of wooden snow fence and then attaching the [...]

    • Daniel says:

      Here is yet another example of a foot-flavored experience, meaning: after years of scoffing at every Sandford book that I saw on the shelf ("good grief, how many ways can you use the word 'Prey' in a title?"), I got curious. Oh wait, peeps at Mulholland Books think he's entertaining? Maybe he's actually pretty goodThe kicker was coming across a nice copy of the second Virgil Flowers book on one of those tables that you see on the sidewalks of New York. Even better, this was the day before a long [...]

    • Michael says:

      I enjoyed this a lot, but as a guilty pleasure I can’t quite stretch it to 4 stars. Our hero with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Virgil Flowers, is wonderfully likeable, genuinely happiest when he can fish or write about fishing, is prone to fall in love a lot, loves dancing, and always wears a t-shirts featuring old rock bands. He harnesses his charm and affability to solve his cases by drawing clues out of conversations. Here is case is a growing set of serial murders of elde [...]

    • Nette says:

      How does John Sandford crank out so many books (is this his second or third this year?) and stay so consistently good? Lucas "Prey" Davenport is cool, but I'm loving this new Virgil Flowers series, too. A cop with surfer hair, obscure rock t-shirts, and a sideline writing fishing articles? Awesome. This book had a little to much DRIVING AROUND for my taste -- I find chase scenes in books really dull -- but the plot was intriguing and twisty.

    • Tom Swift says:

      Another solid Virgil Flowers story from Sandford. Always a fun read.

    • Michelle says:

      Utterly forgettable. And I mean that. Sincerely. Apparently I read this book in 2009 and didn't remember a damn thing about it so I mistakenly re-read it over the recent Christmas holiday. Here is the sum total of what I got from both reads:1. The Vietnam Warmething-something about American greed2. Guys were murdered many years post-war3. Virgil Flowers drove all around Minnesota looking for the killers4. Minnesota is quite damn large so Flowers drove around in almost every damn chapter5. Lastly [...]

    • Phil Wheeler says:

      This is an entertaining book but there is one scene in the book that is unintentionally hilariously funny. I am not being critical of the book as a whole but this is too funny not to mention. The author spends a great deal of time during the story trying to convince you that our hero Virgil Flowers is this macho cool guy which is fine because most mystery writers do that. It is just part of the genre. Sanford makes a big deal out of the fact Virgil wears an earring, has long blond hair, is a tou [...]

    • DJ says:

      This is the second book by John Sandford to feature Virgil (f***ing) Flowers, a state investigator that works for super cop Lucas Davenport. Davenport is the cop featured in Sandford's very real, character driven, Prey series. Lucas does show up in these books, but he is a minor character. Heat Lightning was a little too predictable and uneventful than the first Virgil Flowers bookDark of the Moon but still very entertaining. I guess what I have always liked about Sandford's Prey series, and in [...]

    • Sandi says:

      Though this book had a fairly outlandish plot I did enjoy it more than the first book in the series. I liked that the BCA crew had larger roles in this book, the action was quite well done, and thought the narration by Eric Conger was better.

    • Ann says:

      I have come to understand that just as with the Prey series, you can't go wrong with a Virgil Flowers book. Just the right amount of police procedure (state level) and a puzzling case with political and international intrigue and a bit of personal relationship details to add interest.

    • Kathy Davie says:

      Second in the Virgil Flowers detective mystery thriller series and revolving around a detective-at-large, the man who only gets the really good cases. Its timeline is a month before the Republican Convention coming to Minneapolis in Wicked Prey, 19, which puts this around 18.5 in the Lucas Davenport series.My TakeAnd I'm still not getting why Virgil is that effin' Flowers, unless it's for that "astonishing clearance rate" he has. As for the mystery, I don't see how his cases are any more difficu [...]

    • Beth Gibson says:

      I have to say that John Sandford is not my favorite writer. I have read a few in the "Prey" series featuring Lucas Davenport, and the first two in this series, featuring Virgil Flowers. They seem like the same person. So I don't know why he started a new series. They have the same job, in the same state, with almost the same personality. The dialogue, settings, and characterization are done well. It's just that they are not very interesting. I give this one three stars, because of the originalit [...]

    • Ethan says:

      Someone is killing Vietnam War Veterans. Each time, the deceased man is left at a veteran's memorial with a lemon in his mouth. After two of these murders, it is clear to Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigator, Lucas Davenport, that there is a connection. Unable to devote his own skills, (Davenport is featured in Sandford's "Prey" series), he calls in the only man who can clean up the mess. It is time to call in the man he hired to solve "the hard stuff".Enter Virgil Flowers, the [...]

    • Shawn Lealos says:

      I really enjoyed the first Virgil Flowers book after not really caring too much about picking up the story despite loving the Lucas Davenport books. With that said, that first novel left me a little flat when it came to plotting and I felt a little too much was just painted too broadly.However, this second book in the Flowers series really improved on that first novel. First of all, the mystery in this book was pretty unique and interesting, although possibly a little far fetched in some ways. I [...]

    • Skip says:

      It took a long time for this book to get rolling. A series of murders takes place involving an end-of-war atrocity in Vietnam, and Sandford does a good job hiding the identity of the killers as Virgil Flowers outsmarts his adversaries. Flowers is a bit of a Columbo-type character, but wears rock band t-shirts, rather than a ratty trenchcoat.

    • Rex Fuller says:

      Somebody’s got a list. The people on it are turning up dead.Virgil looks for information in the most improbable places, including a now-tenured professor who grew up a hippie and visited North Vietnam with Fonda.Virgil ends up risking his and his boss’s reputations and comes out of it a legend he doesn’t really want to be.

    • Fara says:

      I do love Virgil - he's growing me more everytime I read him. Like Robert Parker, Sandford has created a new character (like Parker's Jesse Stone) but put him in a familiar setting and with familiar back-up characters. In Virgil's case, he's using Lucas Davenport's office so he's got Sandy the assistant, Carol the secretary, and several of Lucas' other secondary people at hand. Very well done!

    • Susan Turchick says:

      Love all of John Sanford's Minnesota based booksVirgil Flowers is just a fun character. I am not reading great literature, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Off to purchase #3 in the series. Love the guy humorjust enough crassness without being over the top.

    • Mal Warwick says:

      Virgil Flowers has the highest rate of closed cases of all the agents in the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). But he's no superhero. Virgil makes mistakes. He sometimes misreads suspects and jumps to conclusions. He misses clues. And it's those mistakes that help propel the action forward at a fast clip in Heat Lightning. The novel is the second in what so far have been ten books in John Sandford's outstanding Virgil Flowers series.Sandford's writing is addictive. His characters [...]

    • Jim says:

      Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) agent Virgil Flowers returns for the second time in author John Sandford's, "Heat Lightning". In a small town in northern Minnesota a body is left at the base of a veteran's memorial. The victim also has a lemon slice in his mouth. This is not the first time a body has turned up this way. BCA head Lucas Davenport sends his ace investigator Virgil Flowers to get it solved. Before long Virgil is pulled into a vast and complicated murder investigation that goes [...]

    • Mehmet Utkan says:

      “A bunch of American rednecks flying into Vietnam as the place goes up in flames, to steal millions of bucks’ worth of bulldozers.The mission had begun to evolve after Chester Utecht had gotten drunk with several old friends, including one who’d long been paid by the Vietnamese government to keep an ear on the Chinese in Hong Kong. The informant—not a spy, but simply a man who listened, and who occasionally found an envelope with three or four thousand yuan under his door—had told a st [...]

    • Astrid says:

      3.5 Another suspenseful Virgil Flowers, though this one had a rather major faux pas in that the ***spoiler alert*** supposed bad guy had his victims tortured to get the names of the other people involved. If he was involved originally, why would he need the names??? It was an easy read and I'll try another one, though I must say I prefer my non-American writer mysteries. Call me a snob, but they seem to have more "substance" or whatever you may call it. But the Sandford books are easy to read an [...]

    • Peggy says:

      Virgil Flowers works for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. His boss is Lucas Davenport of John Sanford's better known "Prey" series of books. Virgil is a specialist in murder. He is not what you would expect - not a tough cop type - Virgil is more long haired hippie type. But his looks are deceiving; he is a sharp investigator who uses his laid back appearance to keep the bad guys off balance. In this book ex-Vietnam vets are being murdered and left with a lemon slice in their mouth [...]

    • Vfields Don't touch my happy! says:

      1. I forgot how much I enjoy John Sandford2. Davenport, Flowers, and Kidd ( my fav ) all have different voices and they're each their own kind of cool. 3. Sandford knows when the story needs a laugh. The action scenes are stellar.4. Virgil Flowers is a man I could lovehe keeps an emergency fishing box in his trunk, he likes the ladies but he's not a pig, he knows his music, great sense of humor, loves his family, is a good friend. 5. This plot that initially began over thirty years ago could hav [...]

    • Patrick says:

      This was another interesting read. Virgil has to figure out who is killing all these people. The clues are there, but none of us (including me) figure this out till almost the very end. So if you like twists and turns, this will have some for you.

    • Gabriel says:

      *** 3.75 ***Interesting plot unfolding about some horrible and gruesome events that happened in the past, with innocents locals, while US troops were getting out of Vietnam and now, decades later someone is looking for retribution and vengeance - a sensitive topic and a quite ugly series of events at the core, but delivered in a nice package full of mystery and suspense, makes this book a good one to try

    • Mary says:

      Virgil Flowers gets called in when it is a hard case that no one else can solve, and he solves them. He has his own methods. He gets caught up in a string of killings where the bodies are left by Military Monuments, and then men are all somehow connected to Vietnam war. Virgil manages to figure it out, but gets a bit entangled with one of the suspects, as this is one of his flaws in investigating. Good read.

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