French Silk

French Silk Like the city of New Orleans itself Claire Laurent is a vibrant beauty laced with a mysterious elusiveness The founder of French Silk a fabulous lingerie company she has fought hard to make it a wo

  • Title: French Silk
  • Author: Sandra Brown
  • ISBN: 9780446677448
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
  • Like the city of New Orleans itself, Claire Laurent is a vibrant beauty laced with a mysterious elusiveness The founder of French Silk, a fabulous lingerie company, she has fought hard to make it a worldwide success Then a TV evangelist attacks French Silk s erotic sleepwear as sinful And when he is killed, Claire becomes the prime suspect District Attorney Robert CassLike the city of New Orleans itself, Claire Laurent is a vibrant beauty laced with a mysterious elusiveness The founder of French Silk, a fabulous lingerie company, she has fought hard to make it a worldwide success Then a TV evangelist attacks French Silk s erotic sleepwear as sinful And when he is killed, Claire becomes the prime suspect District Attorney Robert Cassidy knows Claire is damning herself with lie after lie about the murder, even as he feels her drawing him into her world and her very soul But neither Cassidy nor her protests of innocence can save Claire unless she reveals a shocking truth one she has sworn to take to the grave

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    • Mo says:

      What just happened? Where is the follow up? How do we find out what happened to you know who? Seriously?Like the city of New Orleans itself, Claire Laurent is a vibrant beauty laced with a mysterious elusiveness. The founder of French Silk, a fabulous lingerie company, she has fought hard to make it a worldwide success. Then a TV evangelist attacks French Silk's erotic sleepwear as sinful. And when he is killed, Claire becomes the prime suspect. District Attorney Robert Cassidy knows Claire is d [...]

    • Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews❤️ says:

      3.5 "I Need Closure" Stars!! When evangelist Jackson Wilde is found naked and murdered in his hotel room, the beautiful and secretive Clare Laurent, owner of the very successful lingerie company French Silk is unfortunately the number one murder suspect as the evangelist has been aggressively targeting her, her sexy lingerie and it’s cataloge in his campaign against smut and pornography. Handsome, ambitious Assistant District Attorney Robert Cassidy is on a mission to get his conviction but he [...]

    • Ana Maria says:

      ¡WOW! ¡me ha encantado!Tantos sospechosos del crimen del reverendo (pastor evangelista televisivo), que realmente no sabía quién había sido. Tantos con motivos para asesinarlo.Cassidy es el ayudante del fiscal que debe, sí o sí, lograr un triunfo en el tribunal para continuar su carrera.Claire, la principal sospechosa, es la dueña de una empresa de lencería sensual (Sedas de Francia) que es atacada por la congregación del pastor por inmoralidad.El encuentro entre ambos es electrizante. [...]

    • Cecilia says:

      I heartily recommend this book for readers who enjoy mysteries based on red herrings rather than actual clues, twists based on shock value rather than character consistency, and totally irrational and often idiotic behaviour in the main characters. Bonus elements include constant head-hopping, a load of melodrama about sin, and multiple uses of the word "moxie," which I thought had died out decades before this book was written.

    • Pepa says:

      Suelo acertar el 90% de los culpables en los libros de suspense romántico, así que el 10% restante ya tienen una estrella ganada.He de decir que en este caso, lo pensé, pero también creí que era tan tan claro que no podía ser. Sandra brown me engañó. Bravo.Por lo demás, una novela bien escrita, muy poco romántica aunque hay química la mayor parte de la novela. Hay un abanico de personajes, con los que la autora juega y cualquiera de ellos puede ser el culpable. Ciertas críticas me ha [...]

    • -y.a says:

      The plot points mostly center around the lies told by multiple characters. These lies especially coming from the heroine seem forced and annoying. I do enjoy the mystery that keeps me guessing the whole time, but this long book is also very easy to put down. BTW, the ending is kind of crappy.Note: OW? (view spoiler)[ yes:( (hide spoiler)]

    • Wendy Soliman says:

      Sandra Brown can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned. This was one of her earlier ones and I did have a few problems with the plot. Would an Assistant DA really spend time socially with a suspect,kiss her and then ask her to admit to murder? Hum.That said it was still a page-turner and I mostly didn't guess how it was going to turn out. I certainly didn't guess the identity of the real culprit, which is usual for me.Not one of her best but still well worth reading and certainly worthy of four st [...]

    • Geo Marcovici says:

      Alta carte superba a unei autoare dragi mie!

    • Mojca says:

      Ms. Brown did it again. Though this one was written in the beginning of the nineties, it didn't "sound" old-school at all (despite the ADA wearing suspenders ;)). A wonderful mix of suspense, drama, and romance, with a few story-lines intertwined to create an intricate and complex plot rife with twists and turns to keep the reader at the edge of her/his seat and guessing.Well-paced, wonderful characterization with lovely multi-dimensional and flawed protagonists, mysteries and secrets galore, a [...]

    • Samantha says:

      Una trama muy bien desarrollada, unos diálogos excelentes, un caso de asesinato en el que hay distintos personajes que parecen culpables, muy bien construidos. Como siempre me pasa con esta autora, me quedo enganchada con sus novelas.

    • Nick Stewart says:

      Well plotted mystery with a deliciously trashy premise: scheming televangelist is murdered and the beautiful owner of a mail order lingerie company is the prime suspect! The New Orleans locale adds to the sultry, jasmine scented entertainment.

    • Britt says:

      I am becoming a huge fan of Sandra brown. I have devoured three of her books in three days and she may just be my new favourite author.The novel is named after the lingerie business that Claire Laurent owns and runs, which in turn is named after her aunts chocolate cake recipe. A TV evangelist is murdered and Claire is the prime suspect on Robert cassidys listThe setting in this book is beautiful. I love the descriptions of the french quarter. Brown does a beautiful job in describing the life, p [...]

    • Wynn says:

      Pure cheese. An Assistant District Attorney (for some unknown reason) is the only homicide detective in New Orleans. It seems there are no real detectives in New Orleans so he is trying to find the killer of a TV evangelist. His main and only suspect is a very successful entrepreneur (supposedly), but she doesn’t act like it. She’s a weak southern flake. It could be the narration that made her sound more like Scarlett O’Hara than a well respected business woman. Of course (again for some u [...]

    • John Mcconahey says:

      French for its location in the Crescent City; Silk for the fine material comprising the majority of the suggestive garments she designs; together, the name of Claire Laurent’s thriving mail-order lingerie company, half-owned by supermodel Jasmine. It’s not the sort of book that would ordinarily pique my interest.Claire is the illegitimate child of a rogue a itinerant hustler. Her naive trusting mother descends mentally into a morass from which she doesn’t recover. Toss in the past-prime mo [...]

    • Gabriela Suarez says:

      This book is insane good!!! This was my first Sandra Brown book. I don't remember the exact date i finished reading it but i know it was within a day or two of finding it in a box in my parents garage. Once i finished it i was at the library every few days to see if i could find any more Sandra Brown books. This book remains one of my favorites, Sandra Brown introduced me to a genre of books i never even knew existed! Sandra Brown has a genre that's all her own!Once you've read this book, other [...]

    • Judy Churchill says:

      French Silk, an upscale lingerie store, is the protagonist‘s business. Although this is an early novel of Brown’s, it is exciting and full of action with an intricate plot. The characters are interesting, too.

    • Mita says:


    • Alexa Ayana says:

      Siapa sih yang pernah meragukan keahlian SB merangkai cerita penuh misteri. Walaupun dia memakai bahan yang di daur ulang berulang kali di dalam buku-bukunya, tapi hasil akhirnya selalu membawa nafas yang berbeda. Coba ingat-ingat berapa kali SB mengangkat kisah tentang pendeta karismatik yang "munafik", jaksa wilayah (atau asistennya) yang punya ketertarikan besar pada gadis terdakwa utamanya? Tapi percayalah di memberikan kisah yang menarik dari French Silk ini.Asisten Jaksa Cassidy galau luar [...]

    • Katherine 黄爱芬 says:

      Pendeta Jackson Wilde yg tersohor dgn kefanatikannya dan garis keras, ditemukan tewas dgn keadaan bugil, tiga tembakan bersarang di dirinya termasuk di testisnya. Robert Cassidy sbg asisten jaksa penuntut menghadapi situasi pelik utk menemukan pelakunya.Claire Laurent adalah pengusaha lingerie yg disorot Wilde, katalognya dikecam sbg pornografi. Cassidy mendapati wanita ini suka berbohong dlm investigasinya. Cassidy mencurigai wanita ini sbg pelaku utama sekaligus berhasrat pd wanita dingin ini. [...]

    • Alisi ☆ wants to read too many books ☆ says:

      This book (somehow) managed to hit all my 'piece of shit' bubbles, and the parts that didn't where still terrible. If this had been in the first, oh, ten Sandra Brown novels I'd read, I wouldn't read another. It was that bad.You get that lovely romance where the hero hates the girl and still wants her, so he's completely nasty to her. He thinks she's a murderer and he still wants to shag her. And, naturally, she falls head over heels in love with him. Who would fall in love with a guy who thinks [...]

    • Julie says:

      True to Sandra Brown form, this book was just about everything I look for in a book. It was entertaining, gripping, sweet, twisted and so much more. You really can't go wrong with anything Brown writes. This book was written in 1991, but I didn't find myself noticing the 22 year difference. With some books, you REALLY notice that the book is old the author leans too heavily on modern technology and that becomes outdated so quickly that their books also feel dated. Maybe that's one of the main r [...]

    • Stacie Tyndal says:

      I give French Silk four stars because I really enjoyed this book and I would definitely recommend it. This book has romance and suspense and it's very well done and the ending is not easily predictable. Claire Laurent is the book's protagonist and at times she is exasperating during the handling of a murder case that occurs at the beginning of the book but by the end you understand her better even if you don't agree with her methods. And I didn't. I liked the characters of Robert Cassidy and Jas [...]

    • Wattle says:

      I won this book on First Reads.3.5 stars (if only allowed half stars, one day, please!)I must admit, usually I don't read romance novels, because I find them repetitive and boring. But this would have been good if it was just a straight forward crime novel. I enjoyed that element of it, the suspense and finding out all the little details about the characters. It was fun, and honestly quite enthralling.The romance aspect of it was still probably about 50% of the novel so there were naturally ri [...]

    • Candi Goldman says:

      This was the very first book by Sandra Brown that I ever read. It is by far my favorite. From the beginning I was caught up in the story and with every chapter I was surprised.It's the first book of this genre that I actually had not figured out "whodunit" by the end. Although I was sure I knew who was guilty by the end of the first chapter, I changed my mind with every chapter thereafter until at the very endI was shocked. I have read it several times and I always remember my first read and my [...]

    • Amethystrayne says:

      I enjoyed this book until the very endd then that joy turned into bitter disappointment. This book kept me on my toes and had several plot twists, leading the reader on a merry chase. Then Brown ruined it by writing the biggest letdown of a denouement I'd ever seen. The reader finds out who the killer is (it was the last person I would've guessed), and 5 pages later the story ends. No idea if the killer was caught, and really, the reasoning behind the killers motivations were really lame. The en [...]

    • Evelyn says:

      When evangelist Jackson Wilde is murdered in his hotel room, Clare Laurent, the owner of the successful lingerie company French Silk is the chief murder suspect. Wilde had targeted her sexy catalogue in his campaign against pornography. Handsome district attorney Robert Cassidy has one problem with fingering her as the villain--he is falling in love with her.As satisfying as chocolate silk pie. Highly recommend.

    • TG says:

      I liked this book until the end which was really disappointing for me. Yes, the author kept me guessing, but when the killer was revealed, there was no concrete evidence or confession to prove that he/she was the killer. I was expecting more after the killer was revealed, but the book just ended was definitely missing something for me. A nice epilogue could have really tied up the loose ends and made this story feel more complete.

    • Myra Boles says:

      This was my first Sandra Brown book to read and I absolutely LOVED it. I loved the characters because she made them seem true to life. The ending was a pleasant surprise and the best part of the book in my opinion. I love a book that I don't figure out "whodunit" in the beginning or middle. Yes, the ending was not predictable!!

    • Laura Elizabeth says:

      This was my first Sandra Brown novel; at my grandmother's request. She loves Ms. Brown and her works, but I can't say the same. I found this to be a lot of "fake outs" where they convince you its someone at fault, then change it and change it again, trying to have a lot of twists. Mostly its like obvious red herrings. Better luck reading!

    • Ann says:

      I agree with everything Wynn said. I have never read a Sandra Brown book and because French Silk was so horrible I don't think I ever will again. The two main characters were so sophomoric, I found it hard we were dealing with adults here!

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