Complete Irish Mythology

Complete Irish Mythology None

  • Title: Complete Irish Mythology
  • Author: Lady Augusta Gregory W.B. Yeats
  • ISBN: 9780753709450
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

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    • Briynne says:

      Like pretty much everyone else I’ve read reviews by, I picked this up during my junior year abroad while I was living in Cork. It’s not necessarily something you read without a very good reason, and mine was that I fell blindingly in love with the country and suddenly wanted to know everything I could about it. I had just learned about Lady Gregory’s role in the Irish literary renaissance when I stumbled across this monster of a book and decided I had to read it. Five years later, I’ve o [...]

    • Christie Washam says:

      while good to get the basic overview of Ireland's complicated and convoluted mythic past, this collection is just that: basic. I was going to use it for an analysis of the "Boyhood Deeds of Cu Chulainn" but discovered that versions of the tale translated directly from Irish were much better suited to my needs as they contained many nuances and wordplay not present in Lady Gregory's version. That being said, I can appreciate this book for what it is and will probably always use it sort of like , [...]

    • Caitlin says:

      This is a wonderful collection of early middle ages Irish mythology. The stories are full of vibrant hero characters who battle other tribes or the gods that interfere with their lives. The characters, especially in the first collection of "Gods and Fighting Men" are a direct result of the Irish environment. The stories and personalities and themes seem to spring from the very mystical landscape that is Ireland. I found the stories immensely entertaining. Amazing feats of strength and valor, a d [...]

    • Bettie☯ says:

      I will be more accurate than the scant blurb box here.This compilation is by Lady Gregory and there is a preface by WB Yeats. The cover is stunning and I will take a fotie tomorrow.

    • Erren Wolf says:

      I love the fairy tales and have many books on the subject. This is one of my favourites and have it in hardcover. There are many tales within it that captivate the imagination and make you wonder: are the fairies real? Was there a time long ago when people could actually see them? Why are there so few now that can see them, such as Dora van Gelder Kunz? This is a great book to read for children and adults alike.

    • Susan says:

      Irish myths including Cuchlain. Left at JR's too heavy to take home. Buy in Can. nicely written

    • Barrett says:

      picked this up while in Ireland in 2006 -- still chipping away at it here and there

    • Matthew says:

      Good stuff. Not your straightforward, easily untangleable mythology like the Greeks with a pantheon of gods gathering in the one place. Lady Gregory's compilation is a head-stealing romp of fights and cows and great feats and an eye-gouging array of letters making up each name that graces the page.

    • Czarny Pies says:

      Ce livre a joué le meme role dans l'Insurrection de paques de 1916 en Irlande qu'a joué Das Kapital dans la Révolution Bolchévique l'année d'après en Russie; c'est à dire, il a fournit la base intellectuelle nécessaire aux Insurrectionistes. Comme Das Kapital, la Mythologie de Lady Gregory est bourré de contes de fees.Ce qui est à signaler est que cette edition contient une introduction par William Butler Yeates, laureat du prix Nobel 1923 et le plus grand collaborateur de Lady Gregory [...]

    • Peter Mcloughlin says:

      Very dense presentation. Mythology is not my strong suit keeping track of all the names and characters especially since this my first serious foray into Irish mythology. I read the Oisin and Ulster cycles presented in the book. It is something I will need to apply with multiple readings until it sinks in. I will tackle this one and hopefully will be better able to keep better track on the next reading.

    • Carlos Carneiro says:

      Uma grande bíblia da mitologia irlandesa, há versões/traduções mais actuais, mas não englobam toda a mitologia e dedicam-se a ciclos ou mesmo partes de ciclos específicos. Lady Gregory organizou uma compilação super completa, dando o seu toque como romancista às histórias de forma a estarem bem escritas e claras. A grande fonte de mitologia celta irlandesa.

    • Rebecca Haslam says:

      Slightly more long-winded than I thought it would be, this book took me a considerable amount of time to get through!

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