Luuker Leebesurm : sünged päevad

Luuker Leebesurm s nged p evad Lubage tutvustada Luuker Leebesurm tarkpeast detektiiv k ikv imas maag r paste trikkide ja murdvarguste meister Ahjaa ja surnud Koos ebatavalise ja salap raselt andeka Stephanie Edgleyga moodustav

  • Title: Luuker Leebesurm : sünged päevad
  • Author: Derek Landy Tom Percival Mario Pulver
  • ISBN: 9789949970667
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lubage tutvustada, Luuker Leebesurm tarkpeast detektiiv, k ikv imas maag, r paste trikkide ja murdvarguste meister Ahjaa, ja surnud Koos ebatavalise ja salap raselt andeka Stephanie Edgleyga moodustavad nad liidu, mis peab jagu saama k ikematvast iidsest kurjusest Detektiiv Luuker Leebesurm S nged p evad on neljas lugu Derek Landy p rgulikult p nevast noorteseeriasLubage tutvustada, Luuker Leebesurm tarkpeast detektiiv, k ikv imas maag, r paste trikkide ja murdvarguste meister Ahjaa, ja surnud Koos ebatavalise ja salap raselt andeka Stephanie Edgleyga moodustavad nad liidu, mis peab jagu saama k ikematvast iidsest kurjusest Detektiiv Luuker Leebesurm S nged p evad on neljas lugu Derek Landy p rgulikult p nevast noorteseeriast Luuker Leebesurm on t mmatud paralleeluniversumisse Pole ametlikku, Pelgupaiga heakskiiduga plaani tema p stmiseks.Samas, planeerimine pole kunagi olnud Valk ria tugevaim k lgKuid isegi, kui ta suudaks Leebesurma tagasi tuua, poleks kki enam kuhugi tulla, kuna kamp pahalasi plaanivad h vitada Varjupaiga ja m ned v ga v imukad inimesed soovivad Valk ria surma Ja nagu sellest poleks veel v he, on sna t en oline, et sorts nimega Darquesse h vitab kogu maailma ja inimkonna hes sellega Leebesurm on l inud, kogu lootus on Valk rial Kogu maailma raskus on Valk ria lgadel ja saatus tema k tes On t esti s nged p evad.

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    • Kimberley doruyter says:

      this is just a great series to read back to backat ending had me staring with my mouth flapping open.

    • Amber Robertson says:

      Ehhhhh, this one wasn't my favourite. It fell a bit flat BUT was still kickass and enjoyable so I can't give it any less than 3. I'm really enjoying growing with ourmain character too, it feels a lot better when I'm not reading about a literal 12 year old tbh.Refer back to my review on book one as to why I won't be writing reviews for the books in this particular series.

    • Robert says:

      When you need lightweight fantasy craziness with ultra-violence, wit and nemeses who just keep on coming back, book after book, your two best options are Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl books and Derek Landy's Skulduggery Pleasant novels. The Fowl has gone off the boil (I haven't bothered with the latest one) so that leaves Landy and the Skeleton Detective as possessors of the field. Except Pleasant is stuck in another dimension with a bunch of Gods that appear to have escaped from a Lovecraft story. [...]

    • Cait (Paper Fury) says:

      I CANNOT EVEN RIGHT NOW. WHAT WAS THAT ENDING??!! WHAT WHAT WHAT.I glare at everyone who told me this was a good series. I glare and I cry. It is freaking brilliant butbut.I HAVE FEELS, OKAY? AND THEY ARE BEING HURT AND MY BRAIN IS EXPLODING WITH THE BEST PLOT TWIST IN THE UNIVERSE!! AFJSDFKALDS I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. That last page.The wicked cliffhanger. Okay, okay, I'll actually review the book. But just know that this has been the bestest so far. I give it 4.5-stars only because I think they'r [...]

    • Jasmine says:

      ANGRY NOTE: How could you end Faceless Ones like that, Derek?! With Skulduggery sucked into the Faceless Ones World?! You've got to be kidding me!?It's official; this series is awesome.Halfway through the book, I found myself shouting, "Flaming Fudge-cakes! This book is beyond the awesome level!" At the end of the book, I was wiling, "Oh my god! This is just too good!"Like always, Derek makes me read 3D writing. Oh yeah; 3D equipped with fantastic HD as well. The action senses, as usual, are wel [...]

    • Temi Panayotova says:

      Тази част направо не знам, какви думи да използвам, за да я опиша - толкова неща се случиха, че сега си седя вкъщи, гледам дъжда, който се стича по прозореца и ми иде да хукна навън и да си купя следващата!!! Историята стана толкова интересна, че просто няма как да се спреш да я че [...]

    • Desinka says:

      This has been a worthy continuation of the series. I'm glad the story and the character keep being interesting and complex. Thoroughly enjoyed this darker book.

    • Tanja Voosen says:

      Ich liebe diese Reihe einfach. SO SEHR.

    • Shelby Finger says:

      Firstly, Derek Landy is not only one of my top favorite authors, but the author I aspire to be like. His series (Skulduggery Pleasant, starting with "Scepter of the Ancients")fits into the young adult category. The books aren't easy to find in American stores (he's Irish, and given the lingo he uses, it definitely shines through in his writing), so I reccomend looking for them on amazon. I RECCOMEND THIS SERIES to all ages, and all readers. This is the ONLY series of books I've ever read, and la [...]

    • PaulaPhillips says:

      At the end of Faceless Ones , we read as Skulduggery was sucked into the portal to the world of the Faceless Ones . In Dark Days , we read as Valkyrie Cain is on a mission to find Skulduggery's real skull-the one that was stolen by Goblins so that she can save him and return him to the real world. As usual , these novels are anything but safe as a new killer -this time one thats been locked up for 200 years and was framed is out on the loose to seek revenge on those - however he can't do this wi [...]

    • Valquiria says:

      Sigue siendo mi favorito!

    • aaron rourke says:

      This book certainly takes a dark turn and from this point on, everything is all Darquesse and Lord Vile and The Man With The Golden Eyes. This is probably my favourite Skulduggery book, and sometimes I find myself wondering why. It certainly wasn't the one I enjoyed the most or the one that even shocked me the most(You're all probably like wtf how is the Darquesse twist NOT shocking?) I have had several rereads of this series, mainly for the release of every new book and when I do, I always find [...]

    • Olga says:

      Can't seem to get enough of this series.Love it immensely!

    • Kristy ▪ The Reader Dragon says:

      "Until the end." ;w;Ok, ok, OKAY. This is definitely my favourite book in the series. So far. Shit is finally starting to hit the fan. I totally didn't think the remnants were a thing this early on. I could've sworn they were much later. Just holy damn son.

    • Amelie says:

      Vermutlich wäre ich jetzt an einem Herzinfakt krepiert, wenn ich es nicht schon vorher gewusst hätte Von daher war es vielleicht ganz gut, dass ich auf der Lesung bei der lit.Cologne zugespoilert worden bin xD

    • Bilbo Baggins says:

      A reread, of course. ;)

    • George says:

      4.5/5 stars

    • Penni says:

      And of course, it ends on a cliffie. What a surprise LOL.

    • Neli says:

      SPOILER:When I started the book, I was sure we have a four-star winner here but after Skulduggery was saved, it sort of went downhill for me. The end was amazing though so it definitely deserves more than 3.5 stars. So I made a compromise and I think 3.75 stars are fair.

    • ira ✨ says:

      i justere are no words. except-HOLY SHITSDFGSFGJKSFKJGKJFG

    • Ariana says:

      Great read of course!

    • Kenna says:

      Skulduggery is gone. Valkyrie is searching desperately for his original skull, which can be used as an Isthmus Anchor. Several people that Valkyrie has wronged in the past have gotten together to destroy her. And she’s having terrible headaches.There’s a moment in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. where Coulson asks Ward, “Who are you without him?” This quote can be applied to Valkyrie, who has left her family to her reflection, stopped spending time with her friends, and has taken up da [...]

    • Bethany Sawford says:

      Really enjoyed this as an audiobook, started this series aaagggeess ago and really liked it, can’t believe it took me so long to pick up this one. The narrator was brilliant, his accent gave the book another dimension. This story had the perfect of amount of action and suspense combined with hilarious characters, who kept me laughing aloud.

    • AnHeC the Paperback Obliterator says:

      Word count: about 77 700Rating: I’ll finish you like a chocolate cheesecake BIATCH!*The rating is somewhere around 3,75 for this one too (can’t really give it a full **** Just can’t. I know I have issues, but don’t worry, I don’t plan to breed so it’s OK)Non-stop thrilling action That is going to be a rather short review, as I have nothing profound to say. Stephanie is 15 now (surprise, surprise, you didn’t see that one coming *sarcasm*). I really enjoy seeing her grow up and follo [...]

    • Emma says:

      Wait WHHHAAAT?! I mean, hrmm um WHAT? *Trying to gather my blown mind* Let's rewindHere I was, happily reading along - chuckling, snorting and chortling at all that sass and absurdity that is the Skulduggery Pleasant series. *butterfly flies past, birds sing and rainbows sparkle* when things start to get a bit darker. Not too dark - I do like my books dark and raw with a side of gore - but ya know dark-er: a few stabbings, dismemberments and the occasional zombie with their entrails hanging out [...]

    • An Odd1 says:

      Re-read series. What a thrill to fall back into such a strange invention. Valkyrie is brave, would do anything to save her teacher, and does risk the impossible. Swing of who is who and where, unremembered motivations, would be easier if I'd read series read closer together, but worth sorting out puzzle and catching up with eccentrics -- good, bad, and zig-zag in-betweens. Magic and mortal worlds scatter news reports seemingly at random. Scarab unites Springheel Jack "the Ripper" and other villa [...]

    • rebellyell666 says:

      Inhalt:Skulduggery ist immer noch verschwunden. Das einzige, was noch übrig bleibt, ist seinen richtigen Schädel als Isthmus-Anker zu benutzen, um das Portal zu öffnen. Genau das hat Stephanie alias Walküre Unruh vor. Ein verrückter Plan, der alle möglichen Feinde auf den Plan ruft und dabei bleibt es nicht. Skarab ist endlich aus der Haft entlassen worden und schwört Rache für das unschuldige Absitzen seiner Strafe…Schreib-/Erzählstil:Landy zeichnet sich ja bekanntlich durch seine zy [...]

    • Rasmus Skovdal says:

      Short, vaguely rambling review alert!Okay, so, I think this series is quite fun, but the first one was easily the best so far.I think the author might be pushing the ‘chosen one’ business a bit hard at this point, and the tropes and of ‘urban fantasy’, which I guess this belongs to, broadly, are beginning to fray slightly at the edges.It’s still odd how eager the author is to punish his heroine – I’m not sure if it’s to establish how serious the world is, or if he has simply real [...]

    • Sam says:

      11 months have passed and we find out exactly what happened to Skulduggery at the end of Book three.After the huge cliffhanger of Book three, I had to move straight onto four to find out what happened. What I love about this series is the writing - its so exciting and the description makes me feel like I'm watching a movie. I think it helps even more when hearing it on Audio because the actor does such a fantastic job at narrating and getting all the voices perfectly! A few things are unfolding [...]

    • Cbenderpomp says:

      I thought that dark days was a very good, action-packed book. It was fun and made you really cling on to the characters as if they were real. For example, in the beginning of the book, a detective named Skulduggery Pleasant is trapped in the Faceless Ones world, (The Faceless Ones are bad gods), and Valkyrie Cain has to save him. It is very intense and you get disappointed when he thinks Valkyrie is just a hallucination. For example: ""Oh dear" he said. "Now I'm deriving amusement from my halluc [...]

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