Robin War

Robin War It s Robins vs cops Robins vs Robins Robins vs Batman Robins vs the Court of Owls Collecting Robin War Grayson Detective Comics We Are Robin Robin Son of Batman Gotham Academy R

  • Title: Robin War
  • Author: Lee Bermejo Tom King Ray Fawkes Tim Seeley Patrick Gleason Mikel Janín Khary Randolph Steve Pugh
  • ISBN: 9781401262082
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s Robins vs cops Robins vs Robins Robins vs Batman Robins vs the Court of Owls Collecting Robin War 1 2, Grayson 15, Detective Comics 47, We Are Robin 7, Robin Son of Batman 7, Gotham Academy 13, Red Hood Arsenal 7, Teen Titans 15

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    • ALEXA says:

      IT HURTS SO GOOD. I'm a huge fan of the Bat Family, but I have a particular soft spot for the Robins - Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake & Damian Wayne. It's so great to see them all here together, even though I was constantly worrying over what would happen next. And then it ended like THAT (which I knew would be the case, but still), and now I need to know what happens next!

    • Cesar Celaya says:

      ¡Vaya final!

    • Koen says:

      Don't know why I finished this, because from the start I already didn't like it that muchNot worth reading imho didn't like the characters, the story, the artwork, sorry, this was a dud.

    • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote) says:

      We Are Robin was a fantastic debut series that had a pretty nice premise to kick things off. Robin War, a major crossover event that affected at least 4 on-going DC comic series and loosely impacted 3 others (tie-ins), also started things off with an interesting idea. However, the idea itself was far from enough to keep this event stable, coherent and worthwhile. But, what exactly is this idea I speak of? It's the sudden and very controversial Robin law, of course! While this gives the story mul [...]

    • Adam Fisher says:

      The gang of "We Are Robin" joins our 4 living Robins' (Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, Robin) to combat the rise of the Court of Owls and their Talons'. We really see some great teamwork here, and I love the idea of the Robins' teaching these new vigilante Robins' about it means to live up to the title of "Robin". Would have loved to see Barbara (Batgirl) and Kate (Batwoman) get in on the action, but keeping it "all Robin" worked.Two issues with this crossover title: 1) I feel like I am missing [...]

    • Hailee says:

      You know, this was pretty damn good considering. I think my biggest complaint is that it was spread out over too many ongoing titles. The arc itself is only 8 or so issues, but it's spread out over several Batman centered titles. Fortunately, I read all the Batman/Robin etc titles so reading this story line wasn't too much extra work. It would be a problem for someone who only reads one or two titles regularly. The art was the strongest aspect. It was consistently wonderful to look at. The story [...]

    • Dan says:


    • Tarique Ejaz says:

      More than anything, the artwork is what kept me hooked onto this particular series from start to finish.A group of youngsters in Gotham have decided to take over the mantle of the Robin in the absence of the actual Batman. However, these kids are untrained and an incident was bound to happen and so it did. This led to a law being sanctioned which puts a complete restriction on the activity of Robins called the "Robin Law". This eventually led to the current Robin - Damian Wayne coming to the for [...]

    • Christy says:

      Robin War was the first comic event I ever read and was a great experience for a first timer! Bookended by "Robin War" issues, much of the story takes place through several other books ranging from simple tie-ins to plot forwarding issues. You'll experience books you may not ever pick up otherwise, which is a bonus. Gotham is a dreary place without Batman. The Robins, a self selected group of kids who have charged themselves with trying to keep order, are under siege for illegal vigilante activi [...]

    • Chad says:

      This was really kind of a dumb idea. The Gotham city council outlaws Robins so anyone wearing red or yellow is arrested, of course using excessive force. Editorially, this was really poorly put together. The story didn't line up very well at all between issues. The art in at least half the issues was terrible, especially the Robin War issues. They look like they were drawn by amatuers. Really, the only reason to read this is so that the Rebirth issue of Nightwing makes sense.

    • Ryan Stewart says:

      Color me surprised. This was entirely better than I expected it to be. It's far from perfect but it's a good time with some strong character moments. And anything that uses Dick Grayson prominently (and well) gets brownie points, too.

    • Lisa Wright says:

      Fantastic story arc. The tie-ins were a little weak, so that held this to a 4 instead of a 5. I love Grayson, so I'm excited to see where this story arc goes from here.

    • Chels M. says:

      4'5 en realidad.

    • Wing Kee says:

      Pretty bad.World: The art is all over the place but you can't fault it cause it is a event books with many different series doing this series. The world building here is still incredibly illogical and the premise simply does not work. Where is Alfred in this entire event? He was instrumental in the formation of the Robins but he's MIA, that makes no sense whatsoever. The Court of Owls is probably the best new villain that has come out of the New52 but they are so poorly used here, de-powered and [...]

    • Quentin Wallace says:

      Not bad but I'm not sure where thing go from here. Basically a movement has started among teenagers where they are forming "Robin Gangs" to fight crime, but as you can expect a bunch of untrained teenagers don't make the best crimefighters. At the same time the city council is being influenced by the Court of Owls who have a sinister plan that actually comes to fruition at the end of the volume, but I'm sure things aren't what they seem.If you like the various Robins (Damian, Red Hood, Red Robin [...]

    • Anchorpete says:

      this book gets a three from me, because I was not satisfied by the ending. Besides that, there is a portion of the book, where the average, street robins were fighting ruthless elite Talons, sent by the Court of Owls. I couldn't suspend my disbelief long enough, to buy that teenage kids with minimal training could last more than a minute against these killing machines. Of course I loved the Grayson part of the book.

    • Adan says:

      I like the Robins (except for New52 Drake), especially when they team up and play off each other. Add in the We Are Robin Robins, and we've got more Robins than we can shake a stick at (though Dre, Dax, and Izzy were criminally underused). The tie-in issues that weren't actually part of the overall storyline weren't that great (I'm especially looking at you, Teen Titans), but everything else was pretty good. Still loving Tom King over here.

    • Jason says:

      it's ok. It doesn't give enough backstory about the court of owls BS story and all the other Robins for the uninitiated to enjoy it. Because it's a crossover book, the tone is all over the place.I really hate crossover events.

    • Ivy says:

      5 starsGood comic book. Nice to see all the Robins in one comic book. Wonder what Dick is going to do now that he is in the Court of Owls. Also wonder what is going to happen to the other Robins.Can't wait to read We are Robin!!!!

    • Colin Parfitt says:

      I do not like RoboBatmanI do not like that Tim Drake has never been RobinI do not like that the two main characters are so arrogantI do not like that the Gotham Academy story is incomplete There's not much in this book I do like.

    • John Yelverton says:

      Whenever I think of the steaming pile of garbage that was the "New 52", this is probably what I will place right at the very top. The moment DC somehow decided that there should be more Robins than Green Lanterns.

    • Lorien says:

      You know I really liked this arc, all the different stories weaving together, even if it's more of a tangled mess than a beautiful tapestry, until that ending. Lost an entire star. Once again New 52 showed that they have good ideas and shitty execution. What a dumbass ending. *groan*

    • Robert says:

      Repetitive, overly broad crossover that got so bad even the creators realized it - requiring 7 different writers for less than 40 pages in the final chapter.

    • Zuzana says:

      1.5 stars. Pointless drama. Don't care about Duke. I don't like that later on they made him (view spoiler)[Batman's "apprentice". Why would they do this when there are already 4 Robins around? (hide spoiler)]

    • শুভঙ্কর শুভ says:

      Grayson, Jason, Tim & Damian, A.K.A. Robins চমৎকার।

    • Jess says:

      I am Robin (Dick, hon, chill.)

    • Anne Barwell says:

      Enjoyed the Robins working together, and the way it highlighted their different personalities. Bit of a crossover, and had read some of these in other graphics.

    • Rebecca says:

      3 ½ stars

    • Marvin says:

      A little bit of all over the places.

    • Josh says:

      Not good court of owls cash grab disguised as an actual event book.

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