All We Know

All We Know None

  • Title: All We Know
  • Author: Simon French
  • ISBN: 9780207153594
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

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    • Danielle says:

      All We Know is so realistic it has a wholly unsatisfactory ending. The author leaves everything open ended and unfinished. The novel begins with 12-year-old Arkie asking what high school is like, as she'll be starting there next year (year seven is the beginning of high school in this Australian novel). The novel ends with high school still six weeks away, with Arkie still wondering, and life more unsettled than ever. Clearly, this was French's intention, to show that things don't always go the [...]

    • Luan On says:

      It took me a number of readings to get through this book. While well written, it felt fragmented and unsure of which direction it wanted to take. Arkie is a 12 yr old in a rambunctious family unit with a stepdad, mum (two teachers), brother Jo, dog and cat. The novel meanders its way through her life, giving a lot of description, peppered with Arkie's italicised internal dialogue, but doesn't offer any commentary or insight.What kind of person is Arkie? She's somewhat of a cipher, passively goin [...]

    • Myne says:

      really nice n sweet

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