I Am NOT a Dinosaur!

I Am NOT a Dinosaur Way back in time astonishing creatures lived on our planet But they weren t all dinosaurs In this fun fascinating book you ll meet some of these amazing prehistoric creatures from a very big fish

  • Title: I Am NOT a Dinosaur!
  • Author: Will Lach American Museum of Natural History Jonny Lambert
  • ISBN: 9781454914914
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Way back in time, astonishing creatures lived on our planet But they weren t all dinosaurs In this fun, fascinating book, you ll meet some of these amazing prehistoric creatures, from a very big fish with 7 inch teeth to a flying reptile Based on specimens in the collections of the American Museum of Natural History, I Am NOT a Dinosaur uses riddle like rhymes and brigWay back in time, astonishing creatures lived on our planet But they weren t all dinosaurs In this fun, fascinating book, you ll meet some of these amazing prehistoric creatures, from a very big fish with 7 inch teeth to a flying reptile Based on specimens in the collections of the American Museum of Natural History, I Am NOT a Dinosaur uses riddle like rhymes and bright illustrations to reveal 16 creatures With an introduction from Chairman of Paleontology at the Museum, Dr Mark Norell, the book also features short notes, fossil photos, and an illustrated timeline to explain everything, simply and clearly, to even the youngest dinosaur hunter.

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    • Kirsten says:

      This is a great book for young kids about prehistoric animals. The illustrations are delightful, and the rhyming text makes it a great read aloud. There are good resources in the back for learning more detail. My only complaint is that there's no pronunciation guide in the text -- definitely check out the notes in the back and practice before tackling this one for story time!

    • Amy Lafleur says:

      Using repetitive short rhyming descriptions "I am not a dinosaur!" later "I am a", Will Lach describes various animals that existed around the time of the dinosaurs but who were not dinosaurs. Creatures include a saber-toothed tiger, a dunkleosteus (giant fish that ate fish), a woolly mammoth, a pterosaur (looks almost like pterodactyl) - flying reptile, and a Neanderthal. Fascinating and informative book.

    • Rachel says:

      This was a well-done rhyming book that animals, amphibians, reptiles and birds that lived during the same time as dinosaurs but in fact were not dinosaurs. It lets kids know a little bit about natural history and best part is that it comes from the American Museum of Natural History (one of my favorite museums), and they've managed to make it a fun and easy read. Recommended for ages 5+, 5 stars.

    • Amy says:

      A wonderful book that discusses all the fascinating animals from various prehistoric periods and how they WEREN'T all dinosaurs. Helps children differentiate between species and learn what animals existed and how they survived.

    • Roger says:

      I liked it and learned about a bunch of animals and when they lived, as well as that chickens and parakeets are living dinosaurs. The artwork is good, not great, and there's no story. Just information about a bunch of fossils you'd find at a museum.

    • Jessie says:

      This is a cool book about lots of creatures thataren'tdinosaurs (and one maybe-surprise one that is!). The rhyming and rhythm aren't great, but it still works and provides basic information about each creature. The back matter is very informative.

    • Jenny says:

      Excellent timeline, extra information, etc. in the back. Fun Eric Carle-type illustrations, and a great way to learn about 'not' dinosaurs. Perfect for your garden-variety 5 year old boy that's obsessed with dinosaurs.(More like 4.5 stars)

    • Felicia says:

      Beehive Nominee 2018

    • Dana says:

      I like the bold, chunky illustrations that accompany the poetic text. Facts about each animal are given at the end of the book as well.

    • Nicole says:

      I really enjoyed this book. As an elementary science teacher I like the fact that it separates dinosaurs from other prehistoric animals. Geologic time scale is so hard to understand for young kids. I wish somewhere besides the back matter that there was a time line maybe along the bottom of each page so it could work it's way through time when these animals existed.

    • Darlene says:

      Excellent book for Prek-3 grade to learn about other animals that lived during the dinosaurs that are not dinosaurs. Great illustrations and well written book. Very interesting my 4 yr old son and us (his parents) love it. We will make it part of our collection!!

    • Alice says:

      Well, Well well, we learned something new. In our book committee we talked about how a good picture/jr non-fiction should give us a lot of information and then make us curious to know more. This book required a google search for me and my co-worker. In the Note at teh back on WHAT MAKES A DINOSAURwe needed to understand criteria one picture form. 1) a hole in their hip socket (we google dinosaur hip sockets vs crocodile and even human.) 2) a three-toed foot 3)and S- Shaped neck. Now we know!I li [...]

    • Laura McLoughlin says:

      My dinosaur loving daughter and I both really liked this book. Some of the animals/creatures featured were quite obviously not dinosaurs (woolly mammoth, saber toothed cat, neanderthals*, etc) but others are often lumped into the dinosaur family (plesiosaurs, pterasaurs, dimetrodon**). The illustrations are very pretty and the rhymes about each animal are short but informative. There is a little bit more information at the end about what exactly makes something a dinosaur and about each of the a [...]

    • Andrea Lorenz says:

      I Am Not a Dinosaur! explores the American Museum of Natural History's collection of non-dinosaur museum skeletons through clever little rhymes. I think my favorite is: "I have no teeth, just pointy jaws--two fierce and bony living saws. I cut fish down right to the corebut--I am NOT a dinosaur! I am Dunklesosteus." Interestingly enough, I read this right after Squirrels Leap, Squirrels Sleep which has similar, cut paper collage like images as well. Lambert captures the essence of each creature [...]

    • Elissa Schaeffer says:

      So often when we think "fossil" we automatically think "dinosaur" but this is not always the case, which this book attempts to correct. There is a huge array of animals that have lived for the last hundreds of millions of years and in this book we get a sample of what those animals were. I loved the illustrations, I loved that it was told in rhyme, I loved the different animals features, I loved the information and pronunciation in the back, I loved the timeline (noted that it's not to scale) an [...]

    • Chelsea says:

      This is a book that I believe all children will love! There is a common misconception that all fossils are dinosaurs, so I appreciate that this book provides the reader with alternative information. This book states who is NOT a dinosaur, what they actually are, and states who IS a dinosaur; including birds, which most people may not realize! The illustrations were wonderfully done and I particularly enjoyed the additional information provided within the back of the book. The additional informat [...]

    • Aaron Lopez says:

      I Am Not a Dinosaur is a very well written and illustrated children's books. My children loved the book! It was very educational and I anticipate this being one of their favorites. I would recommend this book to any parent who wants to get their children interested in Paleontology or extinct animals in general. Some of the creatures were intuitive not to be dinosaurs, but others really appeared to be dinosaurs. There was also an explanation of what a dinosaur is and isn't towards the end of the [...]

    • Mary says:

      I really liked this picture book and it has content that would interest children over a few years. There is rhyming verse about each creature that concludes that it is not a dinosaur. Each of those sections has colourful drawings of the animal or bird. Further in the book, it has more information on dinosurs and the creatures in the book, and a timeline of their time on earth. That information is more in-depth and would interest an older child. It's a great picture book, with longevity.

    • Jason says:

      Dimetrodons,pterosaurs, and plesiosaurs are NOT DINOSAURS? My childhood was a LIE! I was dreading getting through the rhyming. I hate rhyming books, especially nonfiction ones, but these are pretty good and Lach does a great job finding different words to creatively rhyme with dinosaur. Colorful illustrations are the icing on the cake!

    • Mrs. Downs says:

      567.9GR:NLexile: 600There is a misconception about everything dated back to the time of the dinosaurs makes them all dinosaurs. This book is really great about defining what a dinosaur is and how many of the animals in the day of the dinos are not. Great informational text.

    • Joshua says:

      Fun and instructive. The art is reminiscent of Eric Carle. It also gives a simple and comprehensible distinction between dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, especially the dinosaur-adjacent giant reptiles.

    • Bethe says:

      NOT a dinosaur book, but they do make an appearance. The rhyming text mostly works, fabulous illustrations, lots of supporting back matter. Love the info on each creature in the back, identified by their fossil skeleton as it might appear in a museum.

    • Jo Oehrlein says:

      Great book about the types of prehistoric skeletons and fossils you might find in a natural history museum that are NOT dinosaurs.It shows lots of cool creatures (some of which would be easy to confuse with dinosaurs).

    • Catherine says:

      This is a beautiful book with colorful illustrations of prehistoric animals My granddaughter will LOVE this book as she is a big dinosaur and other animal fan. I wold recommend this book for any child! I received this book from a Giveaway at .

    • Caroline says:

      An introduction to prehistoric creatures for kids.Rhyming text that easily allows room for listeners to fill in the answer if they know what creature is being talked about.Use for a dinosaur storytime for older kids. Recommended for K - Grade 3.

    • Carol Scrimgeour says:

      Lots of food-for-thought here, correcting many erroneous dinosaur labels. Nice back matter and a simple timeline help put it all in perspective. I definitely want to buy this one for my school library.

    • Robin Raines-Bond says:

      Very informative with beautiful illustrations. I liked the charts included at the back of the book. Kids love learning about dinosaurs and with this book they will not be mistaking what is and what is not a dinosaur. Great non-fiction! Fun informative text.

    • Shira says:

      Super cute and very informative.

    • Kara says:

      An interesting and educational book of all the fossils that have been found. Dinosaurs are amazing, but these other animals are just as intriguing.

    • Nikki says:

      Great introduction to prehistoric creatures, kids will love the repetitive nature of the book.

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