The Bookshop

The Bookshop None

  • Title: The Bookshop
  • Author: Denise Kirby
  • ISBN: 9783191029944
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

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    • HonokaAndo says:

      1.50 minutes2. bookshop,old,grumble,diary,work experience,youtube3resting4.cso5.It was interesting. I could concentrate.This book's weak points are I could imagine the end of the story. An old and tidy book shop become good one. I misunderstood a woman who appears in the diary.I thought she is miss Rumble. Because the name is similar to Miss Rumble. Strong points are the illusts are color. It is easy to understand because it is developing only in same place. It also main characters are only two. [...]

    • Aki Kawachi says:

      1. 6/8=60min 6/10=40min2. Jack PowellBookshopDiaryEditionHastingsFrankenstein Solve3. B4. A5. It is interesting and I couldn't solve the edition until Lucy solved it. I was happy when the shop was full of people. First I thought Miss Rumble is not good person but actually she is nice. So Lucy worked at good place:)

    • Haruka Hasegawa says:

      1. 50minutes2. Book, girl, old shop, diary, mostly, first edition, find3. A4. A5. This book is easy to read and the story is interesting. There are some pictures and it helped me to understand the story. So I can enjoy to read it! I

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