The Law of Love

The Law of Love This exuberantly romantic and wildly comic tale from the author of Like Water for Chocolate combines inventive printed fiction with Puccini arias on a CD When a Mexican astroanalyst in the rd centur

  • Title: The Law of Love
  • Author: Laura Esquivel Margaret Sayers Peden
  • ISBN: 9780517268216
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This exuberantly romantic and wildly comic tale from the author of Like Water for Chocolate combines inventive printed fiction with Puccini arias on a CD When a Mexican astroanalyst in the 23rd century searches her past lives for her lover, she encounters many adventures, including the fall of Montezuma and a plot by a reborn Mother Teresa to rule the planet As the musicThis exuberantly romantic and wildly comic tale from the author of Like Water for Chocolate combines inventive printed fiction with Puccini arias on a CD When a Mexican astroanalyst in the 23rd century searches her past lives for her lover, she encounters many adventures, including the fall of Montezuma and a plot by a reborn Mother Teresa to rule the planet As the music in the CD releases the past lives, you see those reincarnations unfold dramatically in a series of colorful artwork.

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    • Deborah says:

      This book was amazing! Ms. Esquivel did an amazing job of blending science fiction, humor, Buddhism, & Catholicism into a beautiful story that quite simply is a call to mankind to come together in love. This is a book that I must own so that I can re-read it throughout my life. ;-)Here are three of my favorite quotes from the book:"Most people are constantly forming opinionsThis creates an insurmountable barrier and we find ourselves dominated by intolerance. As soon as we meet a person, we [...]

    • Aja says:

      This is now one of my top reads of all time (my sister says its the Latina in me that loves magic realism, but it goes beyond that). A masterful blend of time, space, and instruction on how to break personal and socially inherited karma. Part graphic novel, musical score, and head trip. It requires the reader surrender their imagination to a plot that is woven through a narrative that attempts to express a holistic way of viewing and communicating the past, present, and future as they exist in e [...]

    • Hardly says:

      After all the hype regarding Like Water for Chocolate, and in view of my deep interest in reincarnation in fiction, I had greatly anticipated this book. It had a compelling start, in detailing the karmic events set into motion with Rodrigo and Citlala, but the switch to the futuristic setting, with all its fantastical and foreign new technologies and philosophies, was too much far, far too soon. Problems I identified were: poor, scanty characterization; almost total lack of blocking (description [...]

    • R.Z. says:

      A beautiful cover, an included CD, and pages and pages of pastel paintings couldn't make this a book worth reading. It was truely awful. I picked it up because I am a big fan of the magical realism often found in the South American literary tradition, but Esquivel just doesn't have it!

    • Jess says:

      I found this book several years ago in the hallway of my first apartment building in New York (the one that also frequently had chicken bones littering the halls). It had been discarded by my neighbor across the way; she had put out many books over the time I lived there, mostly of a semi-mystical, feminist bent (for example, this is also where I found a copy of Women Who Run With the Wolves). I was kind of fascinated by the neighbor, as she designed clothes and had a fabulously overstuffed livi [...]

    • Cheryl says:

      This book came with a CD to listen to as you read the book, a multimedia experience that was amazing. The illustrations were interesting and added depth to the story. It was one of the most unique reading experiences in my life and I wish there were more like it! I loved the CD and still listen to it, it has some great songs by Liliana Felipe, a Mexican folk singer as well as arias from Puccini. I like most of Esquivel's writing, it can be spiritual and funny and philosophical all at the same ti [...]

    • Michael says:

      Mythic tale of love across the ages told from perspectives of reincarnated characters in Mexico City in 2200, 1985, and 1521. Too preachy about the karma of past transgressions and the concept of soulmates for my taste. Interesting music in a CD to be played on cue with the story and graphic art renderings of regression sequences. The sci fi on the main character's profession as an astroanalyst doing past-life regression work seems to glorify, rather than satirize, a current flaky practice. Yet, [...]

    • David says:

      I enjoyed Like Water for Chocolate, her international best seller (1989) and the movie too. This was her follow-up book in 1996, which was "considered the first multimedia novel in Mexico." This a novel, a comic book and a CD to challenge the senses.It comes with a CD with Puccini opera classics (Nessun Dorma, O Mio Bambino, to name a few) alternating with songs by Eugenia León and Liliana Felipe (Liliana has a fabulous voice). I love the opera and the funky Mexican tunes are wonderful. So how [...]

    • Lausº says:

      I am not sure that is true, but when I bought it, they told me it was the first interactive novel. The fact is that in certain parts of the book are a series of illustrations (like a story-book) wich are complemented by a CD with opera and popular music. The main character is Azucena and the story focuses on the search for their soul mate, with which it has been involved in their past lives since pre-Hispanic times. I read it twice, the second time, I decided not to use the interactive parts and [...]

    • Amy says:

      I must say that this really was unlike anything else I have ever read, but more because of the multimedia opportunities: straight-forward science fiction (ha!) graphic novel, poetry, arias and even an accompanying CD. Whoa!A romance that covers a span of 14,000 past lives and a time period from Montezuma to the 23rd century-- and does it all in a plausible, manner. I'd just re-read Like Water For Chocolate and while on one hand the two novels seem so different, there is a similar touch of romanc [...]

    • Robyn says:

      I remember when this first came out I was so excited about it. The author was getting a lot of press at the time, and this book is made up of textual story, graphic representation of story, and an audio CD that contains music, which the reader is instructed to play while reading certain parts of the book. It's an interesting idea and from what I remember I did enjoy the book, but that was nearly 20 years ago and I've never re-read the book, so it's time for it to go to a new home. Found an old " [...]

    • Pedro says:

      Tiene un primer capítulo increíble (en el buen sentido de la palabra), si eres del tipo sentimental es probable que te lleve a las lágrimas. Luego, de un preciso y único sopetón, pierde toda esa fuerza para terminar siendo un libro aburrido. Creo que fue un error darle todo ese enfoque rayano en la ciencia ficción, (no sé si en realidad llamarlo así, pero no le encuentro cabida dentro del realismo mágico), simplemente no cuaja. Pienso que si hubiera mantenido una línea histórica - mí [...]

    • Kelly says:

      I guess I am just not hip or open enough to this book. I didn't care for it. I felt as if Esquivel was pandering to the audience and trying to show us how cool she is to have illustrations and music and to write a book that doesn't fit into any one genre. Then I felt guilty for not liking the book (because I loved her Like Water for Chocolate so much) that I listened to it on audio after reading it. Nope, that didn't change my mind at all. I just think the entire story is bizarre. I guess it's h [...]

    • carpe librorum :) says:

      Emprestei-o e nunca mais o vi curiosamente à mesma pessoa que me está a dever o Fernão Capelo Gaivota. Mas enfim, os livros são feitos para voar. Adorei o CD, especialmente as músicas tradicionais mexicanas. Não desfazendo no Puccinni, que aquela "Nessun Dorma" É qualquer coisa!O livro em si tem algumas ideias curiosas que apreciei.

    • São Palma says:

      Um livro engraçado, que se lê bem, mas, pelo menos neste momento, não acho que mereça mais de três estrelas . O que nem é mau :)

    • Debbie says:

      "'s not by changing the social order that one's problems are resolved. It's by changing ourselves."A mix of magical realism, sci-fi, and Buddhist philosophy. Azucena has been given a mission to restore balance to the universe and to be reunited with her twin soul, Rodrigo. Her efforts force her, and the people whose lives are intertwined with hers, to understand the lessons that their souls need to learn. "An evolving spirit must pass through every imaginable horror before reaching enlightenment [...]

    • Lisa says:

      I remember reading this as a young teen. If you liked Cloud Atlas, you will definitely enjoy this. Having read both, I prefer Esquivel's take on love and life across reincarnations. The conceit falls flat but the plot at least has a coherent resolution. The CD is a nice touch and very much ahead of its time. This was published 20 years ago and it's only now that authors are starting to engage readers with playlists that accompany the book. One part of this story gives me particular pause, even y [...]

    • Laura Lima says:

      Este libro, aunque me costó entenderlo porque no conocía muy bien esa cultura, me pareció una lectura ligera e interesante. Me gustó mucho la idea de mezclar la ciencia ficción y temas futurísticos con el romance y la cultura.Es reconocible que la autora quería algo auténtico de México, por la forma en la que los personajes hablaban, y sus nombres.Confieso que no seguí los pasos que ella indicaba con respecto a la música, no se parecían a mis gustos, y no soy muy flexible en cuanto a [...]

    • Job Acevedo says:

      ¿Cómo te digo que es el libro que tienes que leer en algún momento de tu vida? cuanto antes mejor eh. Este libro es increíble; Laura Esquivel mezcla ciencia ficción, humor, budismo y catolicismo en una bella historia de amor. Es un llamado a la humanidad, un instructivo para romper con tu karma heredado. Tiene el perfecto balance entre novela, partitura musical y un viaje espiritual mediante una narrativa que intenta expresar una forma holística de ver y comunicar el pasado, el presente y [...]

    • Elizabeth says:

      While I love this author generally, this is not her best work in my mind. I found the focus on soul mates, notwithstanding horrors committed by them in past lives, not to my tastes.

    • Alisea says:

      Storia contorta e surreale anche se originale l'idea di completare la lettura con immagini e musica. Non è proprio il mio genere.

    • Colleen says:

      Reading with accompanying music, great writing - all wonderful.

    • Javier Enriquez says:

      ¡Válgame! No vale la pena abrirlo.

    • Robin Ferguson says:

      Took me by surprise. Part science fiction, part love story, part graphic novel. Spiritual, historical, metaphysical with a musical cd to go along with it. Extremely unexpected.

    • Don Gubler says:

      If you want something really different this is it. Really strange. The question is whether you actually go anywhere worth going.

    • Kimi Mehlinger says:

      Soul mates do exist. just not always in this lifetime as lovers makes you truly wonder about it all. Loved this book!

    • A.M.G. says:

      Rating: 5 / 5I love this book! (And yes, I recognize the irony in how that's the exact word I choose to use, but it's true.)It is definitely a book that needs more attention, first of all. I read it as a recommendation for a professor who was suggesting books to us that required multiple forms of storytelling and media to fully understand. This book has it all: graphics, writing, and music--although, if Esquivel could have found a way to incorporate film into it as well, I'm sure that she would [...]

    • Adriana Garcia says:

      Esta historia me pudo encantar! La temática de las vidas pasadas es algo que me interesa bastante y esta novela cumplió mis expectativas. Una historia de almas gemelas y un mundo donde saber sobre las vidas pasadas es algo común. Muy recomendable.

    • Cindy says:

      I am trying to educate myself on Latina/o Science fiction (beyond magical realism) because I teach Science Fiction and Fantasy at a university in a region where probably half my students have cultural and familial roots in Mexico. Laura Esquivel is well known, of course, for Like Water for Chocolate (1990), so I had hoped this book (English translation publ. 1996) would be a strong example. It is ambitious, mixing media with some scenes shown in only illustrations (by Miguelanxo Prado) and a cd [...]

    • Silvana (Por detrás das Palavras) says:

      A Lei do Amor é o primeiro livro que leio da escritora Laura Esquivel. A sinopse não releva quase nada, ou mesmo nada, daquilo que estas páginas guardam. Assim sendo, parti para a leitura com a mente aberta e alimentar qualquer tipo de expectativas porque não tinha a mínima ideia daquilo que ia encontrar.A acção do livro passa-se no futuro. Um futuro cheio de tecnologias, onde existem novos planetas habitáveis. Azucena, Isabel, Rodrigo, Citlali, Cuquita e os Anjos-da-Guarda são as perso [...]

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