The Frozen Menace

The Frozen Menace Danny Dragonbreath doesn t just have a cold He is cold His fire has gone out And that s super dangerous for a fire breathing dragon like Danny So following a tip from his great grandfather Danny and

  • Title: The Frozen Menace
  • Author: Ursula Vernon
  • ISBN: 9780803739864
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Danny Dragonbreath doesn t just have a cold He is cold His fire has gone out And that s super dangerous for a fire breathing dragon like Danny So, following a tip from his great grandfather, Danny and his trusty friends Wendell and Christiana head to the farthest north to find the magical ingredient that will reignite his fire On the way, the gang faces an extremely wDanny Dragonbreath doesn t just have a cold He is cold His fire has gone out And that s super dangerous for a fire breathing dragon like Danny So, following a tip from his great grandfather, Danny and his trusty friends Wendell and Christiana head to the farthest north to find the magical ingredient that will reignite his fire On the way, the gang faces an extremely windy bridge, killer ice worms, and one very confused baby phoenix.

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    • Angela Oliver says:

      highly entertaining as always :)

    • Mary Catelli says:

      The continuing adventures of Danny Dragonbreath and his friends.  Trivial spoilers ahead.Namely, that Christiana has gotten a grip on both Danny's being a dragon, and the bus system.  After Danny wakes up very, very, very cold, and Wendell and Christiana visit, Wendell suggests calling his great-grandfather.  And it's off to Mythical Japan, where his condition is diagnosed -- his fire went out -- and a cure is prescribed -- phoenix eggshell.  Thing is, the phoenix lives in the Farthest North [...]

    • Sara says:

      In this adventure, Danny’s fire has gone out and he, Wendell, and Christina must travel to the Farthest North to find a phoenix eggshell to reignite Danny’s fire before he turns into a dragon-cicle. As always, Ursula has provided us with a delightful story about a dragon who is a little too impetuous to see the danger he’s in and the very, very, very loyal friends who go along to help him. The challenges they face along the way are scary, but not so scary that you’ll get nightmares. The [...]

    • Sylvia McIvers says:

      Most adorable book ever. I rec it to everyone 10 years and older.A young dragon caught a cold in his fire.According to Grandpa in mythical Japan, he has to eat a phoenix shell in the Far North to relight his fire.Clearly, his two friends ill will tag along to help.

    • Sheherazahde says:

      Danny wakes up with a cold. Really cold. He breathes frost instead of fire. So he is off to mythical Japan to talk to his grandfather about Dragon diseases. A fine ending to a great series. I'm sad to see Danny go.

    • Mari Anne says:

      Another good addition to this wonderful series for early chapter book readers. Although this series is starting to feel a bit tired, it's still one I recommend often. Ursula Vernon is genius. Probably best for grades 1-4.

    • Gail says:

      This was a great adventure! Ice worms, a baby phoenix named Herbert and a travel portal though Great Granddragons fridge.

    • Arielle says:

      Another great adventure with some education slipped in and super cute art. Love the ice worms and the baby phoenix. So cute.

    • Kathleen says:

      I'm listening to Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap while winding down for bed, so it seems like an excellent time to talk about the Dragonbreath books that I haven't reviewed!Brief overview: Dragonbreath is a series of books, part graphic novel and part junior semieducational fiction, that follows a young dragon named Danny Dragonbreath through the trials and vicissitudes of his life, most of which are caused by him. His best friend Wendell, a brainy iguana who Does Not Want To Be Here, always gets dra [...]

    • Dolly says:

      art-graphic novel, part chapter book, this is an entertaining and somewhat educational story about an adolescent anthropomorphic dragon, his iguana pal, and a girl lizard. It's the eleventh book in the Dragonbreath series by Ursula Vernon. This was a fun story featuring Danny, Wendell, and Christiana. They go on an adventure to ancient Japan and the far north to help Danny get his fire back. We borrowed this book from our local library. The story is a quick read and the graphic novel-like scenes [...]

    • Ms. Yingling says:

      E ARC from NetgalleyDanny is feeling sick-- not in pain, but very, very cold. He finally goes to visit his grandfather in mythical Japan, and is instructed to eat Phoenix eggshells to restart his fire. Luckily, Wendell and Christiana are with him, and the three take off to the mythical north to find the phoenix. Despite the treacherous bridges and enormous iceworms, they locate a phoenix nest, and are just in time to watch a baby phoenix hatch. Because of the ice worms, the little guy almost doe [...]

    • Becky B says:

      Danny wakes up one morning feeling extremely cold. Not quite the norm for a dragon. He gives his Great-Great-Grandfather a call for advice, and soon finds himself visiting Mythical Japan with Christiana and Wendell to make sure he makes it ok. The wise old dragon informs Danny that his fire has gone out, and the only way to rekindle it is to eat a phoenix egg shell. Phoenix egg shells are a bit rare, so Great-Great-Grandfather lets the trio of friends use his special portal to travel to the Fart [...]

    • Heidi says:

      Danny and his friends have once again set off on a quest. This time it's to find a cure for Danny's ailment: his fire has gone out! And the only way that his great-grandfather knows to get it back is to eat the eggshells of a phoenix, but to find a phoenix, Danny, Wendell, and Christiana have to head to the farthest north. Along the way they encounter lots of snow, a perilously icy bridge over a supposedly-bottomless chasm, very large ice worms, and a surprisingly ugly baby phoenix that imprints [...]

    • Shayla Gibson says:

      I am so sad to see this series end! On the other hand, it means Ursula Vernon will have more time to write other fabulous things, like Hamster Princess, and that Regency she keeps claiming isn't going to happen.As usual, Danny and his friends get into weird trouble (dragon health issues this time). They go to Danny's Great-Grandfather for help, and the interaction between Great-Grandfather and Christiana was hilarious. I laughed often enough while reading that my husband thought I was reading hi [...]

    • Samantha says:

      My daughter and I have read all the Danny Dragonbreath books together in the past year or so. We were both so excited that a new one was coming out! And it did not disappoint! This time, Danny has caught a cold, a quite literally cold that threatens to put out his fire. His stalwart companions, Wendell and Christiana, on the advice of Great Grandfather Dragonbreath must undertake a new quest: To the Frozen North! My daughter and I both really enjoyed this clever and heart-warming book. The Danny [...]

    • NaomiRuth says:

      I have so been looking forward to this book coming out! Annnnnd: It did not disappoint. I loved it. I loved how this time it was Danny who was in trouble, since a lot of the books have been about him helping out his friends or his relatives. I loved the friendship dynamic between Danny, Wendell, and Christiana. I love their personalities. I love the aesthetic of the pictures and the text. I love the humor. I really enjoyed how it ended. I don't know what Vernon's plans are for the series, but I [...]

    • Sodapop13 says:

      If you have a boy, this series is a must read! Even if you don't have a boy you will enjoy them! I laugh out loud when I read this one! My son began reading this series together, I would read out loud to him, he is too old for that now, so he reads them himself. He did not put this book down! Danny has lost his fire and they must go to the Frozen North to find the solution! Wendall (Wanda) and Christiana are with him of course. It was an excellent book! I wish the author was able to write them q [...]

    • John says:

      Danny Dragonbreath catches cold, which is very bad for a fire breathing dragon and requires a trip to the Farthest North ("Just before the End of the World," says Danny's great grandpa. "If you reach the End of the World, you've gone too far, turn around."), dodging giant ice worms, and finding a phoenix's egg. Like all of the series (and everything else Ms Vernon has produced), fab fare for Babymouse fans.

    • Buffyanna says:

      Another funny and heartwarming story in the Dragonbreath series! This time Danny has lost his fire, an ailment that can have mortal consequences for a dragon, and must venture into the Farthest North to search for a cure. His sarcastic but loyal friends, Wendell and Christiana, accompany him on this dangerous journey. This is most suitable for a late primary/early intermediate level reader.

    • Juzy says:

      Danny is sick and great grandfather tells Danny, Wendell, and Christiana they must go farthest north to help Danny recover. These books have dangers and problems for these three friends, but they manage to help each other and overcome, as always. The sweetness of a new born Phoenix chick, who thinks Wendell is his Mama, adds several laugh out loud moments. A great series for boys - and girls.

    • Ashley Nelson says:

      I think the Danny Dragonbreath series, like Danny himself in this book, may be losing steam. This story, 11th in the series, was only OK. Not quite as cute or clever as some of the previous adventures. I did like the baby phoenix. I still enjoy the format of these books, and think it's a great series for young to middle grade readers.

    • Heather Jones says:

      I'm definitely not the target audience for these books, but I love Ursula Vernon enough to follow her to the chapter-book section of the library. And this was a ton of fun. I think this is the last Dragonbreath book, and if I'm right about that, it's a good end to the series.

    • Dolores says:

      Danny is cold--down deep inside. Which turns out to be a very serious thing, since Danny is a dragon. He must travel with his friends to the farthest north to find a phoenix egg to reignite his internal fire. But of course, nothing goes smoothly on this journey. :)

    • Jasmine says:

      In which Danny's fire goes out, and he has to travel to the farthest north to battle ice worms, find phoenixes, accidentally make a phoenix chick imprint on Wendell's glasses, and eat a bunch of eggshells. I love this series.

    • Carl Nelson says:

      While still enjoyable for its characters, the plot of this eleventh Dragonbreath volume wasn't terribly engaging or illuminating. I liked the interplay between Danny, Wendell, and Christiana but thought many of the jokes were flat and the plot felt silly to me.

    • Veronica says:

      My 8-year-old son has been bringing this book series home so I decided to take a look (read). I am a bit old to appreciate it but I can see how and why they are so popular. They are very original and funny to read.

    • Zohar says:

      Awesome series. I loved it.

    • Jocelyne says:

      I read this shortly after reading Dragonbreath #6: Revenge of the Horned Bunnies, which I thought was brilliant! While this title was entertaining, it paled in comparison.

    • Sandra says:

      Fun (open ended) end to the series.

    • Brandy Painter says:

      Another fun addition to the series.

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