Heirs of Empire

Heirs of Empire The Scourwind family legacy brought the empire to the height of its power and prosperity and defended it against all enemies Now one man s machinations aim to shift the balance of power with violent a

  • Title: Heirs of Empire
  • Author: Evan Currie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Scourwind family legacy brought the empire to the height of its power and prosperity and defended it against all enemies Now one man s machinations aim to shift the balance of power with violent and devastating consequences.When the trusted General Corian launches a coup against Emperor Scourwind, he hurls the planetary kingdom into chaos To secure his claim as rulerThe Scourwind family legacy brought the empire to the height of its power and prosperity and defended it against all enemies Now one man s machinations aim to shift the balance of power with violent and devastating consequences.When the trusted General Corian launches a coup against Emperor Scourwind, he hurls the planetary kingdom into chaos To secure his claim as ruler, Corian will need the strength of the Scourwind name behind him, and he will stop at nothing to bring under his grasp the young Scourwind heirs, twins Lydia and Brennan Barely into adulthood, the two are thrust into the crossfire Battling new obstacles at every turn, they eventually find refuge with Mira Delsol, pirate and former member of the elite empire forces.As the stakes rise, loyalists, mercenaries, and political opportunists rally around the heirs in a desperate bid to unseat the usurper But if their risky gambit fails, will the empire crumble into oblivion

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    • Bradley says:

      So I was reading this old-style fantasy adventure with the stalwart knight picking up an protecting the young children of the rightful king who had just been deposed right in his castle. After a few cool battles and gathering together all the outcasts that this female knight could find, they rally behind the idea of the children and the empire and take on the deposing military to reinstall the monarchy.Have you heard this one before?Yeah. Me, too.I think SF is learning the wrong lessons from the [...]

    • Lindsay says:

      Interesting world-building let down by purple prose and mediocre story-telling.On his way to a secure prison General Corian escapes due to the treachery of the troops escorting him there as they betray their leader Mira Delsol. He then leads a successful rebellion against Emperor, again aided by treacherous insiders. The Emperor's younger children, teenage twins escape and eventually meet up with Mira. Loyalist forces meet up with them and then attempt to retake the Empire.The world building is [...]

    • Online Eccentric Librarian says:

      More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/Few people really capture the feel of what makes a story like Star Wars so good - it's something that Evan Currie does with each book. We're not talking overly intellectual hard sci fi here; rather, Currie channels all the things that make a story like Star Wars popular, exuberant, and accessible. Always expect several POVs, lots of action, sudden deaths, and likable characters - and don't let some of the cliches trip you up along th [...]

    • Koeur says:

      koeur.wordpress/2015/10/1Publisher: 47 NorthPublishing Date: September 2015ISBN: 9781503946903Genre: SciFiRating: 1.9/5Publisher Description: The Scourwind family legacy brought the empire to the height of its power and prosperity and defended it against all enemies. Now one man’s machinations aim to shift the balance of power—with violent and devastating consequences.Review: Nice cover art. Oh boy, we have a super speshul alert! Prince and Princess twinsy Scourdouchewing, Lydia and Brennan. [...]

    • Dragana says:

      Likes:+ Interesting idea. A mix of fantasy and sf. There are castles, nobles, empire in peril. But there is futuristic technology also. Reminded me of 'Star Wars'.+ Twin siblings. Loved how they develop from spoiled royalties to survivors and how they used all 'stupid' things the teachers thought them to stay alive.+ Awesome tech.+ Musings about what it takes to be a leader.+ Perfect ending+ I have a huge girl-crush on Mira Desol. She dominated my heart as surely as that awesome book cover. I lo [...]

    • Liviu says:

      technically sf (tech, language etc) but with a fantasy structure (emperor, nobles, tech as magic, far future people seeing the universe as mysterious etc) and very standard stuff in the genre with competent writing that didn't quite click the way other recent similar novels did; still enough narrative momentum to keep me engaged until the (fairly predictable) end - end which closes the novel's immediate story-line (see the blurb for that) but obviously requires a sequel overall, standard stuff w [...]

    • Aurora Lector (reading in twilight) says:

      First Chapter ThoughtsI was only able to preview 8 or 10 pages of this 350 page book and can see myself reading this when I want something a little more ‘easy’ or ‘light’ but fun. Really what got me was the front cover, and description. Also there are no red-flags of racism or sexism yet. The main character for those pages is a bad-ass knight for the empire named Mira Delsol. I read some reviews while deciding whether to buy this ebook, and saw that the story may seem familiar to long-ti [...]

    • April Burton says:

      Great storyWhat a great story line. Thank you for keeping me so engaged with every page. Is there anything else that follows? Loved it.

    • Per Gunnar says:

      This is a sci-fi adventure that, primarily due to the setting, is somewhat different from the usual stories out there. At least from the ones I usually read. I found it very good. It is filled with action, has an interesting setting, good characters and is well written.The setting is somewhat different. It is clear fairly early that the world where the story plays itself out is a remnant of something much older, much bigger and much more advanced and powerful. The present day inhabitants have lo [...]

    • Glynn Stewart says:

      Heirs of Empire was different. This is mostly a positive thing. In this book, Currie tells a relatively standard fantasy story, with a lot of fantasy tropes, in a world that more and more clearly becomes a science fiction world as the story continues.It's well put together and engaging, with characters you enjoy following and a villain you want to see get his just desserts.By the end, you even begin to see some signs of the villain's motivations (lack of real reasons for his actions and for peop [...]

    • ✩Anna✩ says:

      Too many POV changes for any character development to take place. I found it hard to believe some of the changes in character motivations, especially the twins. It's a shame because the world building was very interesting.

    • Lisandy Mateo says:

      GoodI am fan of Currie's Odyssey books , including The King of Thieves. I saw this new book, and patiently waited for the audio to come out. In this book, you get a new story with a strong heroine (which I liked), and two "sidekicks" : the young heirs. It is an engaging and interesting new storyline, even if written in the same multi-character view that Evan Currie usually approaches. Things I found similar to previous books: Currie likes his "uniquely synced weapons (the Archangels in the Odyss [...]

    • Henriette says:

      I read a lot and while my favorite genre is epic fantasy, I‘ve become a little disillusioned with it recently as most series nowadays are plagued by the „draw out the ending as long as possible“ syndrome resulting in either increasingly irregular publishing schedules or a lot of filler books. Whether this is to make more profit or because the authors actually don‘t know how to end their stories differs from series to series. Anyways, I found this book on Prime Reading and for the first t [...]

    • Nancy says:

      I enjoyed this especially the character, Mira Delsol. She is a warrior, a pirate, and a brilliant strategist. General Coriander was an great villain and I enjoyed his battles with Mira. This is a great start to a new series and I hope that there will be more soon.

    • Polly Clarke says:

      Plot - good, characters - good but more depth needed. I particularly liked the main character but by the time it came to the main fight, I didn't care about the fight. The end is intriguing and I only wish we had a bit more of this throughout to keep my interest going.

    • Jo(Mixed Book Bag) says:

      Currie writes exciting stories and Heirs of Empire is a good example. There is danger, tension, and betrayal mixed with an interesting plot and great characters. It has a lot of interesting concepts that make it Sci-Fi but not Space Opera.

    • Keith Lovell says:

      new series A new series with interesting characters and a new world and technology to explore,with unknown past waiting to rear up in the future books.

    • Sean says:

      could not really get into it, maybe a bit too out of my comfort zone

    • Andrea Jackson says:

      Excellent work, compelling story. Some moments of awkward plotting and characterization but overall I enjoyed it. The world was fascinating.

    • Michael Bush says:

      World building at its absolute finest!Not since the golden compass have I been so entranced by such a visionary work.Enter an amazing new world where quantum mechanics is a basis for technology, and you owe it to yourself to explore this world where imagination is become a captivating and unprecedented reality, a world that is a mystery in itself as is some of the basic tech, aircraft with quantum sails and rockets, quantum armor in archaic form, the spoiled princess and rogue Prince. And amidst [...]

    • Lady says:

      Traitors And LiesThis series must be read in order. This is the first book. I can't wait to read An Empire Asunder!Corian did the unthinkable for any Cadre warrior He turned traitor. Now he has escaped Empire custody and is leading a coup. Will he succeed and topple the Scourwind Dynasty? Or will the Empire crush him for his treason? Emperor Edvard is a set in his ways and can't fathom the idea of a coup. How could this have happened? Will the Empire survive? Will the Scourwinds? His three child [...]

    • Stephen Taylor says:

      Oh dear. I thought this was historical fiction but its fantasy. After saying that it does no harm to try something new. (I like SciFi rather that fantasy usually). The author moves the narrative along at a cracking pace. Glad I have made this mistake.I tease my writing friends that write fantasy 'cause they don't have to do any research. They can make everything up. They can even make up the laws of physics. I am assuming that all the weapons that are described are outside the laws of physics, [...]

    • Brendan says:

      Imagine Final Fantasy as a book. That's what this is. Complete with mixing medieval fantasy elements right next to high technology. The overall plot is also shockingly similar to that of the just released Final Fantasy XV.That said, it's better than I expected. Not amazing, but solid. It's a fast read, and it's fun. There are sky pirates (Final Fantasy XII, XIV), royal family members on the run (VI, IX, XII, XV), and an extended sequence involving a train (VI, VII, VIII, IX, XIII, XV).If the oth [...]

    • Aaron Anderson says:

      These are an interesting mix of fantasy with lots of sci-fi terms/stuff mixed throughout.I almost gave these two books 3 stars instead of 4, but I think they just made the cutoff.It's a bit annoying that every cadre-person thinks they are immortal and they so aren't. They die like flies at times. I guess we're supposed to assume it's because of the new weapons that relatively easily go through their armor. That's supposed to be a new invention (relatively) and institutionally I guess cadre are m [...]

    • Michael Wood says:

      Excellent Dynastic Military Space Opera NovelThe story is just a little slow to start, but Currie has a lot of background information to communicate before the action commences. Once started, the action does not stop. By one measure, this is a Coming-of-Age story of two young heirs to an empire coming to grips with responsibility, duty and pain. But honestly, the action will have a reader's attention. The two young adults have a chance to develop and mature (very quickly, if they are to survive) [...]

    • Stephen Garinger says:

      Outstanding, action-packed science fictionImagine a world where war is fought in the air, but the ships have sails to catch the slipstreams above. Imagine a world bounded by four walls so high and obdurate no one has found a way past them. The world inside is vast, but is that all there is? In this first novel of the series, Evan Currie keeps you glued to the pages with air battles and non-stop action, while unfolding mysteries before us. You won't want to put this book down. And by the end you [...]

    • Christy deSade says:

      Excellent start This was a great start to (hopefully) a series. The character development was superb, the technical knowledge was spot on and the relationships between the characters were believable and inspiring. The only thing keeping this from a 5 star rating is the lack of geographical knowledge. Due to that information being spotty, quite a bit of the story was difficult to place. I understand keeping pieces of it hidden for future books, but we needed more than we were given, imo. That bei [...]

    • Kathleen Kurdziel says:

      So Corian overthrows the emperor because he’s a tyrant, but we never see any evidence of this. Lydia and Brennan are supposed to be brats, but their behavior isn’t bratty. More like typical moody teenagers. The heirs hook up with Mik and his sister and this feels like it should have some importance, but nothing comes of it. I loved Mira and the idea of the sail craft, but they weren’t enough to overcome all the loose ends in the story. I find at the end of it that I’m not really interest [...]

    • Sarah says:

      One thing I really like about Evan Currie’s writing is his development of interesting characters. I enjoyed the story as it started out as an interesting survival adventure and culminates with a military battle. The cadre are particularly intriguing and I’m looking forward to reading more about them, as well as the interesting world. I have a hard time envisioning how ships fly around with sails, and how there’s an island floating above but it’s part of what makes me want to read more ab [...]

    • Sgreaves says:

      Excellent ReadI'm a fan of the author's prior series. Couldn't NOT try this one. And it did not disappoint. I can't wait for the next, to discover more about this new universe (and possibly how it ties with our own). d for character development of the new empress, as well as her twin and champion brother. For more of Mira, Gaston, Excalibur and what is above the God Wall. And finally for more about the great and undisclosed threat that only Corian seems aware of.

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