Hermione Jean Granger and the Phoenix's Call

Hermione Jean Granger and the Phoenix s Call None

  • Title: Hermione Jean Granger and the Phoenix's Call
  • Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 462
  • Format: ebook
  • None

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    • Mladen says:

      Started liking it more than the source material. A lot of growing up done in it. Love the way Eliezer explores the world.

    • Sofie says:


    • Jenneke says:

      My opinion about the bookAnother book with even more problems for the young scion of the Potter House (which is noble). I, by the way, love how the writer of these series has come up with an entire social system of Noble Houses, Most Ancient Noble Houses, Wizzengamot and all those stuffy thingies. It makes that the story has a strong backbone, and it definitely gives foundation to think about more of the magical social structure of JK's universe.In this book, Hermione Granger is found guilty of [...]

    • Liam Dodd says:

      This one wasn't really up to the standards of the previous instalments. It was still good, and still enjoyable, but it seems like a lot of exposition and set up for something, that doesn't ultimately go anywhere truly worth the amount of pages you read through to get to that point. The first half of the book just went no where, to the point where I can't actually recall what the point of it was. Oh yeah, S.P.H.E.W! That section went no where really and was a rather butchered attempt at the polit [...]

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