The Right Time

The Right Time Workaholic Nate Erickson is a successful real estate developer who thrives on long hours and stress When a Los Angeles project prompts him to relocate to Santa Monica he welcomes the change of scener

  • Title: The Right Time
  • Author: Lane Hayes
  • ISBN: 9781634762175
  • Page: 488
  • Format: ebook
  • Workaholic Nate Erickson is a successful real estate developer who thrives on long hours and stress When a Los Angeles project prompts him to relocate to Santa Monica, he welcomes the change of scenery Nate has always considered romantic entanglements trouble, but his sexy next door neighbor isn t easy to ignore Which makes no sense, because Nate is straight or so he sWorkaholic Nate Erickson is a successful real estate developer who thrives on long hours and stress When a Los Angeles project prompts him to relocate to Santa Monica, he welcomes the change of scenery Nate has always considered romantic entanglements trouble, but his sexy next door neighbor isn t easy to ignore Which makes no sense, because Nate is straight or so he s always thought.Alex Reyes is a retired professional soccer player turned West Hollywood business owner with an insatiable lust for life He loves his family, friends, and work But there s one life challenge left to accomplish coming out publicly Respect for traditional Latino values has kept him in the closet, but Alex begins to think he and his new neighbor might help one another combat their fears As Alex and Nate forge a strong friendship, they soon realize facing their personal demons will take courage than either man bargained The reward is immeasurable if the timing is right.

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    • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

      ~4.5~"You are music and sunshine and laughter and light. And I don't think I can live without it now that I finally know what it feels like to be alive."Alex, Michael's (Luke's partner; book 1) best friend and former professional fútbol player, still has one foot in the closet. The people close to Alex know he's gay, but his traditional Latino father prefers the "don't ask, don't tell" policy, and for Alex, la familia lo es todo.Alex tried to come out publicly once and paid a price. Now, he's w [...]

    • Arianna✦❋SteamyReadsBlog❋✦ says:

      3.5-3.75 Stars!!"You are music and sunshine and laughter and light. And I don't think I can live without it now that I finally know what it feels like to be alive." - Nate“The Right Time” is the third book in Lane Hayes’s ‘Right and Wrong’ series, can be read as a standalone and features Alex (Michael’s best friend – character we met in book1) and Nate (Jack’s friend – character we met in book2). Nate owns a real estate development company in Oxnard, but recently he has to move [...]

    • .Lili. says:

      I liked but didn't completely love this one. I'm a huge fan of this author and she's one of the few authors I pre-order. I'm sad I didn't love it more. Let's get to the nitty gritty.What I loved:*Nate & Alex. Together and individually. They were such a great pair. *Character growth.*Steam was great.*Overall story flow was good.What I didn't love:*I don't know some Alex's actions didn't match his character traits. Some of these happened during pivotal parts of the story. Kind of threw me off [...]

    • Ele says:

      Have I become one picky bitch? Is everything annoying me for no good reason at all? I mean, I'm a fan of the author and I was absolutely sure I was gonna love this. I loved Alex in the previous books of the series but here, I wanted to punch him.NateI liked Nate. At first I thought he would be the asshole, but he wasn't. But I felt there was something inconsistent with his character. When he first felt the attraction towards Alex he kind of freaked out internally."I gulped, wondering what the fu [...]

    • Gigi says:

      Ok, I really enjoyed this book. Not as much as The Wrong Man because, duh, MACK! but this one was right up there and gets a big 'ol RECOMMENDED tag.My favorite part of this book was Lane Hayes' closing with the following:LGBT youth centers are vital organizations whose aim is to mentor, counsel, and provide assistance to LGBT youth in a safe and self-affirming atmosphere. Please consider lending your support to help our homeless youth.Lifeworks in LA:lifeworksla/The YEAH! program in Berkeley:yea [...]

    • Ami says:

      2.5 starsI think I am part of the minority group who doesn't like this book. I just didn't like the couple and MAINLY it had something to do with Alex. This book is written from sole perspective of Nate Erickson. There is always something hugely appealing for me when the character seems to be aloof, not totally outgoing, prefer to be avoiding anything remotely social (except for closed friends), and dealing with pain or loss in an closed-off way. Maybe it's the introvert in me. So I did like Nat [...]

    • Susan says:

      Housekeeping: This is book 3 of the series. But, it’s the only one I’ve read, and it works as a standalone.I was excited to try this book…new-to-me author and some great ratings on . Also, set in Los Angeles, where I lived for many years. Let’s do this!The book started off ok…I was intrigued by Nate and what drove his workaholic self. There were clearly issues there between his divorce, and his friends-with-benefits Julie, and his running away to LA to “work”. He needed something [...]

    • Kade Boehme says:

      Er mah gerd! The FEEELS! Idk that Lane has ever done angst like this but I'm a little worn out after this one.Alex was great and fun. But Nate. OMG Nate. I wanted to give Nate ALL THE HUGS, God love him. So don't click this if you don't even want a potential spoiler. (view spoiler)[Lord knows this is another reason peeps should remember fucking your friends is so fucking capital S goddamned stupid tho. For heavens sake. Grown folks can be so messy. Though, the way it was written I was annoyed w/ [...]

    • R * A Reader Obsessed * says:

      3.5 StarsOh I wasn't expecting what I got. And that's a good thing.I've got to say that this was my favorite in this series. Nate and Alex meet and the attraction is immediate. They eventually agree to a mutually beneficial arrangement that involves some "mentoring" - mentoring that has quite the explosive results. Very nice results. In the end, Nate realizes he needs to embrace life, feel more, and be present in the moment. Alex, in turn finds someone he can count on to make the tough choices t [...]

    • Karla says:

      4 stars! This is my fourth book by this author and I'm pleasantly becoming hooked on her books. I was looking forward to reading Alex's story since he was introduced in "The Right Words". Alex is a sexy Latin ex soccer player who's still not quite out to the public eye but is also not hiding his sexuality. He rents out one of his apartments to the successful and quiet realtor business man Nate who is divorce, straight, and a workaholic. But when he meets Alex he can't help feeling an attraction [...]

    • Renée says:

      Hmmmmmm. A good read from a favored author of the genre. Alex, a retired pro soccer player, meets Nate, a loner businessman while Nate moves in next door temporarily while working on a project. Friendship, flirtation, and sparks fly.There were a lot of little things I enjoyed about this installment of the series. My favorite part was the way music was woven in. Emphasis was placed on the way music makes you feel and think. "Music is life. It's the pulse, the beat. It's everything!" I wholehearte [...]

    • Samantha says:

      4.5 rounded up. Screw it. Let's just call it a 5.Review Now Available @ Scattered Thoughts & Rogue WordsFor now, enjoy a favorite quote:“Nate, you’re a control freak with illusions of grandeur. Bad things happen sometimes. Thank you for sharing your confession. I absolve you. You can go on with your life now, and let go of your guilt.”I chuckled humorlessly. “That easy, eh? Where have you been all these years?”“Right here waiting to be your hero and set you free. It all comes dow [...]

    • ~Kristin~ says:

      4 StarsI think what was best expressed and what most resonated with me can be summed up with two quotes from this book "When you plot the bad ending in your head before you’ve experienced anything good, you’ll never try.""Fear is a powerful thing. It motivates you or it keeps you from doing what you love.”I really enjoyed this book, I'm not a huge fan of over angsty and unnecessary emotional roller coasters just for the purpose of drama, I liked that the emotions felt genuine and Alex and [...]

    • Meags says:

      3.5 StarsUnsurprisingly, this was my favourite story of the series. I say "unsurprisingly" because this series and I seem to be suffering from an opposites of popular opinion effect - meaning, I felt fairly underwhelmed by the first two books, when everyone else seemingly loved them, and then here, where those same people weren't as impressed, I predicted I'd enjoy it. And I did. Finally a series narrator who didn't do my head in. I really liked Nate. I could not say the same about either Luke o [...]

    • Tina says:

      Liked the 3rd part of the Right And Wrong series. Alex (Alejandro *drool*) and Nate were just perfectly imperfect together. Loved their chemistry and the way they learned to build up a relationship.As always Lane’s writing is excellent, the character development is well done, and the sex is sheet burning hot! The Right Time is an amazing addition to the series, an entertaining written book full of feelings and hot passion.Recommended. :)

    • Keveen says:

      3 STARSHmm This book was a good book. I loved this series ever since the first book but there was just something about this that left me feeling confused. Yes it was a good story but there were a lot of things that made me feel mehhhh about it. It's like for every good thing that I found there was something bad too.I liked Alex and Nate as main characters. I thought they meshed really well and the progress of their relationship was good. Although I pictured Alex quite differently when I first me [...]

    • Bev says:

      Love, Love, LOVED this one!! I wanted Alex to get his own happy ever after all through this series, and yay it happened!! Not going into a lengthy review, Dani has done a great job as usual and used the quote that for me made the story worthwhile. 4.5 rounded up to 5 stars from me.Alex was such a good person, so full of joy and life, but still couldn't get through to his father that he was definitely gay, and certainly wouldn't be going back into that closet for the sake of his career, now he wa [...]

    • Bitchie says:

      I'm wavering between 3 and 4 stars, but I'll go ahead and give it the bump.I loved Nate and Alex, and felt their relationship grew in a great way. What I didn't get was why Alex kept talking about "coming out" to his father, when his father had known he was gay since he was 18. His father just didn't want it public, which, yeah, bad dad, but still, he knew Alex was gay.The other thing that I didn't get was Alex's anger at the end revelation about Julie. Nate TRIED to tell him, and Alex said it d [...]

    • Mandapanda says:

      2.5 stars. Probably just me but I didn't like this couple much. I didn't feel like Alex was in love with Nate. He seemed more like a player who just wanted sex. And Nate could have done with some backbone. He mooned over Alex's physical appearance constantly but I didn't feel like they really suited each other on any other level. Nate was supposed to be a work-obsessed geek which is a character type I usually love but I don't think his actions showed that side of his personality. (view spoiler)[ [...]

    • Catherine says:

      *** 3.75 Stars ***This story was a bit of a mixed bag for me. I loved the slow burn, and the dirty talk, and the fact that I believed these men fit well together despite all of their differences.But let's be real, there were some odd moments in this book. I suppose it's a testament to this author's talent that I felt like I understood the characters so well as to know what they would think/feel/do given a certain situation. Unfortunately, how I felt sure that they would act when faced with mutua [...]

    • Macky says:

      4.5 stars Book three in the Right and Wrong series, and this time it's Michael's Latino ex soccer buddy, Alex's turn to find the right man for him, only this time we actually get the story told from the POV of the newest cast member Nate, a friend of Jack's, who made an appearance in The Wrong Man.Alex has always been an interesting background character in the books and I've been dying to see him fleshed out more. Now he's finally got his own story, I've got to say he's turned out to be one of m [...]

    • Jaime says:

      5 Stars to the audiobookI loved this story and loved it even more when I listened to the audiobook. Nate Erickson and Alex Reyes are two MC that will make you fall in love, add in the awesome narration by Michael Ferraiuolo and you have a 5 Star story. I love Lane Hayes' stories, they are real, they are honest, and they are about characters that could be your best friend. oh and the heat, did I mention that Lane Hayes knows how to write hot sex! Yes she does! You will never be left wanting in on [...]

    • Heidi says:

      4.5 stars

    • Pixie says:

      Am I a hater???So something just did not work for me here. To start with, if you form a plan which is to be pretend boyfriends in exchange for sex at least start on the plan. These two never pretended anything. It went straight to boyfriends. I wanted to see some lying to yourself followed by self-discovery and honesty which can only happen if the pretend boyfriend thing happened. Alex character didn’t seem well thought-out. I initially thought he was going to be a lighthearted Casanova, who d [...]

    • Fani *loves angst* says:

      2.5 starsPretty uneven for me: started out great, but as the story progressed I felt that the author threw in problems and issues only to keep the story going, but they didn't make much sense to me, especially the one in the end. It all just felt contrived, and in the end I skipped most sex scenes, because I was bored. Oh, and aggravated by Alex, who was sweet and open one moment and distant the next. And the final confrontation was completely out of the blue for me, as Nate's secret did in no w [...]

    • Jennifer☠Pher☠ says:


    • BR11 says:

      I really enjoyed this book. Loved Alejandro's sunny personality: just what Nate needed in his life. A great story of opposit personalities that burn the sheets and give each other's lives what they were missing.The worst thing about the book was the Spanish. It looks like they gave someone with a knowledge of Spanish phrases without a context. The result is what you expect. I know that this only bothers to people who know the language, but Geezz, I wish authors were more considerate if they are [...]

    • Victorialove books says:

      This was my favorite one in the series

    • Caroline Brand says:

      REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCEBook 3 in the Right and Wrong series has everything we have come to expect from Lane Hayes with an added dose of angst.We’ve met Alex before as he is Michael’s best friend from book 1. His life until recently revolved around 2 things; football and family and they were, and still are to some extent, very intertwined. His Latino family is old school, particularly his father, and expectations are high. His father would like to see Alex settled down with a wife, f [...]

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