Prelude to Glory, Vol. 5: A Cold, Bleak Hill

Prelude to Glory Vol A Cold Bleak Hill In the Summer of with an army still half the size of the British forces General Washington could not survive a head on battle but could only pick a favorable time and place After two disappointi

  • Title: Prelude to Glory, Vol. 5: A Cold, Bleak Hill
  • Author: Ron Carter
  • ISBN: 9781573459563
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the Summer of 1777 with an army still half the size of the British forces, General Washington could not survive a head on battle but could only pick a favorable time and place After two disappointing defeats and a near disastrous winter at Valley Forge, the American army gets help from two lively characters Baron Friedrich von Steuben and the Marquis de Lafayette.

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    • Joanie says:

      My favorite so far in the series. I really appreciated that the pace was faster and several story lines came to a conclusion. The writing felt more personable. My one complaint is that the romance was a little disappointing. After all the build up for a romance between Eli and Mary, I had a hard time believing it came and went with virtually no dialogue.

    • DannyD1 Durney says:

      A Cold Bleak Hill is a historical fiction book by Ron Carter about the revolutionary war. General Washington's army has arrived at Valley Forge after several defeats at the battles of Germantown and Brandywine Creek, and the Paoli Massacre. The Continental army is starting to break down. Food and provisions are rare, and what food is available is moldy and infested. The bitter cold is constantly chipping away at the soldiers, and the overall morale of the camp is bad. This book was interesting, [...]

    • Cheryl says:

      A Cold, Bleak Hill, the fifth volume of the Prelude to Glory series, focuses on the times in Valley Forge. I continue to learn so much about the Revolutionary War that I have never known before. I am so amazed by the true heroism of these American men and women who suffered so tremendously as they fought to secure liberty and freedom for our nation. These truly are the greatest heroes of all times with none to compare. One also sees the hand of God in the American Revolution as overwhelming odds [...]

    • Delene says:

      I just finished this book last night and I wish to say that if I were teaching American History in the schools. This set of books would be on my list for students to read. I have learned more by reading about the life styles of the Colonists, their thinking, pasttimes, how they perpare for the winter, how the widows tried to bring in income for their families.It broke my heart to read about Valley Forge. The hungar, the cold, and the feeling of having no hope of survival.I marveled at the german [...]

    • Sheila says:

      The summer of 1777 proves to be a difficult and discouraging time for General George Washington and his poorly equipped and undisciplined Continental Army. Campaigning along the eastern seaboard, they are pitted against General William Howe and his superbly trained and better provisions British forces. The inspired Americans make a good showing at the battles of Brandywine Creek and Germantown, but in the end they absorb two disappointing defeats. The atrocities suffered by the American in the " [...]

    • Danesa says:

      It was hard to read about the Continental Army suffering like the did in their 2nd winter. I couldn't believe the people of the surrounding area would hide much needed food and clothing from the army and instead sell to the British. Even patriots did so in order to make a living instead of supporting their soldiers. Finally in the end they were blessed with the fish in the river and their spirits lifted so much that the could fight a battle and win it.

    • Jenifer says:

      I loved reading this whole series because it allowed me to learn much more about our countries beginnings than I ever learned in school--but I enjoyed it this time. A fictional family and their friends make the journey through the revolutionary war and on into the establishment of the United States government and the rough economic times that followed the war. Book 9 jumps ahead in time to the war of 1812.

    • Kathi Salter says:

      This is a 9 book historical fiction series about the Revolutionary War. It is written very well. His writing style is very similar to Gerald Lund's writing style. It gave me even greater respect for our Founding Fathers and all the brave men and women that helped to give us the freedoms we enjoy today. Don't forget to read the footnotes for interesting information.

    • Karina says:

      I actually liked this book more than most of the others. Not sure why. As in all the others, I don't really like the way they author has chosen to deal with the timeline of events. I think I'm finally really liking the characters and their stories, and maybe that's why I'm enjoying it more. Too bad it's taken halfway through the series to get to this point:/.

    • Becky says:

      Nothing can prepare you for the tragedy of Valley Forge. Our country was built from the sacrifice of the men who served during that fateful winter. You cannot read this book and come away unmoved or ungrateful.

    • Kristen Weller says:

      Valley Forge- oh my goodness. After reading this book I told my husband that it was obvious that God wanted the Revolution to happen, because it certainly couldn't have been won without His influence. Such humbling circumstances those soldiers were in.

    • John Worthington says:

      I read this book with my dad and we both loved it and we also are enjoying the series. I started this book after visiting Valley Forge so I had a better understanding of Valley Forge. Read the book and the series.

    • Garry Adams says:

      I have enjoyed learning details about the revolutionary war I had not known. The novel paints a human picture of many historical figures that makes them more real than just a name in history. I have enjoyed the entire series and look forward to reading the next volume.

    • Dan says:

      A fun series with a great mix of well researhed history of the US Revolutionary War (with footnotes) and fictional personal items to bring the story to life. The fictional characters are well placed to bring the story out.

    • Lisa says:

      The history is interesting, but there is way too much detail in these books!

    • Jenny says:

      I have enjoyed this whole series, discovering the founding of the nation from a "common" persons perspective.

    • Sharleen says:

      I think this was the best in the series so far!

    • Vicky Gallman says:

      Loved the story line and historical nature of this series.

    • Laura says:

      Masterful and amazing. This series is beautifully done.

    • Brasier Family says:

      Don and the boys love these books

    • Liesl says:

      This is a really good series and goes into great detail on the revolutionary war.

    • Edith Hill says:

      What an awesome book. I enjoyed reading about Washington and what it tookto save America/

    • Francie says:

      Great historical novel series.

    • Kim says:

      I loved reading this series! I learned a lot about the revolutionary war. I especially loved the little captions at the end of the chapter telling a little about what happened historically.

    • Clarica says:

      Another marvelous book in the series!

    • Melissa says:

      Too much war not enough story. But I liked learning about the time period.

    • BCoats(gov) says:

      Enjoyed the history very much.

    • Annette says:

      This is a great way to learn about a segment of the Revolutionary War (in novel format).

    • Christine says:

      This is a great series with lots of information that they can't take the time to teach you in school. Very interesting.

    • Kristin says:

      I really enjoy learning about this time in history. I can't believe they made it through Valley Forge.

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