Oryon Please note this book was previously released in Love Without Boundaries Tornians Lord Oryon and Lady Isis of House Rigel are returning home from a historic meeting of the Assembly of Lords Their

  • Title: Oryon
  • Author: M.K. Eidem
  • ISBN: 9781310532450
  • Page: 477
  • Format: ebook
  • Please note this book was previously released in Love Without Boundaries Tornians, 2.5 Lord Oryon and Lady Isis of House Rigel are returning home from a historic meeting of the Assembly of Lords Their universe has drastically changed in the last weeks since they arrived on Tornian and both are trying to adjust.For Oryon, he was amazed how his Isis had blossomed The supPlease note this book was previously released in Love Without Boundaries Tornians, 2.5 Lord Oryon and Lady Isis of House Rigel are returning home from a historic meeting of the Assembly of Lords Their universe has drastically changed in the last weeks since they arrived on Tornian and both are trying to adjust.For Oryon, he was amazed how his Isis had blossomed The support and companionship of the Earth females had given her a confidence he had never realized she lacked She now touched him as she said she had always wanted to She rested with him every night and was demanding to take a active role in their lives.For Isis, she couldn t believe the things Earth females considered normal, things that she had never known were possible Resting with a male Going when and where they wanted to go and talking to whomever they wanted Being involved in the running of their own House and then there were the amazing things they had told her that males and females could do together during Joining.House Rigel is going to be turned upside down and not everyone is going to be receptive to these changes.

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    • Jilly says:

      If you really want to read a book about a couple that has been married for 25 years, you can read one about me and my husband and find it just as entertaining as this one. But, we are funnier. Much funnier.

    • CC says:

      I really enjoyed this novella. Yes, the Torian's are still assholes. But I loved seeing the relationship between Isis (terribly unfortunate name) and Oryon blossom after 25 years. I liked that her relationship with her son improved and that she really came into her own with her new outlook on life. Now I can only hope that more females will step up and stop being cold bitches.Oryon was so happy and I loved how he happily told everyone about how much he loved Isis and that they should respect her [...]

    • Raine says:

      I love reading about Ynyr's father & mother - Lord Oryon and Lady Isis. Oryon is one of the loyal Lords of King Wray. *****Re-read for the 2nd time*****I really enjoyed this book. I liked re-reading this book about Oryon and Isis and even though they've been together for 25 years I like how the their lives are affected by the new changes in the Empire. I like that Isis makes changes to her life almost instantaneously. For example she has always asked Oryon to see their home from space, but h [...]

    • Elise-Pinterest+Goodreads=The Perfect Book Boyfriend says:

      Originally I didn't think I was going to like this story. I mean, seriously they are already married so what's the big deal. I was pleasantly surprised. Their story is well written and just long enough that you don't get bored with them. The only thing I don't understand is that they are constantly telling us that women have all of the power because they are breeders, yet, they tend to treat women like they are less than the men. The "how dare she speak to me that way. She is a female", type of [...]

    • Carmen Rae says:

      OMG I think I just fell in major lust with Isis. Check out my reviews here

    • Barbara➰ says:

      I actually read this in Love Without Boundaries. It's another example of a great hero the Tornian series.

    • Laura Elizabeth says:

      Well again with this book. Nothing but having warriors move furniture. I don't think I've ever read a book where the Heros parents are the spinoff couple. Odd turn in the series for sure.

    • Annie ♥TrueLoveStoriesNeverEnd♥ says:

      Loved the older couple story. Refreshing to have the h take the lead somewhat in the boudoir. A wonderful edition to the Tornian Saga.

    • Wendy Clark says:

      God I love this whole series. Every single book (except Wray, which I've been afraid to read because I'm concerned about the rape trigger) is just like delicious crack.This shorter work is still extremely satisfying for all the reasons that Grim and Ynyr are:Plucky woman telling the men how they're all wrong? Check. All the (good) men realizing she's right and then immediately changing their behavior based on it? Check. Sexy sex? Check.Bad guy's plot unraveling in a satisfying way, with action a [...]

    • Lizzy says:

      A novella that continues theTornian series,Oryn surprised me for I didn’t expect to like it. Lord Oryon and Lady Isis of House Rigel are coming home after meeting with the females from Earth for the first time.I was afraid there would be nothing new to add to a story of a rare couple that has been together for a long time. I was wrong. The idea that women ruled and were cherished by their males could not be more wrong. It seems they were valued basically for breeding, and behaved accordingly. [...]

    • Jean says:

      This story was good but very short, That is my main complaint.It takes place right around the same time as book 3, Ynyr's story.I liked that Isis defied tradition and stayed with the man that she loved.It comes out that she had a major role in her children's rearing yet her sons never knew,I found that rather odd, especially, since they were shocked by her participating in her sons growing up?If she defied tradition and stayed with Oryon, then why would anything else she did or did not dosurpris [...]

    • C.J. says:

      Brilliant addition to the Tornian series. I was drawn to Isis and Oryon in Grim and was intrigued by their story. I'm so glad I got to see them in their own right. It didn't disappoint. The characters it introduced were well rounded and I want to read their stories too, especially Vali's. Overall, the themes of honour, trust and love continued to be central in this story and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to the rest of the series. Highly recommend.

    • Chappy says:

      I really enjoyed this little in-between book. The story takes place in House Rigel and Lady Isis finally comes into her own and becomes the women she's always wanted to be.I love how she sexually experiments with her husband Oryon and he's freaking out but loving it as well.I hope she has the girl she desires and that her remaining single sons find females.

    • Gizzie says:

      I am hooked on the series and can't wait for the next book to be available.

    • Kathy says:

      Tornians #3.5Oryon by M.K. Eidem was originally published as part of an anthology and as a result is novella length. This book also, chronologically speaking, falls completely within the timeframe of Ynyr (Tornians #3). It is short, but sweet, covering only two days, but I can hardly wait to read further stories of this family.Since reading this the first time, I have discovered that there is another series that falls within this universe which I have titled, "All the Known Universes" which is a [...]

    • Pat says:

      Oryon has for years wanted what he thought he could not ask for. He has wanted his female to stay in his chambers even after the joining. To touch her without permission and cause. Now that Isis has been speaking with the earth females she has come into her own. And part of that is something they call kissing, which Oryon likes a lot. Isis also believes that it is now time to help her man run their house. But now all is on board with these changes. And a deadly plot is uncovered that would harm [...]

    • Dana says:

      Such A Great BookThis book is just filled with good stuff from beginning to end. Very hard not to grant it 5stars. It was so filled with all the things we hope to find in a real fairy tail romance, only this one takes place with two people who are mature and have been together for years without being able to truly be together. DanaLynn

    • Jamie Stephenson says:

      this one was awesome. I really loved Isis when we first met her in the first book and knew that she had more of a story and I was so happy to find out that she and Oryon got to do that. even though she's stayed with her male the longest of any Tornian female she still learned a lot from the earth females about what couples do together. it was really sweet seeing them rediscover each other.


      Loved itA great addition to the seriesI just wish there were more. I keep hoping for further books in the series,I must have read Grim half a dozen times, the characters and humour doesn't get old.

    • Danielle says:

      Great series. Wonder why the author hasn’t written anymore to this series? Would love to read more from the Lords and Warriors and what of the other women they captured.

    • Anna says:

      Another good story from this author, it was really cool t see he changes that Lisa and Kim brought about in Isis, and therefore in Oryon. There's hoe for these Tornians after all.

    • Linzi says:

      Sweet little novella - nice to learn more about House Rigel and see Iris coming into her own after 25 years!

    • Tope_is_meyahoo.com says:

      AwesomeGreat book Very well written I hope there will be more to this seriesI hope Ull gets his own book and the girls

    • Nelshia says:

      Me encantaron los cambios en su relación !!Las mujeres humanas fueron una excelente influencia ya era hora de que Isis confiara y tomara mas responsabilidad de las cosas en su vida.

    • Tina says:

      The stories in the series are all the same the only changes are the characters.

    • Erika says:

      3 starsWell, I am a little sad about this one. Don't get me wrong: the main characters, Isis and Oryon are likable and wonderful characters. They are the only Tornian couple known of who loved each other and wanted to stay together forever -- with or without having more children. BUT. much of this story focused on how awful the Tornian males (as a whole) had always treated their women. It upset and angered me. I think it was easier reading the other books because the heroines were from Earth and [...]

    • Rachel says:

      I loved this good little short story. I was hoping Ull and Zev would be in it more like Vali was. I loved Vali, I wanted him to have a book too. So far: Vali, Korin, Agee, Callen, Jago, Paganus, and Ull are the ones that I hope get stories in the future. I still want Caitier and Varon to get together, I think they would be adorable together. I also hope that more women are taken, is that bad? I thought it was a cute in between story, Grim is still my favorite overall. I feel like Grim and Wray's [...]

    • Amyiw says:

      This is really #2.5 in the series and was in the anthology, Love Without Boundaries. So Isis changes a lot after becoming friends with the humans. She now takes more control of her house and home and by doing so steps on some toes. Oryon though happy with most changes, does not agree with all of them. He does like her change in the bedroom though. They are coming home from the joining and are dealing with the consequences of the 3rd son being named Lord of another territory and being joined to a [...]

    • Ava says:

      While reading this book, I put words about my reading such words as grams getting hot, book about them and its necessary. I wouldn't think about a book about them or House Rigel and not even considered reading about "old people" where story were already written about their own children. So grams getting hot not my things, normal but I don't need image. Anyway, the author gave a number about Lady Isis and her Lord Orion. They were still normal in age. Beside the age thing and the two hot scenes, [...]

    • Claudia says:

      This is a short story telling the story of Isis and Oryon, they have been married over 25 years with 4 worthy son's. Though it was against Torian culture, she had chosen to stay with her male. Though most Torian females left as soon as they presented a male with a male offspring. She, had gave much criticism and censure from others, even her son's have suffered. But in this story they finally get to see others, who feel as they do. That one female can be with one male for life. They love. This i [...]

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