Drop Dead Perfect

Drop Dead Perfect A disturbing and gruesome serial killer is on the loose with a distinct calling card after every murder he stages his victim s body with meticulous attention to detail perfectly dressed perfectly ma

  • Title: Drop Dead Perfect
  • Author: Rick Murcer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A disturbing and gruesome serial killer is on the loose with a distinct calling card after every murder, he stages his victim s body with meticulous attention to detail perfectly dressed, perfectly made up, and pinned with the disconcerting message NOT HER This serial killer won t settle for anything less than perfection.Forensics expert Ellen Harper is assigned to invA disturbing and gruesome serial killer is on the loose with a distinct calling card after every murder, he stages his victim s body with meticulous attention to detail perfectly dressed, perfectly made up, and pinned with the disconcerting message NOT HER This serial killer won t settle for anything less than perfection.Forensics expert Ellen Harper is assigned to investigate the bizarre string of crimes Reeling from a recent divorce, she channels her emotions and energy into protecting the women of Chicago from the deranged killer To complicate matters, Brice Rogers, a good looking detective with some issues of his own, is working the case at her side.As the body count climbs, Ellen must attempt to conquer her own demons, piece together the workings of a mind born of hate, and find the murderer before he kills again And again.Revised edition This edition of Drop Dead Perfect includes editorial revisions.

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    • Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice* says:

      'you don't really know people. We only get to see what they show us,.', or sometimes we see only what we want to see in them.Ellie Harper is a forensic technician who is not having a good day.She has the bodies of two women, found only hours apart, both carefully staged, both with notes pinned to them reading "NOT ME". Her partner has been murdered, and vital evidence from the second crime scene is missing. She has bumped into her asshole of an ex-husband, and assaulted him (again). She has been [...]

    • Linda Strong says:

      Ellen (Ellie) Harper is a Forensics Expert working for the Chicago PD. If you like forensic details and watch TV shows like CSI, you will love this book.Women are being kidnapped, then killed, and staged at various places around the city with a sign that says Not Her. Ellie is called in to work along side the detectives who have been struggling with these crimes.Besides these brutal crimes, Ellie is swimming in her own problems. Time hasn't softened the blow she received when her husband divorce [...]

    • Monnie says:

      This book turned up on as a feature on one of the free/low-cost ebook services to which I belong, and it sounded interesting. When I visited to learn more, I discovered it was free through my new membership in KindleUnlimited. Sold, I said; the author has quite a few other books under his belt, and this one - subtitled "An Ellen Harper Psycho-Thriller Book 1" - had better-than-decent reviews.When I started reading, though, I wasn't quite as thrilled; in fact, after the first half-dozen chapters [...]

    • Hollie says:

      ~3.5 stars~Crime and thriller type books are not my go to genre, but I saw this was offered on KindleUnlimited, and decided, why not? When I first started this, I was a bit skeptical because I found the first half of this plot to be slow moving. It did pick up though. As far as suspenseful, it did have that element but I still felt it was a bit predictable. I also wish that the relationship between the hero and heroine would have developed more. I don’t feel their relationship, or either chara [...]

    • Jason Schneeberger says:

      I received this book from Publishing and NetGalley for an honest review. The official release date is May 26th.I’m a sucker for a good crime thriller and DROP DEAD PERFECT, while flawed, served up the thrills in spades!This is a book that kept me guessing until the very end. There were plot points that came about that I didn’t see coming at all, and that’s always a nice surprise when you’ve read as many crime thrillers as I have because to be quite honest, after awhile, you can start to [...]

    • Jay says:

      This ARC kindly provided by NetGalley on behalf of the publisher.I really enjoyed reading this one. Through almost all of this I thought the ex was involved somewhere, but no, the knee to the balls Ellie delivered whilst shopping was all the closure she needed.It was easy and fun to read with a great story. The only thing I would have really liked to see added would be an epilogue or just one more chapter Big Harv’s just out of surgery & given the interaction between Brice & Ellie, the [...]

    • Debbie says:

      Thanks Thomas & Mercer and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review this very entertaining book. I really liked this book and couldn't believe how quick it went. This one cut right to the chase in the first chapter teasing you to read further just to figure what in the heck this killer guy was doing. There were a couple of funny parts, something unusual for a crime mystery book, but I liked it. There were also some surprises that I totally did not see coming. I really enjoyed the ch [...]

    • Wanda Hartzenberg says:

      I love, this cover.This was a fun afternoon read.It kept me turning the pages but I must say when I got to the stage where I realized we are not dealing with only one crazy person I started to get a bit bored. This is very overdone now.What I loved was the relationship between the female lead and her dad. That was really good and fun and it kept me reading once I realized that the dad will not simply be written out of the story. Do not get too technical in this book. It is written for escapism n [...]

    • Debbie says:

      A new series with new characters but still Rick Murcer does not disappoint. Everytime I thought I had it figured out there was another twist and the ending was totally unexpected. Can't wait until the next book!

    • Glenda says:

      First book in a new series about a police woman turned forensic examiner. Fast moving and full of action. No profanity for the sake of profanity. I will read more in this series. Author has another series that I plan to try.

    • Mary says:

      I love Rick Murcer’s Manny William’s series so it was a no-brainer that I would devour this one as fast as his others. His writing is never bogged down with pages of fancy descriptions but has a lot of dialogue, which is what makes the story fast paced. He also seems to have a good knowledge of how a police department is run so there isn't anything that makes the reader doubt what is happening. It took no time at all to get hooked on Murcer’s newest protagonist, Ellen Harper, a hotshot for [...]

    • Claire says:

      Drop Dead Perfectwhat can I say? I hadn't even finished Chapter One and I could tell our main perpetrator was a nut jobbut the extent of the nuttiness just kept growing as the story went on!I was just settling into the story and liking the characters (other than our nutty serial killer) and then Chapter 14 (there are 52 chapters so only a quarter of the way in) threw a cat amongst the pigeons! My hand flew to my mouth in shock!! I liked the character of Ellen/Ellie; she doesn't hold back but she [...]

    • Melissa says:

      I won this book, for free, on First Reads. When I won this book, I thought, "why did I enter to win this book?". When I picked it up to read it, I thought, "why did I wait so long to read it?". It was THAT good and I am kicking myself for not reading it sooner. As I was reading it, I talked about a little bit about what I was reading at work and now, I have several people waiting in line to read it. The book is CSI-like and is about a serial killer and takes place in Chicago. It is a fast ready [...]

    • Susan says:

      After reading Murcer's Manny Williams books, I was intrigued by this new series featuring Ellen Harper. A more accurate rating would be 3 1/2 stars, if that was possible. I liked the main characters and the story line did draw me in. BUT, just as with the Manny Williams books, enough already with the overdone plots! The story line could have been well done/developed with half as many wacked out, psycho characters all crammed into the same book! Save some of them for the next story for goodness s [...]

    • Patricia Bergman says:

      I won this through giveaway.It was good, not the best mystery I've read, but included some surprises. I would read the next book if it becomes a series. I want to know more about the protagonist and her close associates. I can recommend it to those who mysteries about serial killers with a little romance thrown in.

    • Lyn Simmons says:

      I LOVED THIS BOOKI seriously couldn't stop reading this story. I loved the characters, the flow of the plot, everything. He had me from the beginning. Intense, suspenseful and so hard to put down!

    • LindaBranham Greenwell says:

      A CSI, Ellen Harper, is the main character - she has anger issues after her husband ran off with another woman. I think her anger issues were a little too much is why I didn;t like the book as much as I would have otherwise. A light, fun mystery

    • Nathan Dehnke says:

      This is an enjoyable read, with some very compelling moments, but I cannot fully endorse this book as a "must read" simply because it seems to try too hard at times: the budding relationship feels a bit forced; the closest friend of the main character was needlessly thrown into the climax of the story; and the final plot twist was not necessary and felt clumsy. I do not want to be too harsh as I was entertained, but I am left wondering just how much better this book could have been if the author [...]

    • Nancy Silk says:

      "A Perfect Story Enthralling!"In this intense crime novel, a disturbed, gruesome serial killer is on the loose in Chicago. He's seeking perfection in women if they aren't perfect, they are dead. Forensics expert Ellen Harper is investigating these murders, along with detective Brice Rogers who has some issues which Ellen has to deal with. Things are tense as the body count rises. This story has a major twist near the end; it is captivating, awesome, and well written. It's a story which shocks [...]

    • Brittany Benavides says:

      Good readThought it was great. I loved the different perspectives of each character from chapter to chapter. It was not very suspenseful more as I just wanted to know why the murders were happening. Overall it was a great book that I found on kindle unlimited.

    • Jool says:

      This was another good, suspenseful serial killer novel - my favorite genre for right now. These characters are well written, intense plot, I think you will enjoy this read if this is the genre for you!

    • dorothy Martin says:

      Good readThe caricatures we're well developed. The story held my attention till the end with a nice twist. Could not put the book down.

    • Jamie Kessling says:

      Drop dead prrfectI liked the story and the plot twist was very unexpected. Written very well. I will look for other books by Rick Murcer.

    • diane hockema says:

      Great read!I really enjoyed this book, it was fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat. Thanks, I look forward to reading more by this author.

    • Elisse Antczak says:

      CSI fans will love itThe story is fast moving and an enjoyable ride. Liked the characters a lot. Some interesting twists along the way. Good, quick Saturday read.

    • Patricia says:

      Ok I will just tell you, don't start this book late at night. You will be sucked in and not be able to put it down. Then you will be suffering from a book hangover the next day .Let me introduce you to Ellen Harper, a forensic expert who is assigned to catch a serial killer . Who poses his victims and leaves the message NOT HER . She is working with a hot detective with problems of his own . They have to conquer their demons and find the killer before he kills again. This is a very intense actio [...]

    • Sarah-Jayne Briggs says:

      (I received a free copy of this book, through NetGalley, in exchange for a review).(This review may contain spoilers).I thought this book had a really interesting plot. It was fairly short and easy to read and I found Ellen to be a really intriguing character. I was a bit confused about what her job actually was for a while, I have to say. I got confused when it mentioned she was working in the lab.I liked seeing Ellen's relationship with her father, though I would have liked to see more of how [...]

    • Kristina says:

      Drop Dead Perfect by Rick Murcer is a mystery/thriller set in Chicago, Illinois. Ellen Harper is a forensics tech with the Chicago Police Department. She also has an extremely bad temper and hitting issues. Ellen ended up getting hit by female officer, Bella Sanchez (of course, Ellen hit back). Bella asked if she looked fat in her evening gown, and Ellen told her the truth (it is not a good thing when someone looks like a sausage in too tight a casing). Ellen’s husband left her a year ago with [...]

    • Tina Marking says:

      Liked the main characters, but it is violent.

    • Brett Thomasson says:

      Rick Murcer had several self-published books preceding Drop Dead Perfect, a product of 's Thomas and Mercer imprint.Ellen Harper has a temper problem, which creates a number of other problems for her work as a forensics investigator for the Chicago Police Department. Complicating matters for her are a series of murders of young women, all found perfectly dressed and made up yet bearing the same written sign: "Not her." Harper will need to keep a rein on that temper to solve the crime and keep he [...]

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