Across the Miles

Across the Miles Librarian Note See Alternate Cover Edition HERE Sebastian Miles was twenty three years old and living a charmed life Loving family beautiful girlfriend and lead singer of the rock band Paradox Thei

  • Title: Across the Miles
  • Author: Rhonda James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian Note See Alternate Cover Edition HERE.Sebastian Miles was twenty three years old and living a charmed life Loving family, beautiful girlfriend, and lead singer of the rock band, Paradox Their debut album shot to number one on the charts, and they had just come off a worldwide tour, performing in venues filled to capacity Then, one night, a tragedy rocked hisLibrarian Note See Alternate Cover Edition HERE.Sebastian Miles was twenty three years old and living a charmed life Loving family, beautiful girlfriend, and lead singer of the rock band, Paradox Their debut album shot to number one on the charts, and they had just come off a worldwide tour, performing in venues filled to capacity Then, one night, a tragedy rocked his world in a whole new way, turning him into someone he no longer recognized Now, two years later, and on the other side of his own private hell, he learns to stop taking everything and everyone for granted Yet, he is still alone Then, one day he meets her, and suddenly, his darkened world is once again filled with hope Brooke Caldwell is a twenty four year old prodigy in the culinary world After a lifetime filled with heartache, she decides to pursue the opportunity of a lifetime by interviewing for a world famous chef in Los Angeles While visiting the city, she is reminded how cold and calculated the world can be Until she meets him, and he shows her a world filled with the love and support that she never knew growing up Two wounded souls Two hearts that continue to beat, in spite of all the damage that has been done What happens when their damaged hearts collide And, could they possibly be the half that finally makes the other whole

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    • Michelle Austin says:

      Overall Stars: 5 smoking hot star read. Romance - Hot Rocker “Mind if I join you?” came a deep voice, sounding a little out of breath and dangerously close. I turned and gasped, immediately drawn to the sapphire blue eyes staring back at me.I’m emotionally exhausted after reading this book.Sebastian Miles is the lead singer of the band Paradox. He has just completed rehab and is looking to get his life back together after a tragic event that turned his world upside down 2 years prior.Brook [...]

    • Claire Granger says:

      Oh my. This story was so sweet. Seriously yall! <3In many ways, the way that the characters story/relationship progresses reminds me of my book! (And I like to think of myself as wholly original, so it's quite big of me to admit that!) Granted, totally different story and characters, but I definitely felt a slight similarity. :)Rock star meets chef, and they live across the country from each other. Can they make it work? You think "rock star" and you immediately go to the "bad boy" but hence [...]

    • Katie Glupker says:

      Across the Miles is a sweet love story about a chance meeting between Sebastian, a rock star, and Brooke, a rising chef. The first half of the novel takes place over one week while Sebastian and Brooke are fatefully thrown together in L.A and the second half depicts the next three months of their long-distance relationship.Sebastian is a tattooed, pierced, dreamy heartthrob, and as I first read about him, I imagined someone like Adam Levine -- mega-popular, wild, and probably not someone who wou [...]

    • Aileen Burke says:

      Brooke Caldwell is at a crossroads. With a well earned position as head chef in a popular Michigan restaurant, her best friend as her room-mate, and her life settling into an enjoyable pattern, she seems to have it all. At the same time, there is a whisper deep in her soul that there is something more out there for her. Are things too comfortable? What is this odd stirring in her heart asking her to risk? To dream big? Does she dare? What would happen if she stepped outside of her comfort zone? [...]

    • The Book Fairy Reviews says:

      Sebastian Miles is the ultimate rock star suffering and drowning his pain in booze and women. Until his best friend and Band mate tell him he needs to clean up his act or else. Now coming back from rehab he vows to live healthy no matter what. Well healthy brought him to Brooke while on his way to his running path.Brooke never new love, no she was brought up in a cold loveless home where success was the goal in life and nothing more. So now as she chases her dream of becoming a chef, she never i [...]

    • Itsy Bitsy Book Bits says:

      Brooke Caldwell is an aspiring chef from Michigan, who after apprenticing for five years under her mentor and friend, Donnie, gets an opportunity for an executive chef position in L.A. She flies out for an interview, and afterward goes to the beach for the first time ever. There she meets Sebastian Miles, lead singer for a famous rock band, Paradox. He was out for his daily run. They talk and feel a connection, but they go their own ways. After his run, Sebastian is heading back home, when he fi [...]

    • Stephanie Lasley says:

      Quite a Page Turner! 4.3 StarsSebastian Miles is the lead singer/songwriter for the rock band, Paradox. He and his band are living the high life. Their success is threatened when Sebastian turns to the dark side, due to the guilt he carries from his girlfriend’s death.Brooke Caldwell has only ever loved one man and four years ago he died in a car accident. Her saving grace was culinary school. Now, Brooke is Chef in a restaurant in Michigan. Brooke and Sebastian have a chance meeting. They bec [...]

    • Lisa says:

      Across the Miles(Part 1 of the Not so Bad Boys of Rock series)Rhonda James 5 Stars Have the tissues ready for this unbelievably heart wrenching love story!!These boys of Paradox are loving and caring friends and lovers. I haven’t seen this type of writing in a long time. The relationship between Sebastian and Brooke will break your heart. Can’t anything go right for them? And when it goes right why does something come along and screw things up?You have to read this book series!!! It’s so g [...]

    • Sue Czarnomski says:

      I'm a big fan of this author, but this series didn't cut it for me. The premise sounded great, but the book just lacked content. After they met, nothing happened. It just coasted along, filled with inconsequential fluff. At the end of book 1 there was conflict to lead into book 2. The second book was much of the same; stubborn/unlikeable female character (Brooke) repeatedly breaks the heart of hot male rock star (Sebastian). More bad decisions. I actually found myself NOT rooting for this couple [...]

    • Rhonda James says:

      Personally, I loved this book, but then again I am the author so I guess that is probably a given. Seriously though, this book is a beautiful romance about two wounded souls that meet by fate and fall in love. There is one catch, they live on opposite ends of the country, he in L.A. and she in Ann Arbor. Their romance starts out innocent and blossoms over time, through long-distance romantic gestures and texting. Can a long-distance love last, or will the opportunity of a lifetime be the one thi [...]

    • Lynne Garlick says:

      Love this!Oh my days!I seem to have approached Rhonda's books a little back to front, starting with Alaska or Bust and then Jersey Girl.but it doesn't lessen the impact that the characters have on me. Sebastian and Brooke have both experienced similar traumas in their past, that when they meet they feel an instant connection. Their story is just beautiful! The whole build up of their friendshipe long distance relationship. heart truly melted! And then it almost stopped! What?! Rhonda you are kil [...]

    • Samantha Schwerin says:

      I wanted to like this, I did. But everything about this book was sockening sweet. I skipped more than I read and I stopped right as she was leaving LA. This book is written like a teenaged girl's daydream. Totally unrealistic. It just wasn't executed very well. And I'm sorry-falling in love with someone after 2 DAYS? Come on now. Gag me.

    • Ara Prado says:

      My full review of Book 1 and Book 2ebooksnakeetc/2

    • Shawna Shauntia says:

      Brooke POV~ His lips came down on mine softly, a whisper of sensation, then a pause, waiting for me to respond. My lips pressed out eagerly, wanting desperately to make the connection, to feel the push and pull of his mouth against mine. His hands slipped beneath my hair, thumbs caressing small circles on my cheek, melting me further into him, and in that simple kiss I felt myself falling deeper than I had ever known existed. Just that easily my heart opened up, giving itself freely over to him, [...]

    • Kathleen R. says:

      Overall Stars: 5 STARSSecond ChancesRock StarsThis is the story of the bad boy and the cook looking for their place in lifeSebastian Miles was twenty-three years old and living a charmed life. Loving family, beautiful girlfriend, and lead singer of the rock band, Paradox. Their debut album shot to number one on the charts, and they had just come off a worldwide tour, performing in venues filled to capacity. Then, one night, a tragedy rocked his world in a whole new way, turning him into someone [...]

    • StephanieMae says:

      First of all, I love books that start off with a bad boy rocker and Sebastian was everything I love and more. He is in a famous band, Paradox and girls throwing themselves at his feet is something he is all too familiar with. He has a past that he is trying to escape from and definently trying to forget. While he is at the park trying to clear his head, he runs in to a pretty girl named Brooke. Brooke has a past of her own and wants to chase her dreams being an executive chef. What Brooke doesn' [...]

    • Elizabeth says:

      This was a good story. I would call it when the Rock star meets the Baker. Sebastian has everything he's in a hot rock band. Girls throw themselves at him. Nothing could be better right. That's what he thinks till he meets Brooke. Brooke is well on her way to making her dreams come true. She has over come what her rough past to be one her way to being the best Chief around. Well the feelings she has for Sebastian just might make that a little harder than she thought. When Brook travels half way [...]

    • Judy Miracle says:

      Amazing freaking book!!! You will need some tissues for this one. Brooke is a culinary chef who has an opportunity of a lifetime in LA. She also has some emotional scars from her past that are always with her. Sebastian is the lead singer of Paradox who just got out of rehab. Hes trying to get his life back on track after a tragedy that happened a few years back derailed him and ended with him in rehab to begin with. Brook and Sebastian meet on a beach and at first site Brooke has no idea who he [...]

    • Stacy Aube says:

      I am near the end of the book and feel that I should write my review before I completely finish, I can tell I will not be happy.When Brooke goes to LA for an interview she meets Sebastian. After an accident Sebastian takes care of Brooke, they develop feelings for each other. Brooke goes back home to Michigan but the relationship still goes strong.OK just finished the book, I can say at the moment I hate Brooke.Wonderful story. Ends in a cliffhanger so make sure you have book 2 ready.

    • Cierra Mccauley says:

      Blown awayThis book was freaking awesome! I was completely consumed by Sebastian and Brookes story. I was so emotional. I feel for both characters and everything they have lost. This was a beautiful story. I anxious to read the second book in this series

    • Emma Taylor says:

      WowI loved reading Rhonda's debut! It definitely pulls at your heartstrings and I couldn't believe how this story ended. I just wanted to cry

    • Ruth McDonnell says:

      Sebastian, a rocker. Brooke, a chef. Rollercoaster romance. Cliffhanger.

    • Kelly Fountain says:

      Holy emotions batman!! This book was one giant rollercoaster of heartache, angst, love and yearning. These two are absolutely perfect for each other. I LOVE Sebastian and Brooke together and I need to keep seeing that. Sebastian had the world at his fingertips and in a moment, it all slipped away. Spiraling down a never ending hole, he tumbled into the welcoming arms of alcohol and drugs to relieve the pain. With help from those who loved him the most, he took those painful steps towards recover [...]

    • Cynthia Tatum reichel says:

      Sebastian And Brooke's story will have you mesmerized and you will not be able to put down. I read both books in two days. This is an amazing, sweet story. There are so many similarities between Sebastian and Brooke. They both lost the person they thought they loved. Sebastian feels he needs to save her and also anyone who crosses his path. It is a whirlwind relationship they fall in love within the first week. They have a long distance relationship and make it work in book one. This book does n [...]

    • Brandi Sartin lawrence says:

      This book is a whirlwind romance. It leaves you thinking if people can move on from their past, fall in love instantly, and overcome many obstacles thrown at them. You are rooting for Sebastian and Brooke and can't stop turning the page and then your sleep deprived and get to the end to sort of cliffhanger. And your like what the heckd have to start the next book to see what happens. *note make sure you have Miles Apart ready.

    • Karen says:

      Loved Sebastian. He was almost too good to be true. The alcoholism seemed to be a minor play in this bookly a dreamy romance. Brooke got her ego stroked a bit in London. I was bummed she couldn't communicate her decision. I always take a star off for cliffhangers.

    • Kylie Allen says:

      I'm so emotional right now!This story put me through so many emotions. I'm literally upset right now to the point I'm not going to be able to read anything else until I finish the next book. I'm so attached to Sebastian and Brooke. I have to know how it ends. <3

    • Karen Creeley says:

      Rhonda James is an amazing author!!! I read both books in this series in one day and absolutely feel in love with Sebastian!!! A beautiful love story but not a fairy tale. This couple is faced with real life issues and problems that threaten their love. Sebastian is a rick star trying to overcome his demons when he meets Brooke. They have an instant connection but distance, careers and their past all come into play as they try to make it work. A definite must read along with Miles Apart, book 2 [...]

    • Debbie says:

      I read this book through Kindle Unlimited. This review may contain mild spoilers. This book is this authors debut book which is good for a debut but I made the mistake of reading Jersey Girl before this one and there is no comparison. Her writing has improved tremendously which made this a little disappointing for me. This is the first book of a two part series. It has a few inconsistency problems as well which is a pet peeve on mine. Brooke is a chef who travels to L.A. for a job interview. She [...]

    • Melissa Mendoza says:

      "His eyes were like two sapphires that twinkled brightly when the light hit them just right. I had seen eyes like those before, in my dreams, and on the cover of an album by my favorite band, Paradox."5 don't leave me stars!! This book took me through the wringer with emotions!!!Sebastian is the lead singer of Paradox and he's on a downward spiral after he lost in girlfriend in a horrible auto crash. Dealing with his pain with alcohol and whatever else will numb him, his bandmates, force him int [...]

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