Caroline The year is and rakish Alexandre Beauvisage is returning from the Revolutionary War when he discovers Caroline unconscious in the Connecticut woods Dressed as a boy she has no memory of her pa

  • Title: Caroline
  • Author: CynthiaWright
  • ISBN: 9780345386694
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback
  • The year is 1783, and rakish Alexandre Beauvisage is returning from the Revolutionary War when he discovers Caroline, unconscious in the Connecticut woods Dressed as a boy, she has no memory of her past Against his better judgment, he takes the lovely foundling with him to his home in Philadelphia and finds his life increasingly complicated as the fiery attraction betweeThe year is 1783, and rakish Alexandre Beauvisage is returning from the Revolutionary War when he discovers Caroline, unconscious in the Connecticut woods Dressed as a boy, she has no memory of her past Against his better judgment, he takes the lovely foundling with him to his home in Philadelphia and finds his life increasingly complicated as the fiery attraction between them builds and Caro s dangerous past reaches out to herROLINE is Cynthia Wright s unforgettable debut novel and is on keeper shelves worldwide The story of a confirmed rake and an innocent, spirited young woman, it is filled with sensual romance, evocative history, memorable characters, and the joy of true love.The Beauvisage Novels and The Raveneau Novels intertwine, with some characters crossing over Should you wish to read them in chronological order, this is the sequence 1780 SILVER STORM 1783 CAROLINE 1789 TOUCH THE SUN 1793 SPRING FIRES A Beauvisage Raveneau Novel 1814 SURRENDER THE STARS 1814 NATALYA 1818 SILVER SEA A Raveneau Beauvisage Novel1903 TEMPEST Authors Note, January 2013 This new, subtly revised version of CAROLINE addresses issues raised by some contemporary readers CAROLINE was originally written published in 1977, but times have changed In this new edition, Alec is a mature alpha hero and Caro is a stronger heroine If you have read and loved CAROLINE in the past, I think you will love it even now.

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    • Angela Delgado says:

      Wow, alpha hero to the max. Be forewarned: unless you like your heroes controlling, paternalistic, mercurial, and infuriating, and your heroines vacillating, childish, and amnesiacs, this isn't the book for you. Caroline is sadly dated. Alec exudes waves of possessive vibes, so even while he's enjoying an affair with another woman, he interferes with any interest Caro shows in anyone else; meanwhile, she's not able to become very interested because of the massive depression that hits her any tim [...]

    • Katrina Passick Lumsden says:

      This is my second book by Cynthia Wright, and I'm a little disturbed at the idea of what she considered the ideal man. Alec is paternalistic, condescending, possessive, controlling, jealousyou know the drill. He's one of those alpha heroes that says things along the lines of, "You shouldn't have worn that dress because now I can't stop myself".He's a harmful stereotype. But he's not the only one. Oh, no. Luckily for the hapless reader, Caro is just as bad. She's petulant, childish, and idiotical [...]

    • Gretchen says:

      I just finished this book for about the dozenth time and I remember why I love Cynthia Wright's novels so much. She writes with humor and passion and romance. But not in a way I view most historical romances, too cheesy or over-the-top. I love Caro and Alec's relationship as well as the historical side of the book. It's the way you want your own relationship to be. Real AND romantic.Off to read the next books in the series, yes, again, for about the dozenth time.

    • Misfit says:

      This is your standard amnesia plot set in Colonial America (I think it's after the war, but don't quote me). Girl loses memory and is 'rescued' by handsome, wealthy hero. Lots of descriptions of food, parties and clothes and SEX, but not much else happens until time for the final wrap-up and HEA. I see some reviewers complaining the hero is a bit of a jerk, but the introduction to the Kindle version I read said something about special author's cut, so perhaps this has been revised and the old sc [...]

    • carol says:

      Been a long time since I read a straightforward historical romance, albeit one with a mystery running through it. And I enjoyed it, it made a pleasant change.Sort of book you can read in public too :)Andre Beauvisage, French/American secret agent/soldier on the side of George Washington during the American Revolution is returning from the war where, of course, the US are victorious. He has also a notorious rake, love 'em and leave 'em reputation, which in the 1780's was seriously frowned upon. A [...]

    • Carol Storm says:

      A proud young nation's blazing birth -- a high-spirited young woman's innocent desires!Cynthia Wright brought something unique and wonderful to Seventies historical romance. While Rosemary Rogers depicted savage, cynical heroes who often brutalized and humiliated the heroine, Cynthia Wright created fierce but protectively masculine heroes who were both teasing and tender. When I think of CAROLINE, I remember so many little scenes where Alec and Caroline simply enjoy each other in a playful way. [...]

    • Marilyn says:

      For me, this book was a big disappointment. There were a lot of GR people who remembered reading this fondly and were glad to see this reissued as an ebook. I found it very juvenile and amateurish. Possibly one of the reasons was that it was written in 1977 and reading styles/modes have moved on; it felt very dated. I tried to finish it but it was too much so I skipped ahead to the last two chapters and saved myself a lot of misspent reading time. The coincidences in the denoument were just too [...]

    • Regan Walker says:

      4 and 1/2 Stars - Great Beginning to the Beauvisage Series!Cynthia Wright begins her Beauvisage series with a great post Revolutionary War tale of intrigue and romance. And this new eBook version has lots of improvements. It’s well written with a clever plot and the history will bring the period alive. I highly recommend it.It is 1783 and Alexandre Beauvisage, erstwhile spy/scout for America, is on his way home to Philadelphia, happy the Peace Treaty has been signed in Paris, when he stumbles [...]

    • Lady Wesley says:

      Sorry to say that this one did not engage me enough for me to finish it.

    • Freda says:

      This is the first in the Beauvisage family instalments. The way Cynthia Wright writes indicates how well she has researched her background to her stories. She draws you in either because you know of the time in which she has set her story or you have no knowledge and you want to find out what it was like back then. Her characters are well-rounded and you get involved with their lives whatever they are doing. I find it hard to put Cynthia's books down and they keep me awake way past the time I sh [...]

    • Eileen Dandashi says:

      Audiobook Review:This book, I understand is the debut novel from one of my favored authors, Cynthia Wright. I’m reading through the series. Hopefully, I’ll be listening to the narrated version of each book.Caroline, otherwise known as Caro, was a sweet, innocent woman who had hit her head on a tree while riding through the wood. When she woke she knew not who she was. She only knew the handsome man kneeling next to her had to be the most handsome man she had ever seen. I could not put this l [...]

    • Stacey says:

      CAROLINE is Cynthia Wright's first book, originally published in 1977. I have read it many times, in the original book form, in the mid-1980s and later in ebook form. This is where the Beauvisage saga begins* and is the second book in the Rakes and Rebels series. Set in post-Revolutionary War Connecticut, Alec Beauvisage is heading home from the war when he finds a young woman who has lost her memory. To try and figure out who this mysterious girl is, Alec brings her home as his ward. As a renow [...]

    • Eileen says:

      I downloaded it for free from , because historical fiction is, together with fantasy, my favorite genre. It's an easy, uncomplicated, predictable and boring read. A book you take with you on holidays that you leave behind in your hotel room and never think about again. The first part of the book was the hardest. Half way when Alec said for the billionth time "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that", I almost gave up, but the second half was better, at least some things were happening. For example [...]

    • Mhollie says:

      I read this book as a teen in the early 1980's & fell in love with the book. Actually, I fell in love with all of Cynthia Wright's novels. So when I found out it came out on Kindle, I just had to buy it and give it a re-read. I fell in love with Alec aka Sasha Beauvisage all over again, cynical roué that he is! Caroline is a sweet love story of a honey-eyed gamine who tames a certified rake and Gallic male crankiness ensues! I love that I now have it on my Kindle & I can keep the story [...]

    • IrishAmber says:

      History and RomanceHe was arrogant, and cruel with the yo-yo string he had her on. Every time the girl gets attacked she's paralyzed with fear, and allows herself to be taken over. Caroline was irritatingly quiet with everyone about her feelings, except to the irrationally jealous, blabbing sister. She never really expressed any of her feelings or thoughts to anyone until the end. Caroline spoke very little, but followed Alec around like a kicked puppy. Argh! Through the cons, it's worth a read. [...]

    • Duchess Paula says:

      It's a good read. I didn't like the intimate situations much. They were forced and not fun. And so many exclamation points!!! The whole story must have been such a surprise!!!! !! !!!!!!!!! I don't usually pick on things like exclamation points, but there are an unusual amount in here. It made me laugh. All I could do is read every sentence as if it were a very excited every sentence. Haha! It's a fun reads though.

    • Laura says:

      I loved this book! It was sooo good and i was almost disappointed when the book ended. There were times when I was ready to cry. No book has ever made me cry. I really want to know what happened after. What was the gender of the baby??

    • Becky says:

      I loved Caro & Alec! I am amazed that this was Cynthia Wright's very first novel. I can not wait to read more of her work!

    • Virginia Tican says:

      Try as I might, I find this book a bit tedious and long~winding aside from the fact that it has too many unnecessary sex scenes. I also think that the plotline itself lacks spontaneity and the memory loss has been skimmed over and not treated in a manner that befits its sensitive nature. Amnesiacs do not react as superficial and as uncaring of their past (whether such past is traumatizing or not). The deep fear of the unknown is enough to cause anxiety to a person in full possession of his sense [...]

    • ShaynaShayniac.Com says:

      Wow, I can't believe this book continues to get good reviews. It's a little too rapey for my tastes. And no matter how many rapes or attempted rapes the main character is subjected to, she continues to love it if the man is attractive and be traumatized by it if he isn't.This would be reason enough to dislike the book, but then, the male protagonist/rapist is a veritable Forrest Gump of the18th century, being personally acquainted with every one of America's founding fathers and then some.Finall [...]

    • Yvonne says:

      I almost didn't finish this book. The thought that anyone could be as blithe about losing the majority of their memory as Caroline was a bit of a hurdle for me. To go almost immediately from, "Oh my gosh - I can't recall who I am!" to "Oh, well. What name shall I use?" with no intervening angst was a bit improbable. In addition, I wasn't warming up to Alec very much either. I found both his demeanor and his behavior at the beginning of their acquaintance perplexing. Persevering was worth it, tho [...]

    • Melanie says:

      Where do I begin with this review? There are so many things I didn’t like and then there’s one that I did.So let me tell you what I did like. I liked the setting because the author did an amazing job of researching and writing about the Revolutionary War and the aftermaths of it. She put a lot of attention to historical detail and that just brought the period to life for me.But that’s about it. I really didn’t like the hero and the heroine even less. Once I disliked them, I basically gav [...]

    • Paula says:

      Interesting story of beginnings The beginning of freedom in American and the beginning of freedom for Caroline and Alec. Dreams of the future couple with the nightmares of the past for Alec and Caroline as well as those who survived the battles of the War for Independence. Appearances by General Washington and other heroes as well as mentions once again of the great traitor, Benedict Arnold, abound in this story of forgotten pasts, forgotten hurts and breaking free of the past to find true love. [...]

    • Vana says:

      This novel started off well, became rather banal two-thirds through (I found myself flicking pages) and then picked up with an exciting ending. Alec was not my idea of the perfect hero as he was far too selfish and did not really come to his senses until the end of the book. I could not really warm to him. I have read Cynthia Wright before and this is not one of her better novels, but I do believe it is her very first. It is good, however to note that she does have a sense of her own American Hi [...]

    • Brook Tucker says:

      Absolutely the best book I have read in a long time!I loved this story. One of my favorite things about the book is the love that is shown by the family. I have read this book 4 times now, and enjoy it every time like it is the first. I can't wait to explore the other novels in this series. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to read a book that you can't down. My husband couldn't wait for me to finish, because every spare second I had I was reading.

    • Jill says:

      Excellent story, bad proof reading Story is great. A few too many historical figures are just casually slipped in there that distract from the actual story line. But there are also places in the book that the word in a sentence is totally wrong. Not sure if it's the writer, typer or proof reader that missed it, but it happens in a few places.

    • Sandie Parrish says:

      CarolineI can't remember giving a 5 star rating to what was labeled "historical romance" before I read Caroline. The plot is excellent and the characters are very true to form for the period. I hope all who read this review will read and enjoy "Caroline" as a great novel and don't pass over it as just another historical romance. 💟💖

    • Becca says:

      CarolineA lovely read. The story starts in the woods of Connecticut, following the end of the war between England and America. I've read a lot of historical romance , but never one based in America. I enjoyed all the characters and the blossoming romance between Alec and Caroline.

    • Karen says:

      Caro and Alec meet in the Connecticut woods near her home. She has no memory of her past and he is on his way home from the war, as a patriot spy, he is anxious for home. In a series of strange events, they marry and unearth the details of her past.

    • Patricia Schuette says:

      What a wonderful storyFor a first book by a fabulous author it is very well written. A story that takes place at the end of the Revolutionary War. It's about a young man who on his way home finds a girl dressed in boys clothes who has lost her memory due to a head wound.

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