Guardians of Time

Guardians of Time Christmas Time travel has meant many things to Meg David and Anna over the years But regardless of the circumstances it has always been about saving lives their own their family members the

  • Title: Guardians of Time
  • Author: Sarah Woodbury
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Christmas 1292 Time travel has meant many things to Meg, David, and Anna over the years But regardless of the circumstances, it has always been about saving lives their own, their family members , their friends.This time, it s a combination of all three.Guardians of Time is the ninth novel in the After Cilmeri series.

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    • Laura Drummond says:

      I enjoy this series. The characters are likable and easy to connect with. They are just fun, easy reads. This one was good and not easily predictable.

    • Donna says:

      This series has held my interest since I read the first book. I love following this family thru their trials and tragedies. Not only in modern times but in medieval times as well. I love that they decided to attempt to return the 21st century people that didn't want to stay. I also love that they always meet & accept new people into their diverse little group. I can't wait to read the next book!

    • Michelle Louise says:

      One of the best in this series. The first line is so awesome and I about went this is what I've been thinking for a while. It was about time the bus load of people went back to the future and it was done well.I liked the new pov characters but I wish Bridget had been introduced in an earlier book so her pov and importance didn't come out of nowhere. I am a huge fan of foreshadowing and while there is some here, the author needs to do a better job of Chekhovs gunning characters. It was a problem [...]

    • Victoria Leo says:

      The latest in this very interesting alternative-universe (not really time travel) series includes both 21st century (Avalon) and medieval components. David decides to bring the bus passengers back "home" and pick up some more technical expertise for his new world, and of course nothing goes as planned. I'm more of a fan of the medieval portions of the books, compared to the MI-5-dodging, but I appreciate how the latter helps the author to build her story. So I was especially enthralled at the Sc [...]

    • Melissa says:

      Just okI am getting pretty bored with this series. I feel like the same thing keeps happening over and over. There are no surprises, suspense or drama. Everything works out well for David and his crew and it is more and more tiring. I would love some drama or the loss of a character. I don't mean to be morbid but I think it is more realistic for the time period and would help David grow. Not just a secondary character, but someone like Lili. I am not sure I will continue this series as I am expe [...]

    • Sharon says:

      I suppose this book could be read as a stand alone story; however, the full richness of the tale is best reached if the entire series is read in sequential order. One of the aspects I like about this Time Travel series is that the characters travel between alternate universes and, thus, do not impact the world they are originally from by their actions that change the world they travel to. That license permits them affect some very interesting changes indeed. I do really like this After Cilmeri S [...]

    • Meri says:

      I love this series!Historical fiction never used to be my favorite genre, but now I can't get away from it. Sarah writes her books so well that you get hooked within the first page. You almost need to pace yourself slow so you don't have to wait for the next book in the series to come out so it's not agonizing waiting to see the next adventure. What's even better is she adds true historical events and she has been to the places she writes about. I'm in love with all of her series!

    • David says:

      I enjoy "The After Cilmari Series". Too much time in the latest book, "Guardians of Time", was spent on character development. There are too many character dialogues and too few action scenes. The final scene ends abruptly. Resolution of interesting possibilities, such as the 21st Century medical, technical, and electronic equipment brought back to the 13th Century, should have an influence on centuries of history, or an answer to why nothing changed.

    • Jo Anne Greenberg says:

      Great Read! Sarah Woodbury has a wonderful gift of writing. The people come alive as though you know them personally. If medieval and or time travel is of interest to you, then this series is for you. However, where ever your interests lie you may well enjoy this series. It's fun

    • Ann says:

      I couldn't get anything else done until I finished the book! (And this was my second time through!)

    • Kathleen Scott says:

      As exciting as the rest.I love reading about King David and his travels through time. This adventure is as wonderful as the rest of the series.Sarah Woodbury has done it again.

    • Maria says:

      SeriesI love this series, I can't wait till you write the next one. I want to here more on Anna's son Cardiff,is he going to be a time traveler too?

    • Deborah Hawley says:

      Read it the first day out! Awesome! Won't spoil it for others, so just say it is soo worth reading!!!! Sarah Woodbury delivers yet again!!

    • Kimberley says:

      Love all these books. Great altered history.

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