Mr. Suicide

Mr Suicide Like everyone else in the world you ve wanted to do things people say you shouldn t do How many times in your life have you wanted to slap someone Really literally strike them You can t even begin t

  • Title: Mr. Suicide
  • Author: Nicole Cushing
  • ISBN: 9781939905116
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • Like everyone else in the world, you ve wanted to do things people say you shouldn t do.How many times in your life have you wanted to slap someone Really, literally strike them You can t even begin to count the times Hundreds Thousands You re not exaggerating You re not engaging in whatchamacallit Hyperbole You re not engaging in hyperbole.Maybe the impulse flashLike everyone else in the world, you ve wanted to do things people say you shouldn t do.How many times in your life have you wanted to slap someone Really, literally strike them You can t even begin to count the times Hundreds Thousands You re not exaggerating You re not engaging in whatchamacallit Hyperbole You re not engaging in hyperbole.Maybe the impulse flashed through your brain for only a moment, like lightning, when someone tried to skip ahead of you in line at the cafeteria Hell, at than one point in your life you ve wanted to kill someone really, literally kill someone That s not just an expression Not hyperbole Then it was gone and replaced by the civilized thought You can t do that Not out in public.But you ve had the thought From Shirley Jackson Award nominated author Nicole Cushing comes Mr Suicide, a novel of the Great Dark Mouth.

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    • Mark Matthews says:

      Read this book after it made the Horror Writer's Association long list for a Bram Stoker AwardDamn.This book was stunning. Started off with a deep empathy for depression, and lead into a journey into decadent debauchery, a bastardized life, where all existence is suffering (my words, not the authors) and questions of which urge to succumb to. To be or not to be, or to have never been at all. If you've ever heard Rust Cohle (True Detective) go off on the human species being a mistake and consciou [...]

    • Chris Berko says:

      If you ask me, good art makes you think, REAL art makes you feel, and a good artist will make you feel things you've never felt before. This is the second book I've read by Nicole Cushing and she has made me feel things I've never felt before. What started out as pity turned into this weird amalgam of fear and revulsion and anxiety juxtaposed with a perverse curiosity. Another great story with another hugely satisfying conclusion I highly recommend this.

    • Frank Errington says:

      Review copyNicole Cushing is a Shirley Jackson Award finalist who's written a number of stand-alone novellas and dozens of short stories. Nicole has been referred to as the literary equivalent of the love child between Jack Ketchum and Poppy Z. Bright. Raised in rural Maryland and now living in southern Indiana, Nicole counts master storyteller Edgar Allen Poe as having had a big influence on her as a writer.In recent weeks, I'd noticed a bit of a buzz about her debut novel and knew I had to che [...]

    • Rodney says:

      You are a psychopath in the making, the progression quickening as you hit your late teens. Mr. Suicide has been speaking to you for some time now, but who is this Great Dark Mouth? Your brother introduces you via “Perfect Monsters,” an underground fetish magazine that is much more. “We’re all like fruit, and He’ll only swallow the ones who have rendered themselves sufficiently ripe with experience.” Perhaps you really are interesting enough to be wanted by Him. After He lays the Thre [...]

    • Waffles says:

      I am not someone given to reviewing books.All I could think while reading this was "Yep, I still hate The Catcher in the Rye!"Well, I still do.Read this novel instead.

    • Ken says:

      "You threw yourself onto the bed and under the covers. Thrashed around in them. Let out little groans you hoped no one could hear. You wished, for a moment you were in the loony bin. There, at least you'd have rubber walls to bounce off of. Here, all you could do was fidget between sheets and regret the that you lacked the courage of your convictions" - Mr Suicide, Nicole Cushing.Mr Suicide is without a doubt the most horrifying book I've ever read. It depicts extreme violence, gruesome event af [...]

    • March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room says:

      Restricted until Juky 15Review: MR. SUICIDE by Nicole CushingAuthor Nicole Cushing is one of a kind. I discovered this when I read CHILDREN OF NO ONE, published by DarkFuse in 2013. I was astounded at the reach of her imagination. So naturally, I leapt at the opportunity to review her newest, MR. SUICIDE (a Word Horde publication) and needless to say, I am once again awestruck. MR. SUICIDE is an outré story about a boy whose childhood is caged in emotional and mental destruction. Think "Mommie [...]

    • Merve Özcan says:

      Hayatımda okuduğum en sıkıcı kitaplar arasında ilk beşe girer. %20'de pes ediyorum. Önermem. Sakın ha

    • Tim Sharp says:

      When reading horror fiction, there are typically "levels" of what the writer is trying to achieve, dependent on their skill, intelligence and (it seems somewhat inescapable) personal proximity to/experience with a nihilistic vision of the universe.Nicole Cushing is one of the few authors I would confidently place alongside Thomas Ligotti as someone who works in furthest Stygian depths of bleak darkness that the genre is likely to turn up. The worldview on offer is not one of simple monsters, or [...]

    • Brian O'Connell says:

      (Originally appeared on my website, the Conqueror Weird. This, by the way, eventually won the Bram Stoker Award.)We all have bad thoughts.Don’t even try to deny that – of course you have. You can’t feel bad about it. And I don’t think most of you will deny it – many of you, like myself, have reconciled ourselves with it; you just don’t like to admit it. Of course you don’t admit that you have fleeting visions of harm against others, indulgence in decadent behavior, suicide, murder. [...]

    • Kris Morgan says:

      What to say about this book? If you don't mind feeling grimy and partly disgusted (with yourself, the writer, humanity, our very existence) for however long it takes to finish, you may get some grim satisfaction out of Mr Suicide. I'm partial to these sentiments myself, making this a fantastic and compelling read (finished in two or three intensely focused sittings). Cushing's writing is simple yet original. The second-person narrative is a technique I've encountered but twice in my adult readin [...]

    • Branden says:

      3.5 stars if I'm getting technical. I freaked out reading this book when I found out it was set in my city. I freaked out more when I found it was set in my precise neighborhood. Random and weird. I appreciated the taboo subject matter and the understated horror. The book doesn't try to scare or shock you, but you're left gasping in horror many times regardless. I do think there are some plot holes disguised as make-your-own-conclusions suggestions, so that was my one issue with the book.

    • David Agranoff says:

      Full review coming. Believe the hype this is a fantastic horror novel

    • Andrea says:

      Oh jeez, where do I start? I'm not one for strange surrealist horror but this sort of creeps into your bones and holds you hostage until you finally finish it, searching deeper into the night for answers that never really come.I would be surprised if this influences a few nightmares in the coming years. It's shocking and horrifying in more than just gore related ways. It worms its way into your psyche until it swallows it hole and like a drug its all you can think of and you need your next hit.

    • Melvin Mathews says:

      A very compelling read disturbing, horrifying, gruesome - but also fascinating. It's like watching the seeds of madness flourishing into out and out psychopathy right before our very eyes and the journey is disturbing, horrifying and yet, utterly gripping. The ending, however, wasn't the explosive denouement that I was anticipatingrather, it veered off into a wholly different tangent which left me a bit nonplussed.

    • Sean says:

      Had to struggle to finish this one. To be honest, I only finished it because it's short and I am way behind on my reading challenge for this year. Sorry but probably won't be reading this author again.

    • William M. says:

      I really enjoyed the second-person perspective. Very few books have attempted to try this, and horror might be the most effective genre to play with a reader's emotions. Cushing does a nice job of exploring the main character's history and building on his eventual motivations for what he ends up becoming in later life. I did feel, however, the author's take on a male character a bit odd and inaccurate at times, exposing her clearly as a female author writing about a male character and his sexual [...]

    • Kristopher Triana says:

      With "Mr. Suicide", Cushing has given us a blood-stained window into one young man's personal hell. Vividly brutal and creatively written, this novel elevates the extreme horror genre into something more cerebral, more emotionally charged. From a second-person perspective that makes it all the more personal, we follow a teenage boy through his disintegration, watching on as he is tormented by his abusive mother, abandoned by his schoolmates and teachers, and is pulled into dark conversations wit [...]

    • Robert Mingee says:

      There was a lot I liked about this book. Second-person POV is not easy to pull off, and can come off pretentious and gimmicky in the wrong hands, but it was done well and was the right choice for this work, adding to the "personal" nature of it. The premise was original, which I have come to expect from her work. The main character is very disturbed, though I personally didn't feel the violence and depravity was as excessive as others have reported (not a bad thing, mind you, just a data point f [...]

    • Sean Thompson says:

      I've always been a sucker for stories about mentally ill people told from their perspective. Enter the narrator of Mr. Suicide, a real disturbed teenager with equally disturbed mother and brother. And yet we are stuck in this boy's head, and forced to follow along for the duration. It's such a powerful device, and when executed deftly, it forces us to acknowledge that often monsters are merely extrapolations of the very epitome of mundane humans. Tack on some wonderful imagery and a few dashes o [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      Mr. Suicide is well written, with a premise that's different from anything I've read before. That said, I didn't really connect with it.This book was an interesting read, but nothing in it shocked or horrified me. However, I'm used to violence and gore and characters losing themselves to madness. If you're not used to those things, then you'll probably have a different reaction than I had.I found the ending abrupt, and it didn't feel like the story organically led to that conclusion.I don't see [...]

    • E.F. says:

      Unwavering, brutal, and visceral - Mr. Suicide is an extreme horror novel you won't easily forget- even if you want to. Cushing finds that pinpoint when bleak despair disintegrates into abject horror, and the effect delivers a jolting, eddying plummet. It's hard to come up for air from this a bloody ringside seat, but the story manages to do far more than splash gratuitous violence at readers. With an inventive force at the center and a strong, character driven narrative the story follows a devo [...]

    • David Nelson says:

      I'm really divided here between 2 and 3 stars. This started strong and engaging and then, at almost precisely the 30% mark, it took an abrupt hard turn into Really-Not-at-All-OK Sex, and really stuck with that, doubling and then tripling down. Had it just been that, this would be an easy 1 star, but damned if it didn't bring it around in the final two pages to sort of absurdly, grimly make all of that into a sort of profoundly adroit claim about the Nature of the World. I honestly don't know if [...]

    • Ian Welke says:

      Mr. Suicide begins as a fairly standard story of a disaffected youth, but rapidly transforms through masterful storytelling to tell a twisted journey of degeneracy and dark discovery. Cushing utilizes the unreliable point of view and in second person! I don’t think I’ve read the two together in anything novel length, and here it’s incredibly effective. The transformation of the viewpoint character from broken but understandable through to his complete psychotic break is handled so well tha [...]

    • Spencer says:

      I read this straight after Nicole's novella The sadists bible and these two books compliment each other perfectly! Once again Nicole refuses to hold back and has produced a disturbing horror story that is masterfully written. She uses the second person perspective perfectly whilst giving you an insight in to the mind of the truly deranged pottagonist. I eagerly look forward to more stories in the twisted universe of the great dark mouth

    • Megan says:

      Honestly, this would have been 3-4 stars until I got to the the weak ending. The second-person narration is an interesting trick, and makes some of the gross-out parts (I guess the blurb writers from the back cover would call them "transgressive") much more disturbing. But the ending makes a sudden, inexplicable attempt at heart-warming redemption (for the baaayybeee!!) that just leaves the story arc flaccid.

    • M Griffin says:

      A harsh horror story, and an uncompromising portrait of severe mental illness. Possibly the bleakest imaginable world view, told in second person from the point of view of a miserable outcast young boy who hears Mr. Suicide whispering, encouraging him to harm himself. As he ages into adolescence, he hopes for some escape, but his horrible experiences both at school and at home offer him no escape. Quite original, strongly told, and certainly not for everyone.

    • Greg says:

      A book dealing with disturbing issues and people that is definitely not for everyone but it is handled really well by the author. I will be looking for more of her work!

    • Jeseabell Arrigan says:

      Strange book but it def keeps your interest. Not sure I would call this horror it's more just distrubing. The ending reminds me of A Clockwork Orange. The book not the film of course.

    • Max Greene says:

      Very strange and graphic. But well writtenA journey into the darkness of the human soul. Quick read. Very unique story. Highly recommended. Will look to her other works.

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