A Spell of Time

A Spell of Time Tick tock Tick tock Derek and Sofia return in the th book of A Shade of Vampire series Time is slipping through the Novaks fingers like sand The only witch with the power to save them is already wit

  • Title: A Spell of Time
  • Author: Bella Forrest
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tick tock Tick tock Derek and Sofia return in the 10th book of A Shade of Vampire series Time is slipping through the Novaks fingers like sand The only witch with the power to save them is already within their reach.But how does one fix what one doesn t know exists Prepare for a wild ride back to The Shade

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    • Carol [Goodreads Addict] says:

      RATING 4.5 STARSA Spell of Time is book ten in The Shade Of Vampire series by Bella Forrest. Although this particular book is not quite as intense as some of the others, I still completely enjoyed it. We get to know Caleb a lot better in this one. He is such a tortured soul. And we get to know more of the history and relationship between he and Annora. Caleb has accepted that he will never be able to see Rose again. Yet his heart still aches. He accepts that he will forever be trapped on the isl [...]

    • Mikayla says:

      This is another great instalment of The Shade Of Vampire series. I can't wait for the next book.

    • J. Kahele says:

      Eh Not my favorite at all this part of the series jumped around and the writing even seemed different like the author may have been reaching to extend this series.

    • J.E. Benoit says:

      I think it’s great that even after all these books, this series still has the ability to surprise me! This series has always been full of twists and turns and this 10th installment was no exception. Based on where things left off in the last book I was pretty sure I had a good idea of the struggles that our crew of The Shade would face in this one, but instead the story took a hard right and went down a completely different path than I was expecting! In this book we get much more of Caleb and [...]

    • Deborah says:

      As always it's a fantastic read.While I may have downloaded this book in the early hours I learnt my lesson last time and I didn't even peak at the first page, these books are seriously addictive and with book 9 I only intended to read the first couple of pages and then I was up half the night finishing the book.So lesson learnt I waited until I knew I had time to read and enjoy this book and wow it certainly didn't disappoint, after the cliffhanger of the previous book we were left wondering ho [...]

    • Judy Lewis says:

      Wow! Another Homerun! Bella has knocked it out of the park again! A Spell of Time is the tenth release in Bella Forrest's amazing hit series, A Shade of Vampire and it is fantastic! I was hooked from the very first book and now anxiously await each release. This is a paranormal story that is so unlike any other that I have ever read. It is exciting, original, imaginative, very well developed, thrilling, riveting, action packed, mysterious, suspenseful, addictive and oh so romantic. It is smart, [...]

    • Valerie (Dobby_Howler_Puff) says:

      I am a fan of this series but this one didn't do a whole lot for me. I felt like it was all over the place. I was very disappointed how the bond over Sofia and Derek played out. I was hoping it would have been a bigger part of the story since there was a giant cliffhanger from book 9 and it wasn't. There was a lot going on. There was even a chapter on Abbywhy? We jumped from character to character from story line to story line. Maybe all those story lines and jumping to different characters will [...]

    • Destiny Battaglia says:

      For one thingI felt like there are way too many books for this series. It took me a long time to start up with it, and I only did it because I liked the author and I liked the first part of the series before we started leaning towards like 18 books. The great thing about this author and the publisher is that these books come out wicked fast. Makes me wonder whether the author just has that amount of time and inspiration penciled on a huge publishing deal or if all of this had long since been pla [...]

    • Darla says:

      what can I say another completely wonderful story I loved this story as with all of this series That Rose is always getting into trouble lolwell done BellaI will be looking for part 11 soonIt is so great to get so involved with the characters that a person can literally read one of Bella's book in a dayBella you are such an awesome writer I will never forget that you sent me your first book in this series by PDF when I entered a contest that you had through you have made a fan with meI thank yo [...]

    • Eternal Gypsy says:

      This series is a quick and easy read that you don't have to work your brain too hard to follow. I really shouldn't count these towards my "Reading Challenge". They're more of a guilty pleasure. Like a soap opera or drama filled reality show. I know there's not much meat to these books, that I won't walk away thinking "wow, that will stay with me forever", but they're the perfect mind numbing, suck you in, waste to a rainy afternoon. Plus, they're free through Kindle Unlimited so I'm not out any [...]

    • Shani says:

      10 books in and I am still completely obsessed with this series. Bella Forrest takes you to another world that you don't want to leave. This book begins where book 9 ended and trust me it is fast paced to the point where I had to double check when I was done. I read it in one sitting. There's adventure, romance, suspense, and everything you would expect from the shade. I can't wait till book 11 because I was left with a major cliffhanger. Great job yet again, I loved it.

    • Heather De Los Reyes says:

      I was so excited for this book to come out and it did not disappoint! The stuff going on between Rose and Caleb is so good and I really want there to be something more then just friends. These books are always so intriguing and beautifully written. They keep the reader so interested and always wanting more. I do wish the stories weren't so short but it's not so bad since the next one comes out only a month later and I already preordered it!

    • Sonja says:

      More - More - MoreThese books are like popcorn I just can't get enough! It's like binge watching a great TV series.I've already downloaded the next book in this series, now I'm off to find out what happens to Rose and Caleb.

    • Aleighacreations Tina allkins says:

      yet again filled with lots of great twists and turns to keep you gripped and wanting to know so badly what happens next!!! Once again well done to bella!!!

    • Anna says:

      Oh boy, what's Caleb gonna do now? Who will he choose? On to book 11.

    • Samarian Fondren says:

      Wonderful!I absolutely loved this book. There were a few typos in my kindle copy, but all in all, I couldn’t stop reading. I purchased the next book as soon as I finished this one, and I’m trying to type as quickly as I can do I can return to the adventure, suspense, and consuming delight of reading such a great book as this. If you live vampires, witches and are a sucker for simmering romance, this is your book. Most definitely a good read.

    • Mary Winstead says:

      Derek and Sofia return to the shade unknowingly that annora had cast a deadly spell on them. Caleb finds out and secretly told the shades witch Mona about it. While all of this is going on Rose meets Micah the werewolf in the shade and,he wants to spend so,much time with her. Only to discover it's not Micah but a deadlock. When Caleb sees Rose tied up and gaged he frees her and is trying to get back to the shade before she's captured again. Great series. Now onto the nest installment.

    • Rose Lautenschlager says:

      Great series I really love this series it keeps getting better and better I have a really hard time putting it down. I would definitely recommend this series to anyone that loves vampires and whiches it's a must read and I promise if you read it you will fall in love with it like I did.

    • Coryann says:

      Bella Forrest doesn’t disappoint with this series! This one was a little darker than some of them but still an entertaining book. You are captured by the story and before you know it you’ve reached the end. I’m so thankful these are available on Kindle Unlimited!

    • Maria Banales says:

      Whoa!Ok so I read both books 9 and 10 back to back, but I forgot to leave a review for book 9, so this review is for both books. I love the chemistry between Rose and Caleb, but now I feel really bad for his witch because her heart is back, but now it seems to late

    • Paige Ruffin says:

      Great bookLoved it I am reading the whole series I can not get enough of the Novak's nice job can't wait to read the next

    • Kelly Freeman says:

      Ohhh these twins!!!

    • Ash Antoinette says:

      Best series ever Just finished book 10 and upon reading the end of each of the books in this series I can't wait to get started on the next. Love it. Thanks again Bella.

    • Latoya Whitaker says:

      good readi absolutely love this book. i am excited to see what happens next for rose and the other novak clan

    • Jessica Foust says:

      I believe the second series of the shade of Vampire Sagas is better than the frist 7 books. (Still falling short of epic) Bella has jumped time pushing aside the nessary parts of child raising that she so sorely wrote about and pushing it closer to the adulthood of the charaters. She keeps rushing the parts that could be epic or more of a challenge leaving you feeling much like the impossible wasnt so impossible simply needs a few minutes and a flick of the wrist and bam impossible be gone. The [...]

    • Kelly Gunn says:

      Just when you think it couldn't get any weirder Bella forest twists things up again! Brilliant!On to book 11 "A chase of prey"

    • Tanya says:

      Can't get enough of this series!Once again I am completely engrossed in this world, and I can't get enough! The author keeps on bringing challenges for the characters and they somehow always manage to overcome them. And yet it's not written in a way that is tiresome, the storyline is gripping and exciting and well I just can't get enough.

    • Jess Swann says:

      Un nouveau tome que j'ai dévoré et que je trouve à la hauteur des précédents. Loin de rester centrée sur les histoires d'amour des personnages, l'auteure continue à épaissir son univers et on en apprend de plus en plus sur Caleb et Annora. J'aime beaucoup Caleb et je trouve que dans ce tome, en introduisant le personnages de Lilith, l'auteure a su redonner une dimension humaine au personnage d'Annora. J'ai même eu de la peine pour elle quand Caleb l'a complétement oubliée pour Rose. P [...]

    • Isabelle Kratz;) says:

      I actually finished this late last night WHOOPS-it was good-the story is enthralling-it's problematic at times-this is yet another book series that makes me wanna be a vampire-????-ummmmm I feel anger but I'm also reallyyyyyy happy Caleb chose Rose over Annora bc I'm a petty bitch and my choice in the triangle got picked (even though it was pretty obvious that they were endgame) -I don't know which story i like better yet, bc Sophia and Derek have a special place in my heart, but FUCK I really l [...]

    • Monique Chambers says:

      WowThis book was amazing n I could believed that the twin has grow up so quickly wow now moving on to book 11 I'm so ready for it omg what's going to happen next I can't wait to see I'm excited to know too

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