Stolen Thunder: A Norse Myth

Stolen Thunder A Norse Myth Retells with drama and humor the Norse myth about the God of Thunder and how he recovers his magic hammer Mjolnir from the Frost Giant Thrym This book is a gem guaranteed to spark interest in myth

  • Title: Stolen Thunder: A Norse Myth
  • Author: Shirley Climo Alexander Koshkin
  • ISBN: 9780395643686
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Retells with drama and humor the Norse myth about the God of Thunder and how he recovers his magic hammer, Mjolnir, from the Frost Giant, Thrym This book is a gem, guaranteed to spark interest in mythology Use as a read aloud and as a resource for mythology units and recommend it for pleasure reading Booklist

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    • Katie Daniels says:

      Children's books are the best for myth retellings. This one had me sniggering all the way through at the snarky dialogue and gorgeous illustrations.

    • Alexandra Topitzes says:

      Reading Level: 5.4Book Level/ Guided Reading Level: VThis miraculously illustrated version of Stolen Thunder: A Norse Myth, tells the classic Nordic tale of how Thor, god of thunder, devises a cunning plan to get his stolen all-powerful hammer back from the frost giants with the help of the trickster god Loki, making it just one of many renditions of this piece of Traditional Literature. This book would comprehensibly be an idyllic read aloud for students in approximately first or second grades, [...]

    • Marissa Kuhn says:

      I really enjoyed this book and the way it shows the difference of Loki and Thor's personalities. Loki's trickster personality and Thor's brawn is demonstrated in Loki's plan to retrieve Thor's stolen hammer. The sass that Loki has throughout the story is incomparable. In fact, that's what made me love the story so much! The illustrations are great in adding to the storytelling. It's easy to identify each character even without the text. Loki has a cunning look with an average body, while Thor ju [...]

    • Oliver says:

      I loved it! Here is a summary from the book. Mjolnir, Thor's hammer, was missing. Thor yelled at Loki that he took it. Loki found out that the Frost King had Mjolnir. Loki was in a falcon cloak. Thyrm would only give Thor the hammer if Freya be his bride. Thor dressed up as Freya and took the hammer. IT'S A GREAT BOOK! READ IT!

    • Laura says:

      A great example of Loki as trickster. Good pictures. Long text but appropriate for grades 4 - 6. I'm reading a bunch of mythology for some collection development. I can't say that I'm enjoying it too much.

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