Yield the Night

Yield the Night After surviving a round trip to hell Piper figures she can survive anything After all she just lived through the devastating loss of her Consul apprenticeship and a torturous stint at boarding schoo

  • Title: Yield the Night
  • Author: Annette Marie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After surviving a round trip to hell, Piper figures she can survive anything After all, she just lived through the devastating loss of her Consul apprenticeship and a torturous stint at boarding school How much worse could it get Well, she wasn t expecting a group of crazy radicals to burn her home to the ground and take her prisoner.The Gaians, a.k.a the crazy radicalsAfter surviving a round trip to hell, Piper figures she can survive anything After all, she just lived through the devastating loss of her Consul apprenticeship and a torturous stint at boarding school How much worse could it get Well, she wasn t expecting a group of crazy radicals to burn her home to the ground and take her prisoner.The Gaians, a.k.a the crazy radicals, plan to rid Earth of daemons and they need Piper s help In exchange for her cooperation, they promise her the answer to all her problems magic With her own magic, she could reclaim her apprenticeship, the only future she s ever wanted But her magic comes at price it could kill her.With the life she s always known crumbling around her and her future slipping from her grasp, she needs Ash s help one time But the greatest danger of all lies within her, and no matter what she does, she may lose everything including him.The Complete Steel Stone Series Chase the Dark Steel Stone 1 Bind the Soul Steel Stone 2 Yield the Night Steel Stone 3 Feed the Flames Steel Stone 3.5 Reap the Shadows Steel Stone 4 Unleash the Storm Steel Stone 5

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    • Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder* says:

      “Ash had done so much more than capture her heart. He’d changed the very landscape of her soul.” Still not as good as the first, but still by this point an addicting series. Character wise we get a break from Samael the villain, which I was ready for by this point, especially considering how much brutality we saw from him in the second book. We finally get to see what Piper really is - and I totally dug it. The whole scene and visit with the big reveal was heartwarming and fascinating [...]

    • Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘ says:

      My casting: I cannot believe how this book ended :O I love Ash so so much!! He's the best thing about this series.d I want more NOW! This series is just getting better and better! I'm pretty sure next book will be even better I can't wait!Rate: 4-4/3 stars.

    • mith says:

      I never did post a review for the first few books in this series!! Go me. ANYWAY THO. Ash makes me so emo. Like it's ridiculous. I didn't expect this the first or the second or the THIRD GODDAMN TIME AROUND because clearly I don't learn. I love him. Dassit. That's all my suffering. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk™.---Holy shit. Definitely loved this book—and became obsessed with the series. I think I have a lot to say, most of I think good, some of it a bit rant-y. But wow.

    • Annika says:

      Freshly home from boarding school, and on her 18th birthday at that, the last thing Piper expects is the only place she's ever known as home, the Consulate, to go up in flames and to be kidnapped by the Gaians - again. Even less she expects the only two people in her life she can call her friends to swoop in and safe the day. On the run yet again, Piper finds herself under serious time pressure: her newly unlocked magic threatens to tear her apart from within, and without help, she might not sur [...]

    • Sophia Sardothien says:

      Thank you Ms Annette Marie for sending me this book in exchange of an honest reviewHmmm, honestly I'm not the biggest fan of the paranormal genre as most of the books could tend to be a bit shallow. But with the series, with each book it never cease to intrigue me. I have to say my favourite of all three book still has to be the first onechase the darkbut nevertheless this book is still a light and entertaining read. *coughs* maybe that's a bit ironic given the fact that the protagonist has face [...]

    • CasPerfitz~SLiTsReaD says:

      3.5 Stars!I can’t help but look back to the first book of this series, Chase the Dark, it is still, by far, my most favourite amongst all three . Although, the second book, Bind the Soul, was also quite outstanding! Both has certainly set the bar high, for me anyways. ;) So, I come reading this sequel with high expectations. And, l must say, I was definitely entertained though left a bit confused. The story picks up two months later We learned that Piper did indeed attend the boarding school [...]

    • Fabienne Gilbert says:

      This book has trumped the other two for me by a good 1000 miles. I couldn't put it down! When I went to my friends to book came with me and I snuck peeks when I could, (which is very hard to do when you friend has just got out of hospital, just having a baby who is too cute for words! I wanted a cuddle but I wanted to read hahaha). After the last book which made me so sad because Ash and Lyre both left Piper, I thought noooo you just got Ash back don't let him go again!I was so surprised that li [...]

    • ✶Rachelle✶ says:

      5 starsYeah so I had about 80 mini strokes with this one. I can't believe I haven't read these books before now. THEY ARE SO GOOD DBSHEIDJDNSHEKFNSNDKD-------------muststay awakemustkeepreading

    • Sarah Leenart says:

      Every now and then I come across a book that is incredibly special, a book that has that indescribable sparkle and shine that gives you the warm fuzzies inside, where the writing, the world and the characters blow your mind away. I know then that this is one very special author. For me that was Chase the Dark, one of my favourite books of last year. I have been lucky enough to receive Yield the Night as an ARC, and just let me tell you that each book gets better and better. Holy Moly, I want to [...]

    • Lonna | FLYLēF says:

      Original Post: Yield the Night (Steel and Stone 3) at FLYLēF (flylef)TAP. TAP. TAP. My mint-colored nails are tapping against the back of my Kindle. I’m looking at my reading progress for Yield the Night (Steel and Stone 3) by Annette Marie – 26% completed, a quarter of the book in – and I’m starting to loose interest. It seems like I’ve already read this: Piper is taken by the Gaians and Mona wants her to help them rid Earth of daemons with the promise of unlocking her magic. That [...]

    • Danielle (Life of a Literary Nerd) says:

      I love the relationship that's developing between Ash and Piper! I really liked learning more about the Sahar stone and how it was made. I feel like we get more info about magic, glamours, and how daemons use them. And I loved getting to explore the Overworld and learning more about some of the daemons that live there.

    • Cheryl La Pa says:

      Annette Marie has nailed it again with Yield the Night, the third book in this series. It was just as captivating and thrilling as the first two books. I was so caught up with Piper, Lyre and Ash that I did not want this book to end. Thank goodness there is another book coming as I can’t get enough of this series! I loved how Piper has grown and matured throughout the series and how she rises to every challenge. She is not perfect but puts 100% into all that she does and learns from her mistak [...]

    • Tiffany says:

      *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*Wow. Finished this book in a few hours. Such a fast-paced read (like the rest of the Steel & Stone Books). Piper had an uphill battle ahead of her after losing her apprenticeship and having her Consul burned down just after her arrival. She learns the Gaians plans and why they are so interested in keeping her alive. She is also reunited with Lyre and Ash (and can we take a minute and thank Annette Marie for not exploring a love triangle? Pi [...]

    • Nancy Dean says:

      **I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**I want to shout from the mountaintops "HOLY JEEBUS, I LOVED THIS BOOK!!" But, as there are no mountains here I must make do with typing on the interwebs! Piper's story has been high octane action from page one of Chase the Dark, and Yield the Night continues that beautifully. The story takes off immediately, and holds you in its thrall as it unfolds effortlessly from page to page. Annette Marie is a master artist at painting action sequences [...]

    • Jeanny says:

      Cliffhanger ending _______________Girls, Guns and Grimoires discussion Challenges > Book Bingo July-Dec 2015 Category: PORTAL FANTASY Reason: Starts in Earth end in a different world Book: Yield the Night (Steel & Stone #3) by Annette Marie

    • Penny says:

      Actual Rating 2.5 starsEntertaining but forgettable.

    • KReb says:

      I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.Book three delivers and is every bit as great as the first two. As with the previous two books in the series, there is plenty of humor, a truly compelling love story with great chemistry, and tons of action and adventure. The scenes are so vividly written, you can truly imagine yourself walking (or almost drowning) in this fantasy world. Once again, the story was so suspenseful that I could NOT put it down. What’s more, it wa [...]

    • neckneck says:

      Firstly I would just like to say I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. Yield the Night was an incredible read with so much tension and emotion running through it. I thought after Bind to the Soul that the emotional rollercoaster was coming to an end but how wrong was I? "Death is easy. Living is difficult." Raum's quote really resonates throughout this book as it is about the struggle for survival and what individuals will do in order to ensure the survival of themselves and t [...]

    • Jess says:

      4.5 stars. I NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW. I am glad that Piper finally had the balls to leave behind Ash, but at the same time #anguishCan't wait till they reunite ♥

    • Kaza says:

      Thank goodness I don't have to wait a year for this!!

    • Shera (Book Whispers) says:

      The Steel & Stone series has easily become one of my favorite Young Adult Urban Fantasy series. Surpassing many other popular ones from traditional publishers/authors. To be honest I was really nervous about how things were going to go with Piper going to human boarding school. Thank goodness the story picks up when Piper gets home to the consulate skipping all that school crap. The general gist is given of what school was like, but minus angsty school drama stuff. Yeah! (Besides we already [...]

    • Danielle (Danniegurl) says:

      When I first started this book I was bored to tears. Firstly Ash and Piper are separated and that makes for a boring plot at the moment. I was surprised though that we didn't see or get a book with Piper at the boarding school and I was equally surprised that the boarding school stint only lasted 2 months. Piper gets home from school and finds a note from Lyre, and is going to think about what that means, who knows when the letter was left. Did he know she was coming back tomorrow? Then there is [...]

    • Karissa says:

      This is the third book in the Steel and Stone series by Marie. I just love this YA urban fantasy series! This whole series has a wonderful world, with wonderful characters, tons of action, interesting magic, and some romance. I have devoured all of these books and find them incredibly hard to put down.Piper returns from boarding school only to have her home Consulate burnt down around her. When she wakes up she finds that she has been kidnapped by her mother and the Gaians. The Gaians want to un [...]

    • Rachel says:

      It was a bit slow in the middle there, but the first 30% and the last 30% were awesome! It takes place 2 months after book 2. Piper has come home from boarding school just in time to celebrate her 18th birthday, only the Consulate is practically empty with her father and uncle nowhere in sight. Within 12 hours of being home, her house is burned to the ground and she is taken captive by her mother and the Gaians. Now they are determined to release the seal on her magic to create the most powerful [...]

    • Jennafer Persinger says:

      *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*First, let me just say that I am in love with this series and this book did not disappoint. This book moved the story along, answered questions, created beautiful new worlds and creatures, kicked ass, and took names. I loved that she picked up at a few months down the road from the other book and briefly gave a back story on it. It moved Piper, Lyre, and Ash as well as the story line forward without having to read through a chapter or two or mo [...]

    • Tracy D. says:

      What can I say? How about A-M-A-Z-I-N-G third installment to the Stone and Steel series! For all the ones who complained about the last book, because Ash wasn't in it enough for you, I think you'll be very pleased.Once again, the pace of the story is fast and furious once the Consolate goes BOOM. Piper is abducted (again) by the Gaians and discovers all their plans for her and daemon kind. Eventually, Piper, Ash, and Lyre are reunited and all is momentarily right in the world. For probably two p [...]

    • Rachel Arvidson says:

      Piper is back with a vengeance! The characters are well developed, and Ash and Lyre are as hot and complex as ever! Piper is as always a strong female lead, that has her own doubts/demons to defeat. The story delves deeper in to the life/priorities of Mona (Piper's mom), while also introducing new characters and showing the evolution of the relationship between Piper and Ash. The new facet of Seyia is a great twist thrown in as well. I received this book on the 17th of March as an advanced reade [...]

    • Reece says:

      I received book 3 in return for providing an honest review. I read the entire book in about 2 hours. I could not put it down. I'm definitely an Ash fan, and can't wait to find out how Piper's relationships work out in future books. The family secrets were shocking and enthralling, and the romantic tension was excellent! After finishing book 3 I found myself imagining this story as a motion picture or animated series. I would love to see representations of the main characters after hours of think [...]

    • Kat T. says:

      I can't seem to put this series down. Pretty sure by the end of this week, I'll be done with all 5.5 books. The story is addicting. The idea is fresh. The plot makes you crave for more. 4.5 stars for this one. PS. (view spoiler)[ I'm actually very glad the author didn't take the love triangle route even if she has all the elements. Plus, I also like how she didnt pair Lyre up with the next available female (Seiya) just because there's no longer a love triangle. (hide spoiler)]

    • Karla says:

      Edge of the seat entertainment. I mean these books had me stuck to my kindle for two days. I couldn't pipit them down. So many intense moments, action packed, faced paced more intense moments. Bought book 4 on kindle one click straight after I finished book 3. The characters, the storyline, my whole body was buzzing with anticipation. One of the best paranormal series's I have ever read.

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