Fugitive Colors: A Sigrid Harald Mystery

Fugitive Colors A Sigrid Harald Mystery From the Edgar Award winning author of Southern Discomfort When NYPD Lt Sigrid Harald s true love a renowned artist is killed she inherits his work worth millions much to the consternation of the

  • Title: Fugitive Colors: A Sigrid Harald Mystery
  • Author: Margaret Maron
  • ISBN: 9780892965670
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the Edgar Award winning author of Southern Discomfort When NYPD Lt Sigrid Harald s true love, a renowned artist, is killed, she inherits his work, worth millions much to the consternation of the international art world And when a devious Madison Avenue dealer is murdered, Sigrid is forced out of her grief and onto the case.

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    • Sue Dix says:

      This is the 8th in the Sigrid Harald mystery series and until recently had been the last. After purchasing the most recent book, I realized that I had not read Fugitive Colors. I had thought that it was going to be too emotional a read at the time that I laid it aside, but have found that not to be true. It is a warm portrayal of the woman Sigrid as opposed to the lieutenant Sigrid. She finds a way to be both and to be more than herself. I love this series.

    • Abbey says:

      BOTTOM LINE: The last, the best, and the most painful in this series, and an amazingly effective tie-up of most of the long-running threads. Sigrid's life changes drastically, as she works on a convoluted case while mourning the loss of her beloved Oscar. Highly recommended, but NOT if this is your first exposure to Sigrid. WARNING: Don't begin reading this if you're at all "down" or depressed! The initial pages are quite sad and heart-tugging. When her lover Oscar Naumann is killed in a car acc [...]

    • Mary Garrett says:

      Fugitive Colors by Margaret MaronAh, so satisfying reading Margaret Maron's FUGITIVE COLORS! The twisty plot and interesting characters are enhanced by wisdom, recovery from grief to go on living and loving, and letting go of vengefulness to avoid poisoning one’s life. Speaking of poison, the quotes on art techniques, which made me think of artist/storyteller Mel Davenport, were lovely glimpses of centuries-old art techniques, but I’d pass on mending broken dishes with a mixture containing w [...]

    • Erin says:

      I was totally blind-sided by the start of this book with Nauman dead in a car crash (apparently right after the events of the previous book, but without any hint!) and Sigrid trying to get back on her feet after having been drowning under the weight of depression for the previous two months. And it's not at all a spoiler as it was in the jacket blurb! I seriously had to go back and confirm that I hadn't missed a book in between.So that character element of the book was front and center, and the [...]

    • Rennie says:

      I stumbled on this older book when I saw a newer one of this author's books on the new books shelf. Before it was easier to miss an author or series that one might enjoy which is why I must have missed these when they came out. The mystery piece was done well, I liked the characters and the art world setting was interesting so all in all a satisfying read and I will likely read more by the author.

    • Jayme says:

      Wow, I read that fast!

    • Vicki says:

      Police lieutenant, Sigrid Harald doesn’t even want to get out of bed. She has kept her heart locked for years. Then she finds Oscar Nauman who opens it and now he is dead. She has no desire to interact with her job or Oscar’s art friends.Prior to his death Oscar committed to a combined showing of his work with four galleries. An unexpected happenstance leaves Sigrid as heir to Oscar’s millions in artwork. She reluctantly agrees to honor his commitment becomes involved with the show.Victor [...]

    • Jerry B says:

      Last, but not best, in the Sigrid Harald SeriesProbably most readers know Margaret Maron better for her more recently published and more contemporary stories about (Judge) Deborah Knott. The Sigrid Harald series dates from the mid-80's to this, the last of the set (the eighth), Fugitive Colors, published in 1995 after a 5-year hiatus from #7. These books remind one of almost classic Ellery Queen type stories: long on police procedures, complexity of plot, and wrapping things up cleanly at the en [...]

    • LJ says:

      FUGITIVE COLORS (Pol. Proc-Sigrid Harald-NYC-Cont) – GMaron, Margaret – 8th in seriesMysterious Press, 1995, US Paperback – ISBN:0446403938First Sentence: She lay motionless beneath the blanket and stared at the ceiling dry-eyed, fighting against doing this to herself again, yet unable to resist.Lt. Sigrid Harald is still recovering from the sudden death of her lover, artist Oscar Nauman. His leaving her his complete estate forces her into the world art; its egos and jealousies. One of the [...]

    • Kilian Metcalf says:

      I finally slogged my way to the end of this series, featuring Sigrid Harald, NYPD detective. Well, sort of. There is one more, and that one more is the only reason I read my way through these books. I don't like police procedurals, and I love cozies. Margaret Maron has done both, and she has done them very well. I enjoyed the Deborah Knott series so much that I want to finish reading the series, but there is that one book where Deborah and Sigrid meet. They are distant cousins, and Deborah is vi [...]

    • Ed says:

      #8 in the NYPD Lt. Sigrid Harald series.NYPD Lt. Sigrid Harald series - Sigrid's lover, painter Oscar Nauman, has died and left his entire estate, worth millions, to her as both legatee and executor. Still grieving, Sigrid returns to work and to the Manhattan art scene to authorize a Nauman retrospective - and it's tough to say which venue is less civilized. While Sigrid's detectives cope with a mother who insists her ne'er-do-well son's suicide was really murder, Sigrid herself gets a look at t [...]

    • Jo Ellen says:

      I really regret that Maron chose not to continue the Sigrid Harald series (this is the eighth book). As prickly as she is, it is fun to have a successful police lieutenant with insight and discipline. This book picks up right after Sigrid's lover, Oliver Nauman, has been killed in a car crash and she is the unwilling recipient of his estate of precious art. Hal di Pietro, Hester Cohen, Arnold Callahan (who looked like an "unhappy, overbred poodle") -- all art dealers planning on putting on a ret [...]

    • Leslie says:

      I wish we had half stars, because this is more like a 3½ star book. It's the first Sigrid Harald book I've read, and I'll find the rest and read them. There were too many characters in this book for me to follow them easily, but I liked the police characters, especially the clutzy one, with whom I could totally relate. I have found that I'm getting too old to follow too many characters. I finally realized why the early Margaret Maron books have so much art stuff in them: her husband is an artis [...]

    • Richard Brand says:

      It is a nice read. Maron has a nice way of building a story. She resolves her mysteries rather quickly I think and I am not sure that I think she gives the reader enough time to solve them with her, but her solutions do account for all the facts. It is interesting her wide range of experiences or her ability to be educated on topics as her Deborah Knott series cover lots of different territories, and Sigrid Harald travels a whole different world.

    • Lynne says:

      I can't read any more. I've been reading the series back to back and I'm just too torn up about Oscar. Why did he have to die? What lesson are we supposed to learn? Is it that Sigrid doesn't need him to continue to grow? I'm too close to the characters because of how quickly I've read the books. I've got to stop for a while and see if I can come back to this when I'm ready.

    • Dail Sams says:

      Sigrid emerges from a black fog of grief following Nauman's death, to investigate the murder of one of his friends in the art world, and to begin dealing with all his artwork and property which he left to her.

    • William Mosteller says:

      Once again, I'm amazed that I'm more interested in the characters than the mystery, although this time I remember whodunit and why. Fascinating to care so much for Sigrid, if she was a friend I'm not sure I'd like her.

    • Elizabeth says:

      This is the final mystery in Maron's Sigrid Harald saga. Sigrid is a NYC police detective who is a wonderful character. She grows and develops through out each story and I will miss her. I have read the series several times.

    • Harry Lane says:

      Well done police procedural. Maron's Harald is a well drawn character. The series is grittier and less romantic than the Knott series.

    • Bill says:

      An excellent conclusion to Margaret Maron's Sigrid Harald series. I will miss this character in her novels.

    • Claire says:

      Appealing characters, enough mystery to keep me interested. Dropped some nice hints along the way, so I was able to figure out a few things for myself.

    • May says:

      Not so much my thing. Parts were interesting, but mostly, I was happy to have finished the book. The story was too obvious, guy, insurance, wife, weird parents.

    • Helen says:

      tear jerker beginning, oops, skipped 2 missing books in series

    • Mary says:

      This was one of the most enjoyable books I have read in a great long time. Of course, the artistic nature of the book was the big appeal to me. The story line was grat too.

    • Candace Wegner says:

      Loved the series. Wish it wasn't over.

    • Phyllis says:

      good conclusion to the Sigrid Harald series but I'd love to see more

    • Lorilem1 says:


    • Veronica Crain says:

      Just finished reading all the books in this series. I like the main character a great deal.

    • Brenda Freeman says:

      Love this series. Wish there were new ones.

    • Denise says:

      I'll miss Sigrid and hope she visits Deborah soon.

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