Godard and Others: Essays on Film Form

Godard and Others Essays on Film Form None

  • Title: Godard and Others: Essays on Film Form
  • Author: Louis D. Giannetti
  • ISBN: 9780838612910
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

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    • S.D. Johnson says:

      This book focuses more on four films than others - (1) Masculin-Feminin (Godard)(2) Psycho (Hitchcock) (3) Persona (Bergman)and(4) Alice's Restaurant (Penn). It also addresses many others. A hardcore cinephile will probably not find much new in his discussion regarding the technical aspects of filmmaking,or analytical terms, but the author obviously is quite knowledgeable. I was grateful for the background he gives on the Italian neo-realist movement,which I now hope to explore further. Almost e [...]

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