Heroes & Shifters Urban Fantasy

Heroes Shifters Urban Fantasy A spellbinding selection of Urban Fantasy novels about shifters sorcerers witches and wizards mages ghost hunters angels demons mutants fairies and The heroes in these hand selected storie

  • Title: Heroes & Shifters Urban Fantasy
  • Author: Viola Rivard J.A. Huss Alexia Purdy Kara Legend Alex Albrinck V.M. Black Bryan Cohen Deanna Roy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A spellbinding selection of 12 Urban Fantasy novels about shifters, sorcerers, witches and wizards, mages, ghost hunters, angels, demons, mutants, fairies, and The heroes in these hand selected stories are all spectacular, whether born with special abilities or created, by choice or by science lab The 12 tales contained within this bundle stretch the limits of imag A spellbinding selection of 12 Urban Fantasy novels about shifters, sorcerers, witches and wizards, mages, ghost hunters, angels, demons, mutants, fairies, and The heroes in these hand selected stories are all spectacular, whether born with special abilities or created, by choice or by science lab The 12 tales contained within this bundle stretch the limits of imagination while blurring genre boundaries What they all have in common is originality, and some of the most compelling voices in publishing today Books may be read in any order The professionally formatted file includes all book covers and a clickable table of contents Please note some stories contain mature subject matter INCLUDED IN THIS 12 BOOK BUNDLE Lost in Winter Viola Rivard A woman and her young niece are stranded in the mountains, in the deadly cold of a winter night In their fight to stay alive, they team up with a rugged stranger to trek through the woods Clutch J.A Huss A mysterious winged man interrupts a rogue sniper on a mission to figure out secrets that have been hidden from her since birth But does she really want to know the truth CLUTCH is a futuristic urban fantasy sci fi thriller about self discovery, risk, and love Bring on the Poltergeists T Paulin Former delivery driver Eli Carter has a new job hunting ghosts His boss, smooth talking Khan Hart, assures him their first official case is an easy one A slam dunk A home run But the job doesn t go according to plan This poltergeist doesn t play by the rules History of Fire Alexia Purdy Benton is human, but he walks the line between two worlds the mundane and the supernatural As a rare Fire Elemental Warlock, he finds himself in trouble often than he cares to admit A Curse of Wings Kara Legend Most fear the terrifying fehin who ve overrun the Earth, but Bliss Daluna has learned how to deal with these demonic shifters, and turn the situation to a profit That is, until the night all hell breaks loose, the fehin turn on her, and a mysterious stranger saves her life A Question of Will Alex Albrinck A case of mistaken identity and murder leads a man to develop Energy powers which he uses in an effort reverse the past and make the world a better place Taken Pursuit V.M Black Harper Bailey s adventure begins when a werewolf biker hijacks her car This dramatic meeting takes her on the run, across state lines, into a secret lair, and into conflict with a vampire mob boss But the greatest ride of all is the one with roguish Levi Harris, the Alpha who takes her heart captive Ted Saves the World Bryan Cohen Ted Finley was a teenage nobody Now he s a celebrity superhero When murderous undead thugs attack, Ted teams with a possessed cheerleader to save his friends, his town, and well, the world The Passion Cure Deanna Roy Jet is a Nix, an outcast enchantress with zero power To conjure a love spell to save her family, she seduces a handsome enchanter who is willing to break the rules, and possibly, her heart Extraction Kevin Hardman Everyone needs help occasionally even supers with amazing powers and Jim aka Kid Sensation is no exception Having previously received aid from a young psychic named Rudi, Jim feels obligated to return to the favor and rescue her from the federal facility where she s being held.

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    • Eva Millien says:

      One of Chay’s best friends needs help but it will put everything he’s built on the line in this exciting novella.With a fast paced and smooth flowing plot, this novella keeps readers on their toes with lots of suspense and action. The reader can’t help but get caught up in the story as Chay helps Levi and Harper take on the vampire Mortenson, but in doing so brings trouble to his home and everything he’s built which has exciting action happening all over the mountain.And the excitement d [...]

    • Natasha says:

      Lost In Winter - By Viola RivardCaitlin and her niece Sophia are trying make a new start. Now they're stuck in the car in the middle of the mountains during winter. Caitlin is debating on calling help and go back home but Sophia sees a campfire through the trees. Caitlin is following her niece through the forest and they com upon a small cave. There's a cub sleeping next to the fire and Caitlin freeze and does not know what to do. When Sophia strata to pet the cub Caitlin follows and agrees the [...]

    • Gina Kamai says:

      Hereos Lost in Winter - Viola Rivard Caitlin and her niece Sophia are stranded on a snowy mountain road when there car dies. When they see flickering firelight in the distance they decide to take their chances. They end up meeting a bear shifter and his son. They end up running from a pack of wolves straight into each other's arms.Bring on the Poltergeists - T. Paulin Eli has quit his boring delivery job to become a ghost hunter. Things go continuously wrong for him in this hilarious take.Histor [...]

    • Deb Chapman says:

      Another Great bundle at an excellent price!! I would like to review one of the Authors, my favorite V.M. Black. She always hits a home rune with her Novellas, moving stories forward with each one. The two she has contributed to this bundle are available individually and with a three part bundle. I have previously reviewed the 3 part bundle and would like to share that below. It is laugh out loud funny, and be prepared to visit her page to get the rest of the series - ready and waiting for you.** [...]

    • Cindy says:

      I haven't read all of these books but, the two I have are well worth what I paid for them. The thing I love most about box sets is getting to read stories I never would of knew existed otherwise!Lost in Winter - Viola Rivard A short story of a woman and her young niece are stranded in the mountains. It is a cold winter night. She meets a man and his son and they have to fight to protect each other. She must decide if she wants to stay in the mountains with a man and his son. A fabulous story!Clu [...]

    • Judy Lewis says:

      Wow! What an awesome collection of stories from a group of truly amazing and very talented writers, several of whom are already favorites of mine and others are totally new. That's the exciting part of reading a collection by multiple authors, you always get to try something new and different! I read them all and loved them all! A wonderful assortment with handsome hunky heroes and even some beautiful brave heroines. We just love those don't we ladies! All are exciting, smart, original and well [...]

    • Liesl says:

      This entire bundle is amazing, but my favorite was V.M. Black's "Taken" and "Pursuit".V.M. Black RULES this genre!!!! You MUST get this bundle!!! You will NOT regret it! The story sucks you right in & the characters are amazing. The chemistry between Levi and Harper is instant, and you feel it! The twists and turns that the author takes you through, along with the humor and the steam, make this bundle a MUST READ! As with all of her books, this author is so amazing at making you feel like yo [...]

    • charlene says:

      Too much of a ripoff!!Just finished reading about Harper and Levi. While the story was good after reading the two free books, the author wants you to buy 1-7 for $5.99, a cost which includes the first two books as well. Needless to say I won't find out what happens to them as I refuse to be ripped off by buying books 1 and 2 again. Shame on this author!!! Will not be reading anything else from her!!!

    • Sheila Kennedy says:

      This is an awesome set with some great reads. I have read a few of the books so far, The Alpha's Captive by VM Black, and The Dragon's Appraiser by Viola Rivard. To be a captive, you need to be taken :) This one kinda goes willingly. Books one and two of The Alpha's Captive are in the box set to get you hooked, and yes, you will be hooked. On the run from Vampires and trying to sort out feelings, the story keeps you guessing and waiting.Loved the whole set and you will too.

    • Helen Martins says:

      A great collection for those who like a little bit of everything paranormal. You have wolves, bears and other paranormal creatures. There were a couple of authors that I am familiar with and fond of like V.M. Black (can't get enough of her work, she's amazing) and Viola Rivard. With this bundle I was introduced to new a whole new set of authors and their work. An amazing collection for just next to nothing. You definitely will not be disappointed.

    • Sue says:

      A great set of books to keep you engrossed for hours. There's some great stories here like v m black's the alphas captive, Levi and Harper are great.This bundle contains authors I'm familiar with as well as those I am not so familiar with, but after a taste of what's in this set, there will be a few of this authors added to my reading list. Well worth it .

    • Michael Birch says:

      total sucktotal sucknothing remotely worth reading.just a bunch of harlequin wannabeessparkly vampires can kiss my assall that faggy romance crap is pure shit.

    • Concetta Phillipps says:

      I'm marking this as complete because all I really wanted to do was read the Alexia Purdy story, and the rest will take me forever. So I'm done.

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