Unto the Hills

Unto the Hills Drawn from than years of study and ministry this devotional classic offers meditations to calm the soul and point toward the One who can always help A day by day guide for quiet reflection and

  • Title: Unto the Hills
  • Author: Billy Graham
  • ISBN: 9781594493959
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Drawn from than 40 years of study and ministry, this devotional classic offers 366 meditations to calm the soul and point toward the One who can always help A day by day guide for quiet reflection and prayer from the nation s most beloved spiritual leader The number of pages represents the number of medidatitions includes Feb 29th.

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    • Estevan Alvarado says:

      Read Devotional Twice -- 1998 & 2003. In 1998, this book help me understand that Jesus was my Lord and Savior.

    • Paula Whitehouse says:

      I didn't have a lot to choose from when making a selection on BookSneeze, so I decided to go for Billy Graham's "Unto the Hills: A Daily Devotional". As the name suggests, this is a perpetual daily devotional book.The author encourages the reader that “for peace, for strength, for courage and inspiration, look UNTO THE HILLS.”Dr Graham has written this devotional from his life experience as a man of God. His goal is that when we have problems we look to God for peace and guidance. His love f [...]

    • Theresa says:

      Being new to Christianity, and very excited about learning as much as possible, as quickly as possible, I often find myself going full-tilt in many directions when it comes to "meditating on His word night and day". I lack focus, direction and many times I miss the subtleties of the scriptures I am studying. That's where a devotional such as this one plays a vital role in my walk with the Lord. Reading Mr. Graham's interpretation and application of scripture has allowed me to focus on what is tr [...]

    • Jaime Contreras says:

      I have now read this Bible study companion thrice. This is one of the best because of the breadth and scope of the stories and applicable scriptural passages. Commit yourself to read this for one year. Thank you, Rev. Billy Graham.

    • Daniel Nampo says:

      I think that God speaks in many ways, and for me, this book was one of them.On a gray and dark world that we live, it's good to find a real Christian man (or woman).Sorry if I sound awkward, I am brazilian and didn't pay much attention to my english classes.

    • Clay Wells says:

      Excellent, like any of Billy's books.Like anything Billy Graham has written this is an excellent devotion. It is simple, but not simplistic, just truth and grace.

    • Bill Kalista says:

      Required readingDo not miss out on inspiration this book can bring to your life. There is nothing more precious than the way Billy expresses his love for our Lord Jesus.

    • Amanda says:

      It is a really good book so far! I think everyone will be able to relate to a devotional that is in this book! :)

    • Teresa Parker says:

      Wonderful daily devotional reading.

    • Mickey says:

      I was looking for a book with short, daily devotions, and "Unto the Hills" fit the bill. I would have liked the devotions to be a little more daily-life related however, and less Scripture interpretations. It was quite heavy on the theme "you should rejoice in your sufferings." While that might make spiritual sense, it's difficult to accept, and not exactly balm for the soul after a hard day at the office!

    • James Spears says:

      I enjoyed reading this devotional throughout the year. It helped through my low and high points of my life. I felt sad to see the journey end with the book, but I know God is still with me as I continue on my journey. I am passing this book on to someone for the new year. I would hope everyone would pick it up and spend a year with Rev. Graham.

    • Allyson says:

      It took me well over a year to read this daily devotional book, but it was well worth the read! I wish I had remembered to read it daily! Billy Graham offers excellent insight on how God's Word has and always will be relevant to our lives. I highly recommend it!

    • Shannon says:

      Outstanding An incredible story of life and love. What an encouraging and challenging message in today's marketplace. A very real and uncompromised thread that if chosen will weave a banner for your life.

    • Heather Tiedtke says:

      This is by far my favorite daily devotional. I have purchased this book for others because it's application to my life has been so spot on! Truly a devotional written by the Holy Spirit through Billy Graham!

    • Pat says:

      Something of great value for each day of the year!!!

    • JulieDurnell says:

      My morning devotional-I loved these daily insights by Mr. Graham and even though written 30 years ago it is still very timely today.

    • MaryAllen says:

      I just love this book, a great way to start a day. A great way to fill your spirit and your day with positive, thoughtful lessons.GOD bless you, Billy Graham.

    • Trinity Rose says:

      I love anything written by Billy Graham and this daily devotional entitled Unto The Hills was just so full of knowledge and compassion, but the thing I like the most is Billy Graham’s love of our Lord. Each day has a Bible verse and is full of wisdom and a story to make a point. Also it always ends with a prayer. I have put many of Billy Graham’s quotes on facebook from this book and was quite inspired by his words of healing and wisdom. I will keep this book and in a few years go through it [...]

    • Glen says:

      I have read many devotionals and I have to say this is down on the far bottom end of a list of recommendations. I expected much more from a devotional by Billy Graham. While there were some gems in there, overall it was a bunch of anecdotes trying to prove the verse of the day. I wanted to put it down halfway through the year but kept plugging away. Was not worth the commitment. I highly recommend trying a different devo.

    • John Ham says:

      ChallengingWe enjoyed our year with these daily devotions and will seek out another collection from Billy Graham. Especially nice was the way in which he seemed to step down from the pulpit to sit alongside the reader to share his reflections on a passage from scripture then to pray together, as much for himself as for the reader.

    • Gerald Grappi says:

      Nov 28th"Workless Faith" To be informed and educated with information that will help me live Life is something that I fully embrace."You see that a man is justified by works and not by Faith alone".

    • Leslie says:

      A wonderful devotional!

    • Barbara says:

      TimelessThis book is my favorite devotional. Billy Graham's wisdom and inspiring words help me to begin each day. I would recommend this book to anyone.

    • LLOYD W. COPPEDGE says:

      One of the best!Billy Graham writes with total purity, simplicity , heart and hope. He brings Gods promises to life in a very meaningful way.

    • Linda says:

      Nightly devotion for 2017Highly recommend. This was a great devotion book, I would read again. I love and respect Billy Graham.

    • Elisha says:


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