Don't Bang the Barista!

Don t Bang the Barista Drawing on the classics of lesbian pulp fiction Don t Bang the Barista is set in the hipster dyke triangle of East Vancouver where friends Kate and Cass discuss the politics of hooking up with a hot

  • Title: Don't Bang the Barista!
  • Author: LeighMatthews
  • ISBN: 9780992022433
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • Drawing on the classics of lesbian pulp fiction, Don t Bang the Barista is set in the hipster dyke triangle of East Vancouver, where friends Kate and Cass discuss the politics of hooking up with a hot barista crush Is Cass warning Kate off over concern for her favourite coffee shop hangout, or does she have ulterior motives for keeping Hanna and Kate apart What if HannaDrawing on the classics of lesbian pulp fiction, Don t Bang the Barista is set in the hipster dyke triangle of East Vancouver, where friends Kate and Cass discuss the politics of hooking up with a hot barista crush Is Cass warning Kate off over concern for her favourite coffee shop hangout, or does she have ulterior motives for keeping Hanna and Kate apart What if Hanna actually has her sights set on someone else someone already in a seemingly monogamous and hetero relationship Navigating life in the queer East Van community certainly isn t simple for Kate and her trusty canine, Jupiter, especially when Kate s ex gets back into town looking fabulous than ever Can Kate finally figure out who she wants to be with before it s too late Contains scenes of a consensual sexual nature.

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    • Les Read says:

      You know what’s really unfair about being a lesbian? It’s a free-for-all when it comes to dating. EVERYONE is fair game: your girlfriend, your girlfriend’s ex-girlfriend, your ex-girlfriend’s girlfriend, your ex-girlfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s girlfriend, etc. etc. etc. Ever play Super Mario Smash Bros? That game is the perfect analogy for lesbian dating life.When and where mass lesbians congregate (e.g bar, club, pride, Dinah Shore, IKEA, a Tegan and Sara concert, your local Home Depot [...]

    • Lexxi Kitty says:

      I’ve had this book on my possibilities list for a while. Actually, I could look – I’ve had it as a possible since at least August 17th. I became aware of it when a group on GoodReads read Ann Bannon’s ‘Odd Girl’ and someone, at some point, asked about ‘modern’ Lesbian Pulp books. And an article or blog post or something mentioned this book here, the 'Don’t Bang the Barista' book. So I added it to possibilities.I was thinking of reading it next when I looked around and spotted t [...]

    • Lex Kent says:

      This book has been compared to a Lesbian Pulp novel, and I get that, it has that feeling to it. Except, no lesbians die at the end or choose to marry a man instead, or whatever other horrible way pulp novels use to end in the 60's. Anyway, this book is well written, but I wasn't too crazy on the story-line. It was a lot about people drinking too much, doing drugs and not treating each other that great. I didn't really get the main romance either. One character Kate wasn't really into the other, [...]

    • Rain says:

      Kate is very attracted to the barista, Hanna. Her friend Cass is there to remind her of the first rule of "coffee-shop dating", which is, of course, Don't bang the barista! But Kate can't help feeling the way she does, even when she's still doubting whether she's completely over her ex or not. And Cass' attitude towards the barista also confuses her.And so we follow Kate as she deals with the different women in her life and the confusing feelings some of them (three, specifically) stir up in her [...]

    • WonderGoon says:

      Better that I Thought it Would BeFrom the title, I figured this was going to be really bad erotica bordering on pornography.I was completely wrong!This story was engrossing and fun, though Kate seemed to flit around from relationship to relationship with little care for the consequences of her actions.I recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys lesbian romance or good literature.

    • CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian says:

      Funny, smart, entertaining, and so real feeling! Review to come!

    • Michelle Lee says:

      Such a fun read! The pacing of the writing keeps the story moving and the character development keeps the reader interested in characters other than the main ones (who I often wanted to shake some sense into). I loved the queer themes introduced throughout and related to a lot of the story - in fact, many of the characters and situations reminded me of my own group of friends.

    • Kerry says:

      I devoured this book in two nights. Great story, great writing, an absolute page turner!

    • Stephanie says:

      I liked thisough I'm not really sure why. I guess I was in an angsty mood. There's not really much of a plot. The characters lack depth and treat each other poorly. There is a lot of bed hopping.I found it interesting it's one of the first books I've read that even discusses polyamory.Anywayad it. It was okay now I'm reading the sequel!

    • Jo says:

      A fun, page-turning and highly readable East Van romp. Sequel, please! I would like to hear more from these characters.

    • Ashley D-- says:

      In order of how garbage:- Kate mentions how she wishes her dog could forage for his own vegan dog food. VEGAN DOG FOOD. No. I like vegans. I don't like people who abuse animals.- When Kate sees her ex, she describes her as looking "too skinny" in one sentence, then "really hot" in the next- One scene goes as follows: Kate and a love interest go to Subway (SUBWAY); there's a lot of detail about the person behind the counter wearing gloves; love interest gets SO MUCH FOOD on her face, like a fetis [...]

    • Marty Preslar says:

      Some impressive insight into human natureWhile the book could use a good once over by a quality proofreader, and what indy author doesn't have that issue, and the plot relies a bit too much on coincidence in spots where it could have used another method to achieve the same result, the story is extremely enjoyable. Where it really shines is in some of the small details and the little observations about life that just resonate and give you those, "Yeah! I so understand how she feels!" moments.

    • Mirtha Siblesz says:

      Loved the book!This was a charming love story with a lot of supporting cast of characters that need stories of their own. I loved the humor and poignant way the author developed the characters. Very well done!

    • Doreen says:

      I wanted to like this book. I don't enjoy second guessing an author but I wonder what she was thinking.I'm a Northwesterner of the lesbian variety. I never lived the single life in Vancouver while in college, but I did graduate from UCSC in 1978. As hippie a town and time, there never was or will be again. I used to enjoy western Canada with a near religious zeal. I READ literally TONS of lesfic.I like first person narrative but the tunnel vision of Kate's mind is painful. It doesn't even have t [...]

    • Sara says:

      Leigh Matthews second book couldn't be more different from the first.Don't Bang The Barista is a romp through East Vancouver's lesbian/queer culture with local landmarks and adorable characters. The characters are easily recognizable as friends and lovers (or ourselves) and are charming in their eccentricity. As a long time reader of romance novels I cherish the chance to see relationships that look more like mine on the pages rather than straight or, the currently popular, male homosexual roman [...]

    • Jenifer says:

      I always tell myself that I am done reading romance novels and usually not too long after I say that, somehow I find myself reading one. But I really did enjoy reading this book. It was a nice light read. Sometimes I too wish I could speed date at home in my pyjamas ;-). The only problem that I had with the book, is that Kate felt she was at fault for Cass moving,but she was not. I have to say thanks to the author for finding me on Twitter or I might not have found this book. I can't swear off r [...]

    • Jaie says:

      It was an enjoyable read. On par with much of the fanfiction I read, in fact, I honestly didn't "feel" the romance as much as in some fanfiction. I just didn't understand the attraction or feel the "chemistry." But it was a fun read and it had some fun moments.

    • Carmen says:

      I would like to see more of the characters -- especially things through Cass' point of view. Overall, really enjoyed it!! :)

    • Heather Henkel says:

      Interesting storyThis was a wild read but a good one at the same time. I liked the characters and their interactions.

    • Dorothy Bennett says:

      This is an amusing book that on the whole I enjoyed reading. Told in the first person, the story focuses on Kate's emotional confusion--does she want her former love (Janice) the barista, or her dogwalking friend (Cass), and what about Em, the married woman with yearnings for women? The book is a yes-no, back and forth, confusion of emotions until Kate makes up her mind what she wants. As an mature reader, this book is for me like an appetizer rather than a main course. On an airplane, I'd finis [...]

    • Bri says:

      Cute story and concept. But the cat and mouse or the drama or heartache of just missing the connection drove me bonkers! I still can't see the two that finally fell for each other falloff for each other. But I'm glad the story had a happy ending. I feel as if Kate's past followed her a bit too much but some women are like that, holding onto exes for far too long. And because I can't relate it was hard not to just put the book down and let the imaginary world of Kate and Cass stay in limbo.

    • Rhode says:

      DNF around 20%. Just so slow, not that I mind slow if each piece of writing has a purpose, but this is blow by blow of everyday life in the first person. I strongly suspect most of the details are written because it's the movie the author saw in her head and not because the reader of the story needs them to understand anything. These aren't the exact words, but the gist of a longish passageI had a hang over. I watched an hour of Degrassi on TV. I took some aspirin and drank some water. I watched [...]

    • Leigh Matthews says:

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