Listen for the Bus

Listen for the Bus None

  • Title: Listen for the Bus
  • Author: Patricia McMahon John Godt
  • ISBN: 9781563973680
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

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    • Nicole Doerr says:

      This is a story about one specific boy. "Listen for the Bus: David's Story" is a nonfiction piece of work. This book would be enjoyed by preschoolers and up, even adults. The story is shown by photographs of David and his day starting kindergarten. Whats makes David special is he is blind. Entering the first day of kindergarten can be challenging for any youngster. It explains the steps of his day as he is learning about his world. It shows how he communicates with others by using sign language. [...]

    • Caroline Siewert says:

      This book explains and depicts the life of a blind boy named David. Not only is David blind, but he also has a hard time hearing. The author does a great job at describing the day to day life of David as he goes to school, hangs out with his parents at home, and does other activities such as grocery shopping. In school David is in integrated classroom where students with and without disabilities are welcome. David has special accommodations in his classroom. For example his name is hand written [...]

    • Deb Carter says:

      A book about David's life as a child who is blind but also has hearing difficulties. The book shows parent's love for their child and the world through David's perspective.

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