After the War is Over

After the War is Over The USA Today and Globe Mail bestselling author of SOMEWHERE IN FRANCE returns with her sweeping second novel For fans of Downton Abbey England In the months following the Armistice Charlotte

  • Title: After the War is Over
  • Author: Jennifer Robson
  • ISBN: 9780062393074
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • The USA Today and 1 Globe Mail bestselling author of SOMEWHERE IN FRANCE returns with her sweeping second novel For fans of Downton Abbey England, 1919 In the months following the Armistice, Charlotte Brown leaves behind her wartime work as a nurse and returns to her life as a social worker in Liverpool There she sets about helping her fellow citizens better themThe USA Today and 1 Globe Mail bestselling author of SOMEWHERE IN FRANCE returns with her sweeping second novel For fans of Downton Abbey England, 1919 In the months following the Armistice, Charlotte Brown leaves behind her wartime work as a nurse and returns to her life as a social worker in Liverpool There she sets about helping her fellow citizens better themselves, though the world is still reeling from the devastation and loss of the Great War In her journey she is guided by friends old and new, among them the other women at her boarding house, her colleagues at work, and a radical young newspaper editor who may have romantic designs on her But even as she tries to look ahead, one man continues to pull her back into her past Edward, now the Earl of Cumberland, the brother of Charlotte s dearest friend She hasn t seen him in years and is shocked to discover him utterly changed Once charming and infuriatingly arrogant, he is now broken by all he has seen Still Charlotte sees the specter of the captivating man she knew, and knows he could offer her a world far different from the one she s worked so hard to build for herself As the country seethes with unrest, and post war euphoria flattens into bitter disappointment, Charlotte fears that the only way to keep her independent life of purpose may be to turn her back on the only man she has ever loved.

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    • Jody McGrath says:

      I didn't read the first book, but this is a complete stand alone novel. It is about Charlotte, a thirty something year old woman living after WWI. She is working for an office that helps poor families, especially those who have returning veterans who cannot find work. She is a strong advocate for this and the rights of women. Everyone thought when the war was over things were going to be great, but Charlotte sees that the war is still being fought everyday, it is just a different war. I thought [...]

    • Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews says:

      Charlotte graduated from an elite college, became a governess,​ worked as a nurse during the war, ​worked in an office with a female boss who was a suffragist, and then​ became a journalist.​Charlotte's job as a governess turned out to be quite unpleasant, but she did meet a man she could never forget​but wasn’t able to marry him because of her class.​AFTER THE WAR IS OVER goes back and forth between Charlotte's younger years as a governess and then her present-day situation. I do [...]

    • Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* says:

      Setting: Post World War ISteam Factor: MildCharlotte Brown, is determined to leave the War after serving as a military nurse for four years and begin a new life.The other women who live at her boarding house, as well as a budding friendship with a newspaper editor, has kept her busy.But when a former student invites Charlotte to her wedding, she is drawn back into her old life.Edward Neville-Ashford has returned from the War a shell of the man Charlotte originally fell in love with, but her work [...]

    • Tara Chevrestt says:

      I really enjoyed the first book, Somewhere In France, as it followed the privileged Lily as she became an ambulance driver during WWI, tried to escape her titled and overbearing parents and live life like everyone else, while also falling in love with an "unsuitable" man.I was looking forward to this book. It follows Lily's strong-minded "bluestocking" former governess after WWI.I like Charlotte, I do, but honestly, the book is really really boring. There seems to be no plot, no real goal beyond [...]

    • Terri says:

      Review also found at kristineandterri/2I received a copy of this book from the publisher William Morrow Paperbacks via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. It was just released yesterday. I will start out by saying that this is a story for true fans of historical fiction. Readers who do not favour this genre may not enjoy this story as it is not a fast moving one where a lot occurs. Those who enjoy reading about the hardships of post WWI England will on the other hand appreciate this nove [...]

    • Jaclyn says:

      After the War is Over is Robson's follow-up to the excellent Somewhere in France. To be clear, it isn't essential that you read Somewhere in France before this one; however, I do think readers who have read the previous book will get a better appreciation of After the War is Over. After the War is Over is set in England after the first world war (obviously). During the war, Charlotte Brown served as a nurse, something that she was able to do as a university educated young woman. Now that the war [...]

    • Anna says:

      World War I is over, but for many peace comes with new worries and despair. Jobs are scarce and for those working, the pay is barely enough to keep a roof over their head and food on the table. Too many soldiers are returning with what we now classify as PTSD. Charlotte Brown, an Oxford educated woman, works at the constituency office helping the less fortunate. She writes a weekly column that speaks of the injustices inflicted upon the poor and forgotten. Despite Charlotte being a woman ahead o [...]

    • Eliza Crewe says:

      Overall just plain dull. The main character's biggest flaw is that she is too good a person, only good things ever happen to her, and (spoiler alert) it all wraps up happily ever after without much fuss.

    • Aerykah says:

      I really hesitated to give this book even 3 stars because there is some sexual content that I absolutely do not approve of! And there is some bad language too, though most would likely consider it mild.These 3 stars, however, are for the rest of the book. It was quite interesting and, I thought, pretty well written. I have always enjoyed reading about the times surrounding the world wars, and the added aspect of PTSD fascinated me (that interests me in any time period, but especially in a histor [...]

    • Sarah Kiley says:

      I would give this 2.5 stars if I could. I wanted to like this book. Alas, it simply wasn't to be. I really enjoyed Jennifer Robson's first book, Somewhere in France, so I was excited to find After the War is Over. Then I started to read it. The plot drags and quite frankly, the reader is never left in any doubt as to how this book will end. Furthermore, the main character Charlotte, is frankly, irritating in her perfection. I found myself wanting to stomp on her spectacles. I'm still looking for [...]

    • Lyuda says:

      After reading and loving Somewhere in France I couldn’t wait to read this book -Charlotte and Edward's story. The story takes place right after the war when badly wounded Edward came home to recuperate while Charlotte returned to Liverpool to continue her pre-war work in the constituency office of Miss Rathborne, the suffragist. The war is over but poverty, lack of jobs, untreated physical and mental conditions followed returning soldiers home. Oxford educated “modern woman” Charlotte sees [...]

    • Melinda says:

      Robson’s reminiscent description of post-War England is well done along character development.Charlotte is an admirable liberal woman – university educated (Oxford graduate) only child of a vicar, nurse, intelligent and fiercely independent, a woman most would emulate. She’s also a people pleaser, a woman wanting to make a greater impact in the world and those around her and this is where Charlotte hits a crossroads of sorts as she discovers the woman she is and her authentic desires. As y [...]

    • Sarah says:

      2.5 stars. A meandering plot which never really goes anywhere peppered with uninteresting characters (though this excludes Charlotte who is actually a strong and admirable protagonist). I usually love historical fictions set in this time period, and while this was clearly very well researched and did include some interesting observations, some of the persistent attempts to imitate the language of the time period irritated me (especially when it was used out of character dialogue). I found the pl [...]

    • Cheryl says:

      Another book that I was looking forward to reading. Despite having not read Somewhere in France. Which there were some hints of that book in this one but nothing really of importance that you can not read this book as a stand alone novel. While this book started out fine I found myself really having to stick with it. It was only after I got about half way and part of this was due to me skimming the book that I finally threw in the white flag and surrendered. I did not feel the chemistry with any [...]

    • Ellen says:

      After World War I, the social fabric of England was changed, with women having worked jobs men had before the war, and class divisions questioned. Charlotte is a young, forward looking woman, a nurse during the war, intent on writing about the plight of soldiers as well as the poor. Having been a governess to Lilly, and falling for her aristocratic brother, Charlotte looks to find meaning in her life. I have read a lot of historical fiction, and found this story absorbing.

    • Amy says:

      A surprisingly sweet post-war love story. I would've liked more conflict and tension, and perhaps another point-of-view character to broaden the story's scope, but overall this was a gentle, character-driven tale of one woman's life in post-war England, with her unfulfilled yearnings for love and for a chance to make the world a better place. There was some mild language and sensuality which may offend more conservative readers, but on the whole it was a clean novel and enjoyable read.

    • KOMET says:

      This novel is set in Britain during 1919 and 1920 and follows the lives of a number of people who experienced profound changes in their lives during the First World War. It is a follow-up to the novel "SOMEWHERE IN FRANCE".

    • Ashley *Hufflepuff Kitten* says:

      DNF @ 40%Couldn't get into it.

    • Marlene says:

      Originally published at Reading RealityEngland after the end of World War I was a different place than it had been before the war. An entire generation of young men had died in that war, leaving behind a generation of women for whom there simply would not be nearly enough men to marry for those that wanted to. Which meant that, in spite of the country’s desire to return to the gentler days before the war, there was a generation of women that was going to have to earn a living because there was [...]

    • Melissa says:

      I received an ARC from the publisher.Charlotte works in an office in Liverpool that tries to find help for the poor and destitute. The circumstances of many families has become dire especially since The Great War has ended. Veterans are coming home wounded and unable to work and women are left widows with children to feed.Jennifer Robson vividly portrays the sadness and destruction that has been left in the wake of the war; everyone in England has been affected by this deadly and costly conflict [...]

    • Barbara says:

      I really wanted to read this 2nd book by author Jennifer Robson. I won her first book, "Somewhere in France" from a Facebook giveaway and really enjoyed it. This book is not a sequel as such, but more of a focus on another character and continuation of the story. I was not disappointed. The story is told in a very lovely way. Ms. Robson has a very light hand with her writing and you feel as if you are floating along with the story. Lily, Robbie and Edward all appear here, but Miss Charlotte Brow [...]

    • Jess says:

      Hm, I don't know. I liked this as a novel about post-WWI Britain and I liked the focus on Charlotte. But this is definitely one of those times where I wanted a much greater romantic element to the story, and it just wasn't there. Shippers gonna ship and all that, and I simply wasn't given enough to work with.

    • Betty Strohecker says:

      This is the follow up book to Somewhere in France and looks at the problems Britain faces after the devastation of WWI. Every strata of society finds its lifestyle affected from the highest aristocracy to the suffering poor. Lives have been turned upside down and returning soldiers often find no work. The problems are exposed through the story of Edward and Charlotte, secondary characters in the first book. Opening in 1919, this book also presents the struggle of women to emerge into prominent r [...]

    • Stacie Dore says:

      I started this book with very low expectations having not enjoyed another of Robson's books. I was very pleasantly surprised. While this book did have a love story that ran through it, it was really much more than that. The story takes place right after WW1 and tackles the fall out from the war, how the system could not deal with so many wounded and scarred individuals and family. More broadly and relative to modern day it explored the class system. The haves and the have nots. The main charact [...]

    • Lisa of Hopewell says:

      3.75 starsI’m a sucker for anything set in the Edwardian Era or World War I ir the Between the Wars period. Charlotte was a believable character. The story was pleasant and kept me more than interested. I looked forward to listening to more each day. My long car trip took no time when I was listening to this book on the way back. (Wish I’d started it on the way there!). And then there’s the ending…E. ENDING. Love, love, loved it!I’m honestly not convinced an aristocratic family would h [...]

    • Carolyn says:

      I guess I was expecting "The Nightingale" and instead got "Downton Abbey." So yeah, 2 stars.

    • Wendy says:

      "After The War Is Over" is an emotionally-charged, tender and captivating historically-based love story that begins in war-torn England of 1919. In a country ripped apart by death, and destruction war veterans return to a scarcity of work, low wages, starvation and homelessness. Charlotte Brown a nurse during the war years has returned to her life as a social worker in Liverpool, yearning to alleviate the hopeless despair of destitute families. Wanting a channel to voice her concerns, she turns [...]

    • ~Brandy~ says:

      *3.5 stars*

    • Sep says:

      Charlotte and Edward survived the war but can they survive the aftermath. Charlotte's life is dedicated to social work and the needy has expanded to include widows, orphans and disabled veterans. Edward, in constant pain, is making an enthusiastic attempt to drink himself to death. Ms. Robson captures the time and essence of an England that gave so much to win the war that there is little left to enjoy the peace.

    • Kathleen (Kat) Smith says:

      Ever since being captivated by Jennifer Robson's novel Somewhere in France, I couldn't wait for the sequel to follow. I savored every world and nuance of After the War is Over and found myself transported to in time to the early 1900's both just before World War 1 and afterwards. The novel parallels the relationship between military nurse Charlotte Brown and Edward Neville-Ashford who is still recovering from his war wounds. In the first novel we knew that they were acquainted but never really u [...]

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