Biblioholism: The Literary Addiction

Biblioholism The Literary Addiction A hilarious guide for book lovers that brings book addiction out of the closet Have you ever awakened the morning after a book buying spree unable to remember how many you bought or how much you spe

  • Title: Biblioholism: The Literary Addiction
  • Author: Tom Raabe
  • ISBN: 9781555912406
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • A hilarious guide for book lovers that brings book addiction out of the closet Have you ever awakened, the morning after a book buying spree, unable to remember how many you bought or how much you spent been reprimanded or fired for reading on the job purchased or rented additional living space just for your books You are not alone Your complete recovery awaitA hilarious guide for book lovers that brings book addiction out of the closet.Have you ever awakened, the morning after a book buying spree, unable to remember how many you bought or how much you spent been reprimanded or fired for reading on the job purchased or rented additional living space just for your books You are not alone Your complete recovery awaits you just buy one book

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    • Judy says:

      If I was a biblioholic as defined by this book, this would be an impulse "buy." However, I saw this title on the library catalog, and thought it looked interesting. It's a cute little book with some humor and a little history mixed in. The reason I don't qualify as a biblioholic is that I don't buy a lot of books. Partly, I don't buy a lot of books is that I don't see spending money when I can get the book in a library. I can wait awhile when a new book is published to read it. And I really don' [...]

    • Lynda says:

      This was not what I expected. I expected a light-hearted perhaps even humorous look at reading. As someone who has spent most of my life in libraries, reading rooms, and bookstores, I did find a few things to relate to. I even found some humorous stories and lists. However, I doubt the author of this book has felt the highs and lows of reading that I have. There was none of the passion of searching jumbled, dusty piles and shelves of used books looking for authors and subjects that enthrall you. [...]

    • Elizabeth says:

      I found this to be a really terrible and amateurish accounting of book love. It's one merit was that it read incredibly quickly. Otherwise, its observations about being a biblioholic were, somehow, at once benign and unbelievable. Further, Raabe doesn't make good distinctions between book lovers who read and those that don't. He suggests a person is one or the other, without paying careful attention to the intricacies that exist in between. There isn't anything here that you can't find in Holbro [...]

    • Linda (Miss Greedybooks) says:

      Hello, My name is Linda and I am a biblioholic.

    • Sandi Layne says:

      This book is worth the price for chapter four alone, in my humble opinion. Really, it's one I have read the pages ragged with, in sheer appreciation for the topic and how it's handled. How does one fully explore the addiction many have to BOOKS?Well, Tom Raabe gives it one of the best shots I've ever read, anyway. I recommend it to any and all who love their books, who have packed them through several moves or stored them in one home forever. Anyone who knows the joy of just looking at a full bo [...]

    • Weinz says:

      Eh. It was ok. No soul touching experiences as with Anne Fadiman or "A Passion for Books". The quiz was enjoyable and revealing but beyond that he was repetitive and redundant. His chapter on his dream bookstore was great. It inspired me to make my own book-topia.

    • Lenna says:

      I thought that I was alone in my book eccentricities! I am so glad to know that other people gaze upon their book collections with adoration and even greet them in the morning with a loving "Good morning friends!"

    • Nazmi Yaakub says:

      Nada satira dengan sorotan yang adakalanya lebih mirip pada hiperbola atau berlebih-lebihan, tetapi dapat berkongsi kecanduan pada buku baik sebagai pembaca, pembeli atau pemilik perpustakaan peribadi. Sesuai untuk bacaan santai dan menenangkan kerana apa lagi yang menyamankan bagi pembaca buku tekal atau tegar, kecuali buku yang berkongsi feel perangai khalayak yang persis sama.

    • Martha says:

      I laughed and laughed & laughed, and it wasn't because the book was unrealistic, but for the opposite reason. I don't think I'm going to mention how I scored on the quizzes, though . . .

    • Sibil says:

      This was one of the first books on my to be read here on , so I can say that I had this one on waiting since forever and it doesn't seem real that I finally read this one, yay! But I was expecting something more it's not a bad reading, and it's a fast one, not too demanding and really fun in some parts. But I was hoping for more funny parts, and instead, I found some parts a little bit too much, like the author put too many efforts in them and the result wasn't light as expected.Anyway I found m [...]

    • Karen says:

      I loved this book! I haven't read any other book like this one.I love any book that talks about people going through the same sorts of things that I am going through.cially when they do it in such a fun way like this book was done.This book covers the history of the book (the timeline is so funny) and they different types of book disease, from burying your books to actually eating them!I recommend this book for anyone that loves books! Anyone that is using this site, in facthaha!

    • Sarah Sammis says:

      I enjoyed the book; it was worth the wait. From his descriptions of the various types, I seem to be readaholic (I think most BookCrossers are) and I'm married to a Scholar (as you'll see from the HUGE number of text books listed on my shelf). BookCrossing and a much smaller family budget has cured me of buying loads of books and I have been fairly good about the reading and releasing. The remaining problem is the free books that have found their way into my collection (for releasing, of course) [...]

    • LInda L says:

      I have done all those things -- did not remember what I bought, how much I spent, and yes, I'm telling my deepest darkest secret: I once had a storage area to keep many many boxes of books. My house just could not hold them. I probably rented that space for several years before I finally broke down and donated them to the library. So I clearly understand everything this book gets into.

    • Paul says:

      PLOT OR PREMISE:A mixed-tone argument that you can be "addicted" to reading and owning books, with some examples of book hoarders from years-gone-byWHAT I LIKED:There are some really good "humour" lists, kind of like a Letterman top ten list for:- Moving when you have a lot of books;- A Biblioholic's test (how big is your problem);- The snobbish Discovery Index (I knew the author when);- Reading in restaurants;- Latin explanations of literary taste: "De gustibus non est disputandum" -- Everyone [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      A fun and whimsical read. If you don't have the disease, or live with someone who does it could be somewhat meaningless. I was happy to learn that Reading While Traveling has a long and starred history. I was able to tell my husband that taking 6-8 books on a 4 day trip was moderate. He seemed skepticalMy favorite parts were the test at the beginning and the list of "individualized anathemas" for the would be biblioklept. For example:In Joyce's Finnegan's Wake: "If you steal this book, may your [...]

    • Celia says:

      Honestly? This wasn't the book I was expecting. I was expecting something lighthearted about people who like to read. A lot. What I did find was a book about people who are honestly addicted to buying books. Not necessarily reading the books, mind you - just buying and reading some of them. It was a scary and hilarious book lol it had quirky anecdotes and lists, even a quiz. I related to some of it, but not all of it. And that was just fine. Don't pick up this book thinking that it's going to be [...]

    • Walter Snyder says:

      Raabe mixes gentle humor with serious scholarship as he examines all manner of book collectors and consumers (including literal consumption). Borrowers, lenders, collectors, and, yes, even readers take their turn under his microscope. He provides ample historical background to all manner and shades of addiction to the printed word and touches upon both literal and figurative bookworms.If you think you might be hooked on books, don't come to Raabe for relief. He's a strict diagnostician. But then [...]

    • Stephanie Griffin says:

      BIBLIOHOLISM, by Tom Raabe, is a humorous look at those of us who are “addicted” to books. It contains chapters such as Anatomy Of An Addiction, Bibliomaniacs And Bibliophiles, We Are What We Buy, and Variants Of The Disease.I was mostly amused during my reading of this book, seeing parts of me described in print, but sometimes I actually learned something new. Mr. Raabe often uses words I needed to look up, so I have to give him credit for both entertaining and teaching me.If you are a fell [...]

    • Taylor Church says:

      This was a relatively quick read. Only around 200 pages, but with an intense vocabulary including sundry Latin terms and neologisms. It is definitely a humorous read, even more so for someone who is quite the unabashed lover of books. I would recommend it to anyone who loves words, loves literature and could use some pedantic yet funny text.

    • Anne says:

      Well, I can't be a biblioholic when it takes me almost two weeks to read this book, can I? According to the two tests in the book, I'm not a biblioholic and should just shop till I drop. I'm barely a borderline biblioholic, but definitely a bibliophile. Yay!The book is quite entertaining at times and is an enjoyable read, but also a bit too long in my opinion.

    • trav says:

      This book is ok. Lots of illustrations that many of us here on LT could relate to and tries to be clever, in regards to book collectors. But it's nothing stellar.Certainly one you want to add if you collect "books on books".But I didn't find any merit beyond that.It either needed to be more funny or more scholarly, as it missed both these marks with me.

    • Susan in says:

      This has been on my shelves since 2009 and I finally picked it up this week. Very funny, light reading that any bibliophile will appreciate. I noticed that the book pictured is actually a revised edition - I assume the revision includes ebooks, as they hadn't really arrived "on the scene" in 1991 when the original was published.

    • Jan says:

      I skimmed through this one in the car (I wasn't the driver!), on a 90 mile road trip to our nearest big city for shopping. There were a few laugh-out-loud portions that I could relate to, but I really don't think the author is much of a reader.

    • Cheryl says:

      This book had its moments, but was neither as warm or as funny as I was hoping. It was a great compilation of quotes from and life stories of book lovers throughout history. But it didn't make enough of a connection for me to feel obligated to share it with the others in my book group.

    • Bonnie Jacobs hessler says:

      This is a humorous book about people that are addicted to books. I liked how the author talked about the different types of biblioholics that are out there. There is even a quick quiz in the book to determine how bad of a biblioholic you are.

    • Tim says:

      A fun book to dip into, though uneven in its humor, and stretched longer than it should have been. What saves the book and drove me to keep reading were his historical anecdotes and the occasional insight that revealed a little bit more of my own bookish addictions.

    • Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance says:

      A book for many of us biblioholics! Lots of fun.

    • Mckinley says:

      Noe very dated, but back in the it was a bit more amusing.

    • Lauren says:

      A funny book about loving books - categorizing the kinds of booklovers.

    • Noel says:

      Tongue in cheek book about the disease of book love. If you want serious exploration, look to Basbanes. If you want a little satire, stay here.

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