Lost My name is Sophie Morley and this is my story of loss I used to be mature professional and stable I used to have friends and colleagues who respected me I used to be someone I respected I knew the

  • Title: Lost
  • Author: Sarah Ann Walker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • My name is Sophie Morley, and this is my story of loss.I used to be mature, professional, and stable I used to have friends and colleagues who respected me I used to be someone I respected I knew the life I wanted, and I lived within my forever plans I was everything I thought I should be.Then I met the man of my dreams, and everything changed in me.Everything I was anMy name is Sophie Morley, and this is my story of loss.I used to be mature, professional, and stable I used to have friends and colleagues who respected me I used to be someone I respected I knew the life I wanted, and I lived within my forever plans I was everything I thought I should be.Then I met the man of my dreams, and everything changed in me.Everything I was and everything I was to become changed with his love.And I ve never regretted one single moment of the life we shared.My name is Sophie Morley, and I am lost.

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    • Michelle says:

      Sophie Morley had a plan. She always had a plan. There were no half-measures, no time to waste. There was now and there was a pathway to take that led to her forever. Her forever career, her forever love. This is how she existed. This is a story of how that existence turned into loving, turned into living. This is the story of how one woman finds everything and the devastation that comes when everything is lost. Sophie has loved before, but she knew none of them were her forever guy. But when sh [...]

    • Jamie ♡♡ submits to books ♡♡ says:

      This book started off intense and I was so damn excited. Well.DNF @ 40% I am in the minority on this one. So many great reviews and a fave author of mine but this one is not working for me.SophieI can't handle the weakness you portray. I hate whininess and that is all I read from you. Peter.t your creepy, then your are cool and then you are I don't even know. UGH!!I will just break up with you right now.

    • Crysti Perry says:

      Another brilliant book by Sarah Ann Walker. She has the ability to create such intricately woven stories that pack a gigantic and completely unique punch that leaves you with your jaw on the floor. Lost is Sophie's story. Sophie has her life figured out. She's the perfect daughter, has her sights on the perfect forever career and refuses to settle for a relationship that is anything less than her perfect idea of forever. Then she meets him. He shakes Sophie's perfect little world up and shows he [...]

    • Angel Gelique says:

      Sophie Morley is a young woman in total control of her life. She is ambitious and always follows her master plan so that there are no surprises, nothing to catch her off guard. But then she meets Peter Connor. He is unlike anyone she has ever met. He's sweet and charming. But he's also bold and assertive and poses a real challenge for Sophie. Suddenly, her life becomes chaotic as she realizes that she is quickly falling in love with him. He is her forever love. Unfortunately, circumstances threa [...]

    • Rena says:

      So, this Saturday sometime before noon, my husband askś me: Don˙t tell me SHE wrote another book??She??Yes, she Sarah Ann?Well, yes - why do you ask.?Oh, nothing, just so I know. If it`s her you reading I will cook this weekend ( and he did :D )That has nothing and everything to do with this book. Since the first one "I am her" which is still my favorite of all times I simple adore this author. So much suspense and amazing love in her books despite all the craziness in the main characters O K [...]

    • Di Covey says:

      5 LOST STARS!BEAUTIFULLY TRAGIC!I really can't tell you about my feelings this time. It's usually what I do in my reviews. I don't like giving the story away and I definitely don't like giving spoilers. IF you've read a Sarah Ann Walker novel then you know it's not going to be peaches and cream. And I totally went in thinking this exact thing. But nothing prepared me. I should warn you, this isn't a girl meets boy and they ride off into the sunset kinda story. It's an all consuming love story wi [...]

    • Megan says:

      This book will leave you speechless and breathless.This book will make you smile,laugh,feel free and happy.This book will make your stomach flip. This book willevokeemotions like every other Sarah Ann Walker book does. You will devour this book. You will hate when it ends.I read it in one day and was attached immediately. Everything drew me in. The perfected words, the first attraction, the beautiful love, Peter. Everything he said was unreal. But he didn't go over board. He had the right amount [...]

    • Lea says:

      This is a genuine love story. About Peter and Sophie and that their love in the beginning was obsessive and passionate he had some skeletons in his closet she thought she knew all about him well that she gave him a key to her house but then he disappeared on herWhen they first met she thought he was a little creepy and persistent but he finally wore her down and she excepted a date with himCan you say twisty yeah say that one you will be in for the shock of your life seriously!I'm amazed with th [...]

    • Laura- BookBistroBlog says:

      What an emotional ride I just rode! This is a love story, a very emotional one, that you start and don't stop reading till you close the book. Hooks you in from the first page and then typical Sarah Ann Walker style, lets it all unravel till the last part of the booken its the icing on the cake. It's all explained to you and you have flash backs of reading the story and sayp, uh huh, saw that coming, shucks why didn't I think of that! Excellent page turner!!!

    • Shelley says:


    • Ashley says:


    • Katica Lodema says:

      Sara Ann Walker has done it , again. Another phenomenal love story with gripping emotion. This is not ordinary love story, but she has brought you smack in the middle of Sophie and Peter's lives. Like Sara's other books, every bit is painstakingly thought out and woven to perfection. You will not know what to expect. What you will get is true love, sacrifices, tears of joy and shattered dreams.Sophie is an amazing woman, she has plans and always sees them through. What she wasn't expecting was P [...]

    • Lisa says:

      Sarah did it again. Love her story telling, the twists and turns keep me glued to my kindle, patiently turning each page.Sophie's begins her story in the present and flashbacks to the past. The past of how she grew up, with her family, in school, in her career. There was never room for error in Sophie's world. She strove for perfection; life was planned. She lived her life with intention. Until she meets Peter, and he shows her that living life without pretense is ok. He brings her out of her ow [...]

    • Sam Dolby says:

      This book was AMAZING!!!! 5+* !!!!!! I loved every emoitional roller coaster second of readin this book, I love the way sarah Ann walker drags you into a story keeps you there in a sort of safe sense of security.en pow u are sobbing and willing yourself to breath! Sophie and Peters love story was heartbreakingly beautiful and was kept wondering what was going to happen on every page! Well done Sarah for writing another absolutely brilliant story and letting us all have the privilege to read it x [...]

    • Christina says:

      This book gave me chills, it gave me goose bumps I cried I laughed I growled at family who tried to get me to stop reading this my friends is one of those books you just CAN NOT PUT DOWN! Sarah Ann Walker is an amazing author with a wickedly twisted way with words. I VERY much HIGHLY recommend this book!!!

    • Naksed says:

      This book was Insane in the Membrane! The strange courtship between a normally very self-controlled young woman and the shady guy who forces his way into her life and her heart. Sounds like a standard romance but as it turns out, it is more of a suspense story or psychological thriller, for lack of a better word. There were a lot of things that I disliked. The prose for one felt off-center. There were no typos or grammatical errors yet it felt like a translation of an original written in a forei [...]

    • Batha says:

      There is no way to review this book without giving anything away.I will say it's beautiful, consuming and raw. No words can adequately describe the emotional impact it has.I wish I'd read it slower to savor each word, sentence,paragraph this first time.It tells the story of a love like no other a soul destroying all encompassing love that has no regard for rules,boundaries or convention.I can't go on i"ll spoil it.All I'll say it's the kind of book you wish everyone would read because it's so be [...]

    • Charlie✰ WLTB Blog ✰ says:

      WOW I am In tears,This book gave me ChillsI laughed I cried I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! Sarah Ann Walker Did it again with Lost as she did with all her books. I HIGHLY recommend this book!!Loved this book the rawness it took for Sophie and Peter what they did for love and I suppose in a kinda special happy ending for the 2 of them I am very Sad right now I don't think I have the words to express exactly how I am feeling and I really didn't see that coming

    • Raven Prince says:

      Another gem by Miss Walker!She is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Lost is an amazing tale of someone being destroyed emotionally only to have to try and pick up the pieces as life deals her blow after blow. You'll laugh, you'll cry and then you'll be so emotionally blindsided that you'll feel it for days to come. This book does not disappoint. Highly recommended from this reader

    • Always Addicted says:

      I don't even know what to say about this book. I was interested and then it would drag on forever and then a little more interest and ten drag. Then BAM a big hook and then over. I don't even know what to think. They are both nuts!

    • Kelsey says:

      Sophie has had a plan. She has always had a plan for her life. Be successful. Be mature. Be professional. She is all of these things when we are first introduced to Sophie in Lost. But when Peter is brought like a whirl wind into Sophie's life, there is so much more than meets the eye with the imperfectly perfect, timeless Peter that makes Sophie fall head over heels in love with him.But, is their love all that its cracked up to be?Sophie is a phenomenal character. She is the perfect definition [...]

    • Randi Nasen newman says:

      Going into any of Sarah's books, I KNOW I am in for an emotional, intense ride of a lifetimeLOST took me on one and MORE! LOST is a beautiful love story, one that is a story of intensity, ups and downs, and committment. that, I think, we all would aspire to find. This is Sophie and Peter's love storySophie, who has a PLAN for her lifee meets Peter, this man whom she is mysteriously drawn to, in every way, but who she knows, and feels, holds a secret, but she can't seem to stay away.Against all o [...]

    • Philomena Callan Cheekypee says:

      Oh my dayz. This is a truly tragic yet beautiful story. It consumed me from start to finish and stayed in my thoughts for days afterwards. Sophie has her life planned out. Everything changes when she meets Peter. She gives him everything yet he's keeping secrets. I can't recommend this book highly enough. It is so much more than I expected. I had goosebumps reading it. This book is one of the best emotional and intense stories I've read this year. If I could give it more than five stars I would. [...]

    • ElizabethShuey says:

      I can't put into words how much I loved this story. It was heart warming, yet it tore my heart to pieces. This was such a beautiful, tragic love story. Sarah Ann did an amazing job writing Lost, she really has a way with words, I felt every emotion Sophie was feeling. Through out the whole book I tried to figure out who Peter really was, when I thought I had an idea, BOOM she pulled one hell of a twist that I never saw coming. I can't wait to see what she writes next.

    • Christina Rogers says:

      Sarah has done it again! Taken me on a roller coaster of emotions and giving me yet another story I will probably never forget. This is definitely not your typical love story and there is some serious ugly cry moments. I really don't want to say much more. I feel like talking about any part of the story will ruin the beautifully tragic journey of Sophie and Peter you will be taken on. I love this author and the way she sucks me in to her stories from the very first page.

    • Jennifer says:

      This review is from: LOST (Kindle Edition)I feel like I need to start at the end and work my way back to the beginning. The start of this book was really slow for me. I almost gave up I am not a quitter and kept going. The middle of the book was better, sad & very emotional at times. The endfantastic! A bit mind blowing and made it worth the time I took to read it. Another KU find.

    • Kelly Sullivan says:

      Yupother successful book by this amazing author. I felt this book so deeply I do with all Ms. Walkers books, I will be recommending it to everyone! Can't wait to read more by this author(hint hintep 'email coming)!!

    • Eleanor says:

      i wanted this book to be over pretty much from the first chapter. i did not like the author- to wordy and could have been edited MUCH better. the story line was semi interesting but i wanted it to be over.

    • Nicky says:

      3.5 Stars.This book deserves more than my 3,5 stars, but I was so mad at the female protagonist for the most part of the story that I can't simply forget. Even if (view spoiler)[the end is simply unbelievable. And heartbreaking, I must add. (hide spoiler)]

    • Wisdom says:

      Still crying

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