The Fever Code

The Fever Code Once there was a world s end The forests burned the lakes and rivers dried up and the oceans swelled Then came a plague and fever spread across the globe Families died violence reigned and man ki

  • Title: The Fever Code
  • Author: James Dashner
  • ISBN: 9780553513097
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Once there was a world s end.The forests burned, the lakes and rivers dried up, and the oceans swelled.Then came a plague, and fever spread across the globe Families died, violence reigned, and man killed man.Next came WICKED, who were looking for an answer And then they found the perfect boy.The boy s name was Thomas, and Thomas built a maze.Now there are secrets.ThereOnce there was a world s end.The forests burned, the lakes and rivers dried up, and the oceans swelled.Then came a plague, and fever spread across the globe Families died, violence reigned, and man killed man.Next came WICKED, who were looking for an answer And then they found the perfect boy.The boy s name was Thomas, and Thomas built a maze.Now there are secrets.There are lies.And there are loyalties history could never have foreseen This is the story of that boy, Thomas, and how he built a maze that only he could tear down.All will be revealed.

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    • Olivia says:

      one word - NEWT

    • Claudia B. says:

      The one person that instantly came to my mind when I saw this book was Newt.Imagine this: Multiple POVs. Newt's desperate thoughts. Physical pain + psychological pain. (and double it all because he's my favorite)And me:

    • Kelly says:

      Oh shuck it, the cover and synopsis have been revealed!

    • Cait (Paper Fury) says:

      Well, I admitis was disappointing. I absolutely LOVE The Maze Runner so I was really excited to have (A) more time with Thomas, and (B) GET MORE ANSWERS WOOOO with this prequel. And it mean it partially worked out??? Yay Thomas. Nay answers. The biggest issue was that I KNEW ALL THIS STUFF ALREADY. Sure it took me the 3 original Maze Runner books to piece together the backstory but I still knew it from those books. So this felt entirely redundant. To the point it was actually boring?! And I hate [...]

    • Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin says:

      Um. I sat here forever trying to figure out what I want the stars to be. I will just go with the three star rating. I LOVED reading about the group again and reading about how some of them were taken and their ages. Those WICKED people really are evil. I'm guessing they picked the right name. I just can't believe the kids lived all of their years there and just ugh. And that creepy guy coming down the hall, "Save Me, Save me" Well, I don't remember if that's exactly what he said but along those [...]

    • Miranda Reads says:

      Why, why, whyyyyyy do I keep torturing myself with these novels?Deeeeeeep BreathsThis book added nothing of value to the entire series. Why? Cause we're able to piece together the entire plot from blatantly obvious foreshadowing (or would that be back-shadowing?) from the original trilogy. Secret Government Agency to get rid of virus? Yup, figured that one out in the first book. Maze is designed by children? Hinted at and later confirmed in book 2. And ond ond on.(you get the point). AND WE STIL [...]

    • julieta says:

      "Tell me that we’ll survive this,” he said when he could finally get the words out. “Tell me that we’ll get in there, and get our friends out.”“We will survive,” she replied. She brought up her hands and held his face, looking into his eyes. “I promise.”Yeah, I wish.I was kinda hesitant to read this but it turned outt being very interesting. I wish I could remember more about the original trilogy though but it's been like four years or so and the movies have messed it all up. H [...]

    • Vivianne says:

      This book was definitely the missing piece in this series, but I was left with more questions after reading this then going in. This book lacked the tension and twists the previous books had and it had some boring and weird chapters. It wasn’t renewing enough for a book that was supposed to have all the answered. I’m really disappointed. The three stars are for Thomas and the other Gladers, the prologue, for the amazing writing style James has and for the few answers I did get. The maze runn [...]

    • Yonaily says:

      Hold oneWait a minuteAm I wrong or does it say this book will be published in two years?Is that a six?I think I need new glasses.Perhaps this is all a joke.Yeahere's no way I can wait till 2016 to read it.Hell no!!

    • Jetzabel says:


    • P says:

      Running toward this book is likeGive me.

    • Ricky says:

      "They march on through the dustBelieve their leader, they can trustIn all the noise they lose the way-Kongos Well. This is it. The Maze Runner prequel we've all been waiting for.I should warn you, though wouldn't be a Dashner book without a few moments that make you go allThe original trilogy, those helped define the end of my time in high school and the start of my community college years (Death Cure having come out about a month after I started there.) Then came The Kill Order, which I loved w [...]

    • Angel Koychev says:

      wow that was definitely worth it. I was afraid it was going to be too shortI was afraid it was going to be repetitivewell it was everything but! I sincerely hope there will be another chapter!

    • Macarena Yannelli says:

      Este libro necesitaba ser publicado en el 2014/15 y no la otra precuela insulsa. Después de tanto tiempo ya el interés por los personajes es casi nulo. El libro no llega a responder ni por asomo la cantidad de preguntas que te deja la saga, sino que te crea aún más incógnitas (lo cual no es malo, pero con podría haber respondido ALGUNAS preguntas, saben).Mucho relleno, fácilmente podría haber sido una novella corta o un libro de 150/200 páginas. No 400. Reseña completa en Gracias a los [...]

    • Annie P. says:

      Este libro me gusto bastante. Odié mil veces más a Teresa, a Brenda y la Dra Paige. Amé mil veces más a Newt, Minho, Chuck y Thomas. Cruel es una mierda, ya lo dije. James Dashner, por favor, nunca dejes de escribir sobre Thomas.

    • Rachel'sbookishworld says:

      Well that was heart wrenching. Seeing my babies as babies basically killed me. ALSO, that ending changes EVERYTHING. I'm pretty sure I just stared at the book dumbfounded for a few minutes. Oh, and another thing. Chuck is my favorite. (Don't tell Brenda, she's my second favorite

    • Andrea says:


    • Ryan Buckby says:

      WICKED was never going to stop. They were never never going to stop i feel like this book was the missing piece in this story but it still left me with so many questions that i need answered. I've been waiting for another prequel like this that answered my questions from the trilogy and i wasn't disappointed of course. I loved the multiple POV's in the book from all of my favourite characters especially Minho and Chuck and i was happy to also see all the other characters from the trilogy come ba [...]

    • Irene△⃒⃘ says:

      4.8/5"Our plan is for this to be the command center for what we're calling the Maze Trials, as advance a facility as any research institution has ever had."SO MUCH IS EXPLAINED!I LOVED this book, finally the old group is back and this is where and when everything started.We meet our characters in here since their very beginning and very first interactions with WICKED.It was so informative, we discover everything that is related to the main purpose of why these mazes were created and we go trough [...]

    • Kenchiin says:

      It really saddens me that the only book worth my time after the first one was the fifth entry in the series. As prequel to The Maze Runner, it gives a great insight of how the maze was built and some of the motivations the main characters follow.

    • Carmen de la Rosa says:

      ESTOY EN SHOCK!!!! WTF!!! ES QUE ACABA DE CAMBIAR TODO SOBRE LA TRILOGÍA PRINCIPAL!!!!!!!!! ¡NO SÉ CÓMO DEBO SENTIRME AHORA! LITERALMENTE ESTOY GRITANDO DESDE HACE COMO UNA HORAESTOY TODAVÍA GRITANDO CADA VEZ QUE PIENSO EN ESE FINAL.La historia planteada en este libro es sobre la vida de Thomas antes de entrar en el laberinto. Esta vez el autor cuenta la vida de Thomas con más detalle, desde el adiós a su madre (con el cual llore un poco), su nueva vida en la sede de CRUEL hasta su partic [...]

    • Dannii Elle says:

      These characters are my children!

    • Vanessa says:

      Two years ago, I read the whole Maze Runner trilogy in a month. I'm serious. I bought the three books all together and read them literally non-stop. I clearly liked it but I've never been fully enamoured of it. Then, I read The Kill Order, the first prequel, some months later and I didn't appreciate it as much as I did with the trilogy. I still think it's the worst in the series and my enthusiasm somehow diminished. Then the movie versions came out and my opinions started to differ. Sometimes I [...]

    • Nicole Alycia says:

      When I started this and found out it was going to be about Thomas and Teresa I was really nervous. I loved The Maze Runner, I thought The Scorch Trials was quite good, but I was so disappointed by The Death Cure .This was such a turn around from the last book and I am so happy to say it exceeded all my expectations! I enjoyed watching Thomas and Teresa grow up and develop in WICKED headquarters. You can see their character development so much better! As a result, I still hate Teresa!! Ugh she's [...]

    • kelsey says:

      The only thing I want NEWT

    • Kristy Mauna says:

      James Dashner has done it again! Another book to add to my beloved series!Thomas looked up at his group of friends, then looked at Chuck."A man once gave us a message that we'll never forget," he said. "'WICKED is good.' I think our lives might have a lot more purpose than we could ever know. I think we need to remember to look at the big picture."- I'm really happy that this book was released after I read the whole series because I don't think I would have enjoyed the many plot twists if I read [...]

    • Jennymort ~The Dark Lord, House of Slytheread~ says:

      **Update: 04/06/2017**I think I still want to get this book. I want to know how Thomas came up with the Maze, I NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS!But I swear, if this book has some big ass plot holes. well let's just say that it will be the first time I've ever burned a bookTry me._________________________Now let's watch this man make a movie about this book right? Watch him completely F-UP the whole plot of this book like he did all the others because he decided he didn't like the way it went months af [...]

    • Fahri Rasihan says:

      Bagi yang penasaran akan kisah dibalik pembangunan maze yang terdapat dalam seri The Maze Runner, sangat wajib untuk membaca novel ini. Setelah sebelumnya James Dashner juga menulis The Kill Order yang lebih berfokus kepada kehidupan ketika terjadi ledakan sinar matahari dan terbentuknya organisasi bernama WICKED. Jujur saja sebenarnya saya kurang begitu excited untuk membaca novel ini. Salah satu alasan yang membuat saya tidak bersemangat untuk membacanya adalah karena kekecewaan terhadap buku [...]

    • Victor Almeida says:

      Ei James Dashner, senta aqui, vamos conversar Era pra ser um prequel esclarecedor sobre a construção do labirinto, certo? Tão tá bom.Anos depois de ler a trilogia, a única coisa que eu me lembro dela é de gostar bastante. Me lembro como me senti aflito e investido nos livros, e me lembro também como tudo aquilo foi por água abaixo em Ordem de Extermínio. Esse livro é um meio termo entre aquele prequel horrível e a trilogia que eu amei. Foi interessante rever os personagens e conhecer [...]

    • Stephanie says:

      So this was the other missing piece to complete the puzzle from the main trilogy of the maze runner.Fever Code tells the story about the origin of WICKED. The story of Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, Alby, Chuck and more in the WICKED center. How they meet each other before send into the maze. I like the story about little Thomas. He is so cute, smart and ‘special’. They been told that they had been took to that place for good, out from the messy world, the crank and the virus. Although sometim [...]

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