La Bâtarde de la Destinée

La B tarde de la Destin e Messire Gerard Fogg chevalier de la Garde Royale du royaume d Algonwick est impliqu dans une relation sexuelle secr te avec le fils du roi le prince Tristan Lorsqu un visiteur qui se fait appel Mal

  • Title: La Bâtarde de la Destinée
  • Author: HankEdwards Jade Baiser Valérie Dubar
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Messire Gerard Fogg, chevalier de la Garde Royale du royaume d Algonwick, est impliqu dans une relation sexuelle secr te avec le fils du roi, le prince Tristan Lorsqu un visiteur qui se fait appel Malcom appara t sur la route d Algonwick et vole et assassine les voyageurs avant de dispara tre sans laisser de trace, Gerard s engage amener Malcom devant la justice Il sMessire Gerard Fogg, chevalier de la Garde Royale du royaume d Algonwick, est impliqu dans une relation sexuelle secr te avec le fils du roi, le prince Tristan Lorsqu un visiteur qui se fait appel Malcom appara t sur la route d Algonwick et vole et assassine les voyageurs avant de dispara tre sans laisser de trace, Gerard s engage amener Malcom devant la justice Il se lance dans sa qu te avec Ranulf, le conseiller du roi et le seul qui sache o trouver l trange meurtrier Ils voyagent dans le temps jusqu l ann e 2006 pour trouver le ch teau qu ils aiment tant en ruines, et un charmant jeune arch ologue nomm Jon Calder qui essaye de d terminer la raison de la d ch ance inattendue d Algonwick Ils se lient d amiti avec Jon et, alors que la relation entre Gerard et Jon s approfondit, le meurtrier Malcom se rapproche de plus en plus.

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    • Lee Brazil says:

      I'll tell you upfront and straightforward, I am not a fan of time travel romances. I hate reading about characters who are agog by the wonders of the modern world, or unable to comprehend the lifestyle of the past civilization they've found themselves in. I always have this Star Trek moment- you know the Prime Directive and its unavoidable. Your presence in the past as a being from the future, well it just has to alter things, doesn't it? So, Hank handles that very well in DB. I won't tell you h [...]

    • Lena Polskaia says:

      Voilà une jolie romance gay dans un contexte à la fois historique et fantastique, puisqu'il s'agit d'un voyage dans le temps, un peu à la manière de la série du Chardon et du Tartan de Diane Gabaldon, ou celle des Highlanders, de Karen Marie Moning. Nous sommes dans l'Angleterre du 15ème siècle, Gérald est un enfant de paysan à qui un coup du sort fera perdre sa famille, tout en lui offrant la chance de s'éduquer et de s'élever au dessus de sa condition. Le voilà chevalier, et membre [...]

    • Jenre says:

      I love a good time-travel romance. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I really like the whole ‘fish out of water’ scenario. When I read the blurb for this story I was interested in seeing whether the author could make the ‘soul mates’ story work (I’ve had mixed experiences with such books) and I was also intrigued by the setting of England in the 1400s.Gerald is a young knight at the court of King Everard. He’s also in love and having an illicit affair with the king’s s [...]

    • Valérie says:

      Si j’aime la romance historique, je ne suis pas une adepte du voyage dans le temps, trouvant que la plupart de celles que j’ai lues souffrent d’un manque d’originalité, avec les sempiternels dialogues ou le héros venu du passé nous régale de ces découvertes de la fermeture éclair ou de l’électricité. Dans cette romance point de tout cela, mais un merveilleux voyage entre l’Angleterre médiévale et notre siècle, une histoire d’amour intemporelle entre deux hommes, une rela [...]

    • Alina says:

      I loved this book so much!!!!I'm usually not a fan of historicals or time-travelling stories, but I'm a big fan of Hank Edwards' writing, so I decided to give this story a chance - and I so wasn't disappointed! Now I think I might be missing out ignoring this genre. This story has such a strong sense of place I found myself loving Algonwick as if it's a real place I myself lived in :)I absolutely loved both parts: the first one with Tristan and Gerard in 1456 and the second one with Gerard and J [...]

    • Miz Love says:

      Destiny’s Bastard is an amazing tale that walks back and forth through time, bringing lovely images of days gone by. Hank Edwards’ voice is wonderful and suits the 1400s perfectly. The dialogue is great. I adored the plot, where Jon has never felt modern times suited him and he should have come from an earlier time, and LOVED the way he had the chance to travel backwards to the place he really felt was where he should be. If only we could all do that…The characters are all nicely rounded a [...]

    • Robin Covington says:

      I'm a big fan of Hank Edward's books featuring Charlie Heggensford. I find myself laughing out loud and alarming people who are sitting nearby - they are that good. So, I was looking forward to this book as well although it couldn't be more different.Reading this book was like the first time I saw Jim Carrey in the "The Truman Show" - could one of my favorite actors handle a dramatic role? Yep, he could and so does Hank.This story has the hot, yummy sex scenes that you expect from Hank - I'm nev [...]

    • S.J.D. Peterson says:

      I truly loved this book. The love between Gerard and Tristan was hard to get close to, but only because I knew Tristan was going to die. I found myself holding back from his character some what. When Gerard finds his soul mate and true love once again I could finally let go and embrace the characters. Hank Edwards created an amazing world in which his characters traveled, loved and lived. Destiny's Bastard is definitely a keeper.

    • Dianne Hartsock says:

      *claps hands* Bravo! I was getting a little worried there toward the endd six months is a lonnnnggggg timeen Jon goes back! But it all works out wonderfully in the end. If I were Gerard, though, I'd find a way to ceil up that cave!

    • Leaundra says:

      Love across time! I love a great love story!! You should definitely read it if you haven't already!!

    • Eric Renoult says:

      Alors déjà je dois vous prévenir ne vous attendez pas à une histoire rapide avec ce roman. L’auteur ne néglige aucun détail et nous enchante.Il s’agit d’un mélange de romance historique et contemporaine avec une pincée de fantastique. Bref une composition originale et addictive.Gérard est un homme loyal, aimant et émouvant au possible, il n’a pas peur de ses sentiments et de ses actes. Il est présenté de telle manière qu’on ne peut que fondre. Son amour Tristan quand à lu [...]

    • NJS says:

      I wanted to like this. This had all of my favorite elements: period piece, gays, sex, quests, magic, sword fighting, fantasy, contemporary, etc. But it just didn’t work for me. I found it corny and boring just before it became tedious. I started skipping thorough some of the repetition and reiteration, and then found myself not caring. The sex even became monotonous. There was a lot of sex, it started that way. But the little sprinklings of story seemed like such an afterthought that it made t [...]

    • Chancey Knowles says:

      I have to admit that I'm surprised by my 5 star rating. There was a nice mix of sex and plot, which I was admittedly wondering about based on how it started. The writing was detailed and full of depth. I could visualize village life, the castle kitchen, and/or Jon in the castle ruins. The world building came alive. I dislike time travel typically, but it was handled well enough that I was never thrown out of the book. The minor characters were well drawn too and contributed much to the story. Th [...]

    • ElaineY says:

      I think I was pulled out of the story too many times to enjoy it. Try as I did, I couldn't stop asking why there was hardly any attention given to these two guys from the middle ages transported to 2006. Ranulf and Gerard go about as if nothing much is different! There're only a couple of token mentions about them not knowing what certain things are but in my mind constantly, I was wondering how the heck these two men could even venture outside!

    • Monika says:

      I really liked this story! Time travel has always been one of my favorite things to read add in m-m romance and its a win win for me. This is a story I'm sure to read again it made me smile, cry and had my heart fluttering. I'm definitely going to have to check out some of this authors other books.

    • EmeArsh says:

      I liked a lot. I just did not like the fact that tristan and Jon were portrayed to be two different people. But that's just me :)

    • Christine Gauzy-Svahn says:

      3,5 stars

    • The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears says:

      The cure for M/M romance burn-out! Thank you Mr. Edwards for a emotionally engaging, sexy read. My only complaint--the confrontation between the hero and the villian.

    • Allybaba says:

      I liked the beginning, I just don't really care for time travel books. It was well written, just okay to me.

    • Bookbee says:

      A good story about a love that transcends time. I loved the MCs as well as the supporting cast. The epilogue left me with a fleeting melancholy twinge.

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