Upside Down

Upside Down Sequel to Inside Out Bronco s Boys Book Two Lowell Cartwright s life as a mercenary problem solver has taken its toll and after one difficult job he wants out For help he turns to Bull a soldier o

  • Title: Upside Down
  • Author: AndrewGrey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sequel to Inside Out Bronco s Boys Book Two Lowell Cartwright s life as a mercenary problem solver has taken its toll, and after one difficult job, he wants out For help, he turns to Bull, a soldier of fortune turned club owner not exactly a friend, but the best chance Lowell has He visits Bull s club to scope it out and meets Jeremy Hodgson The twink captures hisSequel to Inside Out Bronco s Boys Book Two Lowell Cartwright s life as a mercenary problem solver has taken its toll, and after one difficult job, he wants out For help, he turns to Bull, a soldier of fortune turned club owner not exactly a friend, but the best chance Lowell has He visits Bull s club to scope it out and meets Jeremy Hodgson The twink captures his attention in a big way Bull tells Lowell to stay away from the club until he decides whether he can help, so Lowell stays in town When he spots Jeremy passed out on the floor of a convenience store, he goes to Jeremy s aid Lowell piques Jeremy s interest immediately, pushing all the right buttons Then, when Jeremy needs help, Lowell s kindness turns interest into something But trouble comes knocking when Jeremy s place is bugged Maybe Lowell s past is catching up to him, or maybe the danger centers on Jeremy s roommate Tristan s mysterious boyfriend Whatever the source of the problem, the future Lowell and Jeremy hope for doesn t stand a chance unless they can find a way to protect themselves.

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    • Vitor Martins says:

      Esse daqui foi ainda mais legal que o primeiro da série. Apesar da voz que o narrador do audiobook deu pro Lowell, eu gostei muito mais dele do que do Bull. A relação dele com o Jeremy é muito parecida com o meu namoro (tirando o fato de que o Chico não é um mercenário/agente secreto que trabalha sob várias identidades diferentes matando pessoas por dinheiro), então foi muito fácil me identificar com os sentimentos dos dois (INCLUSIVE O INSTALOVE, SORRY ABOUT IT). Nessa continuação d [...]

    • 315 says:

      DNF because I already read this book before it's called Book #1. I couldn't reread the book again.

    • Susan65 says:

      The Blogger Girls This book cover is worth a star all on its own. Who doesn’t love Dirk Caber? Makes me wonder which adult entertainer will grace the next cover. I have suggestions if Mr. Grey is interested.Anyway, Upside Down is the perfect title for a book about a man (Lowell or Spook) whose life is turned upside down when he falls for another man, Jeremy, who, for the first time, makes him want to be a better person. Lowell is a mercenary; he has done some really bad things and doesn’t hi [...]

    • T.M. Smith says:

      Lowell Cartwright, Spook, is a mercenary looking to start over. He reaches out to the only other man he knows of that has gotten out of the business virtually unscathed, Bull. When he arrives at Bull’s bar, he’s busy, but the tall brown haired twink out on the dance floor catches Lowell’s eye, so he makes a move. But by the end of the night Jeremy knows exactly who Lowell is and he tries hard not to be attracted to a monster, but the heart wants what the heart can’t have.More than once L [...]

    • Emily says:

      The romance was so hot & cold for me that I looked forward to the mystery/suspense part but that fell flat. Maybe I've read too many spy novels but I saw that a mile away. The beginning of the book held such promise but overall I was left wanting and wishy washy.

    • Kristie says:

      I was a little disappointed in this one. I'm pretty forgiving of insta love. I get it. The story needs to move along, and sometimes there is a connection between two characters that just works quickly. I just didn't feel it. Not that I didn't think they cared for each other, I just didn't get the spark. No passion. Other issues with the story revolved around how obvious things were, and Spook's lack of awareness. Okay fine, he didn't see right away, like I did, who was after him. But what he als [...]

    • V says:

      I loved it, I find mercenaries stories fascinating.

    • Rick says:

      Really love this series!!!! Andrew Grey is the top MUST BUY but he's a guaranteed awesome love story!!!!!

    • Candice says:

      Spook and Jeremy :) LOVE them. Lowell won my heart, that's all there is to it.

    • Christy says:

      'Upside Down' is book two in Andrew Grey's latest series, 'Bronco's Boys'. I so enjoyed the first book which revolves around Bull and Zach, with the gorgeous Jesse Jackman portraying Bull on the cover. The equally stunning Dirk Caber, Jesse's real-life partner, is the man on the cover of this installment. Believe me when I say—you might pick up the book because of the eye candy on the front. You'll stay because these stories are just that good.Lowell is tired. Like, bone-deep, world-weary, exh [...]

    • Nathan Burgoine says:

      This was fun - I'd listened to the first book in the series, Inside Out, and I quite liked it. The first book is about an ex-mercenary who works as a bouncer who falls for a ticklish twink, and the dozens of things that try to derail them - not the least of which was an angry fellow mercenary who broke into the apartment of the big guy and threatened and blackmailed and was basically a horrible man.So. He's one half of the romantic lead in this story. I struggled with that a bit, and was frankly [...]

    • Phaney says:

      This is a lot like the first book, with some changes in, uh, intensity.What really got to me in a bad way was the same issue I had with Zach previously: Jeremy, too, thinks he knows best and bullies his love interest when the other guy only wants to protect him and even explains that it’s a matter of significant danger. Instead both of these giggly bottom boys (they really are that; it does not bode well for the rest of the quartet) blithely refute the possibility of danger, stating they can t [...]

    • Shelby P says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series but this second book was lacking in comparison. I liked Lowell and I liked Jeremy and the book had my attention in the beginning but somewhere along the line I got bored and kept putting the book down. I really did like how Lowell and Jeremy got to know each other, by asking questions. I don't know if I believed Jeremy being so sexual but not having gone all the way with his previous lovers, something about that just didn't ring true to me. I wi [...]

    • Melissa says:

      Similar to Inside Out, I enjoyed the character development of Lowell and Jeremy and their chemistry with each other. I found this book to be more exciting and action packed than the previous book. The ending was so sweet I actually smiled. The only that annoyed me about this book was Zach, who I enjoyed in Inside Out. In this book, he was so over the top aggressive towards Lowell. I understand his initial hesitation to believe him but he was on Lowell's case the entire book. Even when Bull tried [...]

    • Calila says:

      I'm not sure what to say about this one. It was okay. Something kept me from fully connecting though. I'm not positive what though. I liked Lowell, and I liked Jeremy. I even liked the promise of them together, but something in the result was missing. I think it was the lack of actual time spent together between them to build the relationship. There was more telling than showing, in a way. I liked that Lowell's identity crises was actually addressed. That almost never happens. I found Zach prett [...]

    • Kendra T says:

      Holy hell this was one sexy cover! I was glad to see Spook try to get out of the business. It was a hell of a risk to try to ask for help from Bull, but it shows how much Spook wanted it. Jeremy was so innocent, yet so perfect for Spook. I really enjoyed this book and loved seeing feisty Zach and sexy Bull in this one.

    • Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆ says:

      I listened to the audio on this one. The narrator was okay, but I didn't like Jeremy's voice. He sounded like a weasel. I didn't feel a connection to the characters.I did kinda like the big showdown, but it didn't follow through.So, not my favorite of the series.

    • Staceyr says:

      DNFis author is hit and miss for me. Enjoyed the gym series, the westerns not so much, and this one is a definite miss for me. Jeremy's mentality and vocabulary kept dipping down into the twelve-year-old range, and halfway through, I bailed.

    • Marlys says:

      I knew it .de Spook beat a big heart.Thanks Mr. Grey it was a sweet story.Hope you are willing to write more about this gays,at list two more booksey all deserve find someone to love.

    • ElaineY says:

      REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK; MARCH 8, 2015Narrator: John SoloThe story was boring and the narrator was bad (he was better in the first book). To add insult to injury, the book cover is awful.

    • Moomba says:

      3.75 stars

    • L.G. says:

      3.5 Stars

    • ItsAboutTheBook says:

      Review can be read at It's About The Book4.5 starsLowell, or better known as Spook, has done his last job and is ready to get out of the business. He’s tired and dreams of a semi normal life where he can just be himself for a change. After his last job goes awry, Lowell is off and running. There are men after him and he needs to get gone. Lowell ends up at Bronco’s to speak to Bull (from the book Inside Out) about how he can get out of the business without dying. Bull is also and ex mercenar [...]

    • Pam Kay says:

      WOW! This series just keep getting better. Strong story line that links the first story and this one and characters that are intense, but lovable. This story involves all the characters of the first plus the reintroduction of Lowell, who was the mercenary that was coming after Bull in the first, Lowell comes into the bar that Bull owns to talk to him about getting out of the mercenary business like Bull did. He meets Jeremy and the two have an immediate attraction. He is being very mysterious un [...]

    • The Novel Approach Reviews says:

      I have to preface this review with: I am a huge fan of Andrew Grey. When I met him at the GayRomLit Retreat in Atlanta, I was so taken aback by the kindness he projects. I like what he writes about and I always learn something new. I especially liked the South Dakota Native American series, and I like his characters. They are all very likable people. I know they aren’t real, but when I am reading one of his books I feel like they are. I want to stay in their worlds, I get very melancholy for a [...]

    • Linda Tonis says:

      Andrew Grey has done it again written a story filled with romance, love, mystery, lies, betrayals, courage and loyalty. This story got all my emotions pumping, sad, happy and nervous. I have read many, many of Mr. Grey's books and they never cease to amaze me, how does he come up with all his ideas when a simple review gets my heart racing. Unlike many gay books I have been asked to read and review Mr. Grey writes books about regular men facing the same problems as any other person, lose of a lo [...]

    • Bo says:

      Everything Comes Out Between The CoversAs soon as I saw the cover of this one, I almost flipped. The model for it is Dirk Caber (acknowledged in the dedication by author Grey), whose real-life partner, Jesse Jackman, was the inspiration for the cover of the first book in this series, "Inside Out." So I had to get this one instantly to see if there was any tongue-in-cheek by Mr. Grey in setting us up this way. As it turns out, the character on the cover in the first book, Bull Krebs, and the one [...]

    • Love Bytes Reviews says:

      4 star review by CindyI loved the first book in this series by Andrew Grey so when the second became available to review, I jumped at the chance. Mr. Grey is a steady writer and you can count something new from him every couple of months and it’s rarely a disappointment.Lowell we know from the first book as “Spook”, the mercenary who tried to “persuade” Bull to come back to the life, earning himself the wrath of Zach, Bull’s boyfriend. Lowell has finally decided that the time has com [...]

    • Driima says:

      I really enjoyed reading this book and the developing realtionship dynamics between Lowell and Jeremy were fun to follow. But what made me really appreciate this book was, that I was a little torn about it, still am. I'm still not sure how I feel about Lowell, if I could be with someone like him, be in Jeremy place.(view spoiler)[ He did some pretty bad things in his (even very recent) past and (view spoiler)[ killing people for money without beeing threatened, in self-defense or to protect some [...]

    • Aine Massie says:

      Upside Down is the story of Spoook—an ex-merc (or he’s trying to be an ex at least)—and Jeremy, a twink that pushes all Lowell/Spooks buttons, even ones he didn’t remember or know having. However, Lowell’s goal to escape being a merc isn’t easy and there are others that don’t want to give him up, unless it’s via body count. Add in Jeremy’s roommate’s new boyfriend, stalkers, and some sweet love, and you have another great Andrew Grey story.I loved watching these two dance clo [...]

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