If Clouds Could Speak

If Clouds Could Speak Five different people Five different stories Five different abuses These are their stories TakeAStand Antibullying

  • Title: If Clouds Could Speak
  • Author: Bree Vanderland
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 297
  • Format: None
  • Five different people.Five different stories.Five different abuses.These are their stories TakeAStand Antibullying

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    • Dominique Goodall says:

      A different and intriguing look into the effects of bullying, abuse and peer pressure that goes beyond this life and into the next. Definitely one that tugs on the heartstrings!

    • Kate Robbins says:

      The stories in this book are heartbreaking. Bree brings bullying to life through every single one of her characters. You so desperately wish that you could leap into the book and save them, but you can't.It is time for us to take a stand. Bullying is real, and it needs to be stopped. No one deserves to be treated like they are less than nothing. Major props to Bree for doing this.

    • Caroline Robinson says:

      The 5 stories in If Clouds Could Speak are very different but all of them will affect you deeply, Arianna's in particular made me cry! This is a powerfully written book, it shows some of the different types of bullying that can affect anyone and also points people in the direction of help. This book will let you know you're not alone if you're being bullied.All in all this is a must read book.

    • Mark says:

      If Clouds Could Speak, written by Bree Vanderland is powerfully, yet tragic set of harrowing accounts detailing what the characters presented in this book go through while being bullied. As in the case of the subject matter, you actually feel for some of their unfortunate outcomes. Still however, I enjoyed it, and it was worth the time reading, so five stars.

    • Cindy Smith says:

      To say this is a powerful book would be an understatement. Bree takes four situations of bullying and reveals what the ultimate climax could mean. I would call this a must read for any who are experiencing bullying and those seeking ways to put an end to the terrible abuse. Well written with lots of references to places to seek help and support!

    • Bree Vanderland says:

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