Khrushchev Remembers, Vol 2:Last Testament

Khrushchev Remembers Vol Last Testament None

  • Title: Khrushchev Remembers, Vol 2:Last Testament
  • Author: Nikita Khrushchev Strobe Talbott
  • ISBN: 9780517175477
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Hardcover
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    • Jan-Jaap van Peperstraten says:

      Kruschev's memoirs, translated by Strobe Talbot form a fascinating historical document not only offering insight into the mind of Kruschev himself but also into those of Stalin's inner circle: Kamenev, Molotov, the odious Beria and the insufferable toady Kaganovich. Through these pages one thing is made utterly clear - Communism was an active force for evil, Stalin an utter maniac and Khruschev himself obviously deluded and quite as capable of violence as any of his fellow Stalinist henchmen was [...]

    • Arif says:

      This was, for me, my first exposure to a perspective on the other side of the Iron Curtain. My first impressions of Khrushchev come from a documentary on CBC about the Cuban missile crisis. I was about 11 then and had yet to learn who was Stalin. Even so, he struck me as a man of humility to have backed down and lost face for the sake of avoiding a nuclear confrontation. His memoirs carry that undertone of proletarian brotherhood and a concern for the average joe.You can hardly begin to understa [...]

    • David says:

      This is an amazing book. It's not really history, but more of Khrushchev's personal thoughts behind some of the history in which he was involved. It is very self-serving and anti-Stalin, so I would not recommend it as history. For those who are already family with the history of the Soviet Union, this is a "behind-the-scenes" peek which helps give insight into the personalities who rose and fell during that time. It is also a very easy and good read! I actually took some unread mysteries back to [...]

    • Geoff says:

      This was a fascinating read. Khrushchev comes across as a garrulous old man. Not a first-rate raconteur but enough to keep you interested. And some of his reminisces made me chuckle eg: Soviet leadership seeing a new rocket design.The majority of autobios and memoirs by politicos are self-serving. This one is no exception. Despite wanting to abide by the maxim of always telling the truth Khrushchev is quiet on his culpability in violations of socialist legality. (Though that caveat applies more [...]

    • +Chaz says:

      Long but other wise excellent. Take with a grain of salt, however, still fascinating view of the Kremlin.

    • Mickey Mantle says:

      Enjoyed the bookAmazing how Stalin butchered so manyThis "Party", "Government" and "Communist Cause" are an absolute insult to any thinking person.All these people were guilty of mass murder.

    • Douglas Graney says:

      His chapter on the Cuban Missile crisis is particularly interesting.

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