Resolution Irresistibly blending suspense mystery compassion raw instinct and grim wit Resolution provides a wrenching conclusion to Denise Mina s universally acclaimed Garnethill trilogy Life has gotten no

  • Title: Resolution
  • Author: Denise Mina
  • ISBN: 9780316016827
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
  • Irresistibly blending suspense, mystery, compassion, raw instinct, and grim wit, Resolution provides a wrenching conclusion to Denise Mina s universally acclaimed Garnethill trilogy.Life has gotten no easier for Maureen O Donnell since the events in Exile Already deeply in debt and struggling with alchoholism, she now faces her most formidable challenges yet testifying aIrresistibly blending suspense, mystery, compassion, raw instinct, and grim wit, Resolution provides a wrenching conclusion to Denise Mina s universally acclaimed Garnethill trilogy.Life has gotten no easier for Maureen O Donnell since the events in Exile Already deeply in debt and struggling with alchoholism, she now faces her most formidable challenges yet testifying against her boyfriend s murderer and the return of her abusive father to Glasgow As family matters deteriorate and violence hovers over the familiar neighborhoods of Garnethill, the world becomes a darker, dangerous and even deadly place for Maureen.A New York Times Notable Book of the Year

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    • Sandi says:

      An excellent conclusion to the Garnethill trilogy. Some of the best writing I have come across in crime fiction. The plots were believable, the characters almost too real, and the Glasgow setting endlessly fascinating.

    • Mark says:

      Grim and gritty Glasgow--hard-drinking down-and-outers--kind of the opposite of Scott's Scotland. Denise Mina's books concern sexual abuse and gender politics, and avoid the usual formulas of the police procedural; instead, they're told from the point of view of women and victims. In this trilogy, the central character Maureen O'Donnell requires effort sometimes to like but is hard to resist: she's an alky, she makes crap decisions, and she's no romantic, yet she's brave, loyal, and pissed off a [...]

    • Vanessa says:

      The struggle was real with this one.I've been a fan girl of Scottish mystery writer Denise Mina for a while now. I've loved the other two books in the Garnethill trilogy (Garnethill and Exile, respectively) and what I've read of her Paddy Meehan trilogy. I've even read the Hellblazer comics she has authored. I liked this trilogy so much, I put off reading this entry because I didn't want it to end. So I was surprised when I found the conclusion of this story just OK.( I haven't been as thrilled [...]

    • Kristine Brancolini says:

      Resolution completes the trilogy featuring Maureen O'Donnell of Glasgow, Scotland. She's emotionally fragile, having survived childhood incest pepetrated by her father Michael and the recent murder of her married lover Douglas. Now Douglas's accused murderer is going on trial, but he may be trying to set himself up for an insanity defense by driving her crazy. Maureen has been living off money that Douglas gave her before his death, but that has pretty much run out. She and her best friend Lesli [...]

    • Leanna says:

      Mina was not joking around when she entitled this one, "Resolution." Want Mauri to address and resolve her personal issues? Done. Want her to take on an only tangentially-related murder-mystery and thereby aid all sorts of anonymous but oppressed women? No problem. Think her family needs to get its act together? Sure thing. Been worrying about justice for Pauline? Don't worry no more. How about Siobhan? Solved. It's a wonder what a few support groups, the love of a good man, and gardening can do [...]

    • funkgoddess says:

      a superb series. full of strong, believable women, all of whom are survivors and not victims.

    • Zelly says:

      Recension: ZellysBokhylla

    • L says:

      Denise Mina's work is dark. Very dark. Her characters struggle with life, in seamy situations, following impossibly painful experiences. For instance, Maureen O'Donnell, works to make a life of some sort, as a survivor of childhood incest/rape and the recent murder of her [married] therapist/boyfriend. She drinks a bit. She wants to protect her sister's soon-to-be-born child from her father, even though most of her family paints her as the problem, not her father/rapist. If that weren't enough, [...]

    • James Carmichael says:

      Okay! Farewell Maureen. I'll miss you.All the things that are good about this trilogy are good about this book. Namely:- good writing, like in the basic stuff of what people say and how feelings and sensory stuff is described- great evocation of setting (Glasgow again, thankfully)- engaging characters- satisfying overarching journey for the protagonist, that - natch - resolves in this one.Spoiler alerts! Here's what I felt was a little less good.- overly tidy plotting; the emotional lives are su [...]

    • AngryGreyCat says:

      Resolution is the third book in the Garnethill trilogy by Denise Mina. I would highly recommend reading this series in order…or you will be completely lost.It is hard to discuss too much about this book without giving away spoilers to the first two in the series, because this plot wraps up events from those books. On the whole this is a dark, gritty, violent series. It covers a gamut of issues from childhood sexual abuse, alcoholism, family dysfunction, infidelity, drug abuse, rape and of cour [...]

    • Peter Weissman says:

      I liked this book, though not as much as other Denise Mina books. For me, the problem, or maybe annoyance, is also that of most contemporary whodunit writers who know detectives through TV and the movies, and of course other books, often written a long while ago. In her first trilogy, Mina's mystery unraveler is a reporter--a good guise and rationale for uncovering moral or ethical shmutz, as well as murder. In the Garnethill trilogy, of which this book is #3, I don't know what the protagonist i [...]

    • Kate Pierson says:

      I love that Glasgow setting of these Maureen O'Donnell books. I've learned so much about Glasgow, and I really have a picture of the city in my head. The writing is wonderful, so vivid. It's just a tad too gritty for me, though, and I think I'll take a break from "hard-boiled" mysteries for a while.

    • Randal says:

      Looking for the blueprint to Stieg Larsson's "Millennium" trilogy? Look no further than Denise Mina's "Garnethill" trilogy. These books could easily have been called "Men Who Hate Women." And, make Maureen O'Donnell a little younger and skinnier, give her some tattoos and body piercings, and make her a kick-ass computer hacker and what have you got? A Glaswegian Lisbeth Salander.

    • Monika says:

      Tredje och sista delen i serien om Maureen O'Donnell var jag egentligen inte alls lockad att läsa, eftersom jag inte gillat de två första speciellt mycket. Läs mer på bokslut/2014/11/de

    • Brian says:

      Finishing the trilogy in style, with the perfect mix of anger, class consciousness, feminism, scottishness, morbidity, and wit. Read all 3 now, and I mean that.

    • Rachel says:

      From - "Maureen O'Donnell is facing the darkest episode in her life. She owes more than she makes in a year in back taxes; Angus Farrell, the psychologist who murdered her boyfriend, is up for trial, with Maureen as the reluctant star witness; and her abuser has arrived back in Glasgow in time for the birth of her sister's baby. On top of it all, Maureen - who identifies all too readily with the underdogs of this world - has become embroiled in someone else's family feud. When an elderly stallh [...]

    • Matthew says:

      The third and final installment of this series is by far the most satisfying. Some of the things that were hard to like in the first two novels got resolved in a way that felt earned, and it's good to get closure in a way that feels realistic. In fact, this book seemingly didn't have a mystery to solve for quite awhile, until Mina reveals late in the book that something the reader has likely assumed isn't what happened at all. I've long had Denise Mina as an author to read and I'm glad I read th [...]

    • brianna says:

      I really enjoyed this trilogy, and I was prepared for a bleak, or maybe ambiguous ending - this series ended with a fairly satisfying ending that normally I wouldn't care for but in this instance was well-done and didn't tie up everything with a neat, functional bow, especially in terms of the horribly messed-up family dynamics. I'd like to see these books made into movies, because I think they'd translate very well.

    • Sandy says:

      A reread, but still good. Gritty Glasgow, where almost everyone has a drinking problem and public spaces have receptacles for the bottles. Maureen O’Donnell is surrounded by enemies, even her own family, as she dreads the trial that should imprison the evil doctor who preyed on those in rehab. Great sense of place.

    • Ellen says:

      I was very glad to be able to finish up Maureen's story. It's tough to write a character that struggles with Maureen's issues, but Mina is a genius at creating character, not to mention plot! Maureen's vulnerable determination is fantastic and every time she gets the better of someone - like Mina's later characters Paddy and Alex - you've got to cheer her on.

    • Asadie says:

      Talk about some plot twists!! It took me a while to read this book because I was a little busy but I read the last 100 pages so quick and they were the best. I loved the justice in the end, pretty poetic to me. More pleased with the way this ended than with the way Exile ended.

    • Lynn says:

      Not for the squeamish or the scrupulous. Gotta give stars for this writer's unflinching look at flawed characters in dysfunctional families in unjust societies. Plot is twisty enough, book too long, détails abundant. But I think I'm done with this author. Gonna take awhile to get the stink out.

    • Hans says:

      Solid, earned conclusion to Denise Mina's Garnethill trilogy. By this third volume, Maureen's life is feeling more and more claustrophobic. The lingering arcs from the previous books seamlessly blend into another story arc. Looking forward to exploring more of Mina's work!

    • Ish Chu says:

      Wasn't able to finish this book.

    • Gaynor Torrance says:

      Thorougly gripping. Yet another tense chapter in Maureen's life. A fitting and satisfying end to this series.

    • Dalia says:

      Its intersting how many parallels between alex morrow and Maureen there are esp with discivering what the brother character is capable of etc.

    • Susan says:

      Five stars not so much for the story but for the characters. Really like the way Mina sets the tone/mood of her books with stark reality and vulnerability.

    • Mei-Lu says:

      Gotta love a pun-y title, right? Resolution is the last book in Denise Mina's Garnethill trilogy and the title both refers to that and the heroine's desired state of mind.Maureen O'Donnell's past is catching up with her. The murderer from the first book is on trial, and he's arranged for Maureen to receive regular packages of child pornography in order to throw her off balance. Her sister Una is pregnant and, to prove that she doesn't believe Maureen's story of childhood sexual abuse, Una has be [...]

    • Linda Boa says:

      Loved this whole trilogy. Denise Mina could write a shopping list and I'd probably read it, tbh. And give it 5 *s!

    • Geraldine says:

      Splendid finale to the Garnethill trilogy. Some extraordinary characters from the seedy side of Glasgow life - but not exclusively Glasgow, I'm sure they have their equivalents in every other major city. Sometimes I found the characters frustrating - why are educated, reasonably intelligent people leading lives of such of utter dissolution and chaos? but you can't help but like them all - Leslie, Liam, Kilty and especially Maureen. Maureen, this very ordinary, dissolute, chaotic young woman who [...]

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