The Protector

The Protector What would you do if the woman you loved was the one person you could never be with Elizabeth Grayson doesn t want a bodyguard She s worked hard for her normal life and her job as a violinist in the B

  • Title: The Protector
  • Author: Bridget Essex
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What would you do if the woman you loved was the one person you could never be with Elizabeth Grayson doesn t want a bodyguard She s worked hard for her normal life and her job as a violinist in the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, and the last thing she needs is a reminder of how much power her father still has over her He s a good enough man, but as the founder of a booWhat would you do if the woman you loved was the one person you could never be with Elizabeth Grayson doesn t want a bodyguard She s worked hard for her normal life and her job as a violinist in the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, and the last thing she needs is a reminder of how much power her father still has over her He s a good enough man, but as the founder of a booming seafood empire with a sizable fortune to his name he s a prime target for his less than ethical competitors And that means Elizabeth is a target, too She doesn t quite believe her life is in danger until the day of the accident But when her father hires a bodyguard for Elizabeth, she still utterly refusesat is, until she meets the mysterious Layne O Connell Sarcastic, charming and secretive, Layne is hired to keep Elizabeth safe But protecting her heart wasn t in the job description As Elizabeth s life is threatened again and again, a strange mystery unfolds, and it seems that even her father is keeping secrets from her And when Layne reveals her true nature, Elizabeth s world is thrown upside down Because Elizabeth has fallen for the one person she can t be with the brooding werewolf who was charged with keeping her alive Part heart pounding mystery, part epic romance, the novel The Protector, the first book in the Lone Wolf series, will leave you spellbound It is approximately 62,000 words several days worth of reading or so.

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    • Kara says:

      I enjoyed “The Protector”, but I think the book should have been named “Needs a Protector”. Layne may be mysterious, sexy and a fun MC, but she’s a REALLY bad bodyguard! On her watch, Elizabeth is attacked at home by a vampire, nearly attacked at a concert by another vampire (saved only by a friendly vampire), kidnapped by a vampire and saved by Layne only because the vampire spends more time talking than biting, and finally is killed on a beach the morning after sex. Yes – killed. A [...]

    • Val says:

      This is the second novel I've read by Essex and it was much better than the other (Beauty and the Wolf). It's a rather long novel which is a huge plus for me because there is time to develop the characters and their relationships. I initially saw Liz as an immature, egotistical rich girl but the character grows and evolves and I loved her by the end. Layne is that strong, hero type character who rescues the damsel in distress multiple times. It's a rather predictable character in lesbian fiction [...]

    • Lex Kent says:

      3 1/2 Stars. This is the new version of The Protector, where Essex continued the story that used to be 170 to 365 kindle pages. I found the book to be slightly better than OK, some parts I enjoyed, others drove me a bit nuts. It's the kind of book that makes you yell at the characters "Why are you doing that!" So some of the stupidity could be frustrating at times. The story-line was alright, the twists were pretty easy to guess, but I did like that one of the mains was a violinist in the Boston [...]

    • Book Worm says:

      The second time around I listened to the audiobook. I must say that I liked the story also the first time around, although I have to say that I do not so much like the insta-love in Bridget Essex's books. The same applies here, but as I like Romeo and Juliet and the theme of star-crossed lovers, falling instantly in love despite everything society throws at them, I guess I have to reassess this dislike.The star-crossed lover's motif is a good segue by the way. As this book basically has the same [...]

    • lov2laf says:

      3.75 stars on this one.The writing and story telling are good. The author has a really natural ability and following the narrative is interesting and easy. Though it's not revealed until the end what Layne is, it's pretty clear from the start that she's a werewolf. That's not really the mystery part of this book. The intrigue is around why Elizabeth is getting attacked, who is behind it, and what is her father hiding? Essex does a good job of dropping hints along the way for the reader like brea [...]

    • Poison says:

      Heroine is both oblivious, foolish and tstl, which is a mind boggling combo of fail.This might have been a good effort, but it feels like the heroine must act like an idiot to advance the plot, and further, do real people turn down immortality while people are trying to kill them, and while they age towards 40?Ludicrous.

    • Nomv says:

      Intriguing plotline, but it's about time the author stops mention how utterly handsome and gorgeous Layne is. One to three times is okay, but then it became really tiring, as if almostevery time Layne makes an appearance, our protagonist would just totally head over heel, with her heart beating, staring, blushing, and in every of those moments, she would describe how incredibly attractive Layne is. The only thing I remember about the protagonist's appearances is her green eyes, that pretty much [...]

    • Susan says:

      Spellbinding! Part heart-pounding mystery, part epic romance, this is a very well written tale about finding love and fighting to hold on to it thru everything that threatens to tear it apart. The characters are well developed and the storyline flows from the pages. You'll definitely want to put this book on your must-read list.

    • Amy says:

      Enjoyed the story, werewolves and vampires. A good read.

    • Stephanie says:

      This was ok. The narrator wasn't my favorite and at times she spoke so soft I had difficulty hearing.

    • Wendy Turner says:

      If I had the option to give half stars I would give 3 &1/2 stars to this book. I love Bridget Essex's work and have read her Knight series and her Sullivan series, both of which I loved.Now I don't like writing reviews that are negative and I don't think this is a particularly negative review, although unfortunately this book did not have the same impact on me as her other books. I'm not by any means saying it was all bad! I just don't think it lived up to my opinion of her previous works.I [...]

    • Loek Krancher says:

      An impressive new improved version. A real page turner. The unthinkable happens, an attack that changes her life forever. An evil puts her live and everyone around her in jeopardy. The protector is not only gorgeous but is also made of kick ass toughness and is strong willed. She will stop at nothing to protect her. A passionate magnetism draws them to one another but she has a dark secret and she is not the only one who keeps secrets from Elizabeth. Elizabeth is determined to find out the truth [...]

    • Brenda Bridgers says:

      The supernatural was never so cool!I saw this book on Facebook and it looks interesting, so I bought it. It was everything I had hoped for and more. A great story about a human that comes from a family of vampires, but she is unaware of that fact, guarded by a werewolf in the form of a beautiful woman! There is romance, intrigue, and supernatural adventure. What more could you ask for?

    • Journey says:

      a cute, fast read, but lacking in real depth. the thing i was most struck by is, considering how IN LOVE they are, Elizabeth never expresses real interest in who Layne is. how do werewolves get that way in this world? how did she become a werewolf? why didn't Elizabeth ever ask if it was possible for her to become a werewolf? (it may not have been possible, but I would have asked! I expected her to!)

    • Jane Shambler says:

      Wow!I read this book when Bridget first bought it out as the first part of a series. I loved it then and hoping part two would happen quickly. Instead she extended the book. However I think the book definitely deserves a sequel. I'd definitely be happy to read it and experience the continuing tales of Elizabeth and Layne. So Bridget I beg you please I need more :).

    • Blythe says:

      Couldn't put it down! When love is involved anything is possible. This was an absolute joy to read, the characters are loved and some are hated. The story will keep you captivated until the very end. Bridget Essex has created another stunning work of art, I highly recommend reading this.

    • susan says:

      WowI became a Bridget Essex fan awhile back after reading a knight to remember. And again she has made fall in love with her writing even more. I loved the characters and storyline in this one.

    • Shelby says:

      Bringing Worlds TogetherThe Protector was different than her other books it combined vampires and werewolves. I like her others books but this one was longer and so much deeper in detail of the characters' lives; I couldn't put it down. Fantastic book Bridget!

    • terri stark says:

      OUTSTANDINGAs with her previous books Bridget comes through with another amazing read. A lot of twists I definitely didn't see coming. And as always, I couldn't put it down. I will be waiting anxiously for Book two.

    • Rialene Nocedo says:

      Your book is Duper super amazing to read you are really a writer

    • marsha Hall says:

      WonderfulI really liked this book. The story is well written. There is a flow to it that just keep you reading well pass your bed time. I would recommend this book.

    • Heather Henkel says:

      Good bookI highly recommend this book. It was a nice story of human meets would and falls in love only to need supernatural help.

    • AD says:

      Absolutely love the updated version.

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