Malcolm's Journal

Malcolm s Journal Malcolm s Journal is a Lost Files bonus containing journal entries of Malcolm s thoughts between rescuing Sam from the Dulce Base and meeting up with the Garde

  • Title: Malcolm's Journal
  • Author: Pittacus Lore
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 285
  • Format: ebook
  • Malcolm s Journal is a Lost Files bonus containing journal entries of Malcolm s thoughts, between rescuing Sam from the Dulce Base and meeting up with the Garde.

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    • Carmen de la Rosa says:

      Otro archivo perdido que se lee rápido. No se agregaron nuevas ideas. Pero, se tiene una mejor comprensión de la mente de Malcolm Goode y su relación con su hijo Sam y Adamus Sutekh.

    • Dulce María says:

      Relleno para la saga, no aporta absolutamente nada nuevo ni relevante.

    • April says:

      "Together we will win this war. At least, that's what I hope."

    • Erikka says:

      iamnumberfoura/wiki/MThis was the best of the journals, because Malcolm is such an underdeveloped character in the books. He is so conflicted and torn apart in his journal that it seems very real--like the things he tells his journal are the things he wouldn't say to anyone else. The hardest part to read is when he says he's a terrible father because of how much of Sam's life he missed--that's heartbreaking.

    • Bill says:

      Online eBook. iamnumberfoura/wiki/M. This should be read after book 4.

    • Edna Mercy says:

      Another quick journal read about another of the hero's thoughts on what is happening in the main storyline of the series. No new insights added. But, one does get a better understanding of the mind of Malcolm Goode and his relationship with both his son Sam and Adamus Sutekh.Full Rating: 3.3

    • Katy says:

      Not a whole lot of extra details there. Pretty much felt pointless to include in the lore.

    • Tajanator says:

      Another interesting addition to the story. Malcolm's return is pretty huge for Sam's story. I am really happy for him in this. It makes me sad that they had some much time separated from one another, though. An awkward boy who has no one to identify with, but would had his father not gone missing so many years ago. And they lost all of that time together. All of Sam's childhood is lost to Malcolm now. I couldn't imagine losing my son's childhood like that. And now, Malcolm will become the closes [...]

    • Tanvi Krishnakumar says:

      In Malcolm's journal, we get to see more of Malcolm, he's been a sort of backdrop character, the reason why Sam originally believed in aliens and helped Four but we never knew much about him. Here we get to see his regrets about Sam, the few scattered memories he has piercing through the veil that the Mogodorians have shrouded over his mind and his fear for Adam, his family, the Loric and the human race.

    • JC says:

      3.5 stars — Not much of a story, if I may say. This exclusive bonus to the series unravels a story in Malcolm Goode's perspective on his thoughts about the looming war, and about the time that he'd spent in Mogadorian captivity.

    • Jesús López López says:

      No aporta nada interesante ni nuevo. no se como hay gente que la da tan altas calificaciones.

    • Jarrett Piner says:

      Short, but well worth the read. This guy has been through a LOT.

    • Gabi Garcia says:

      It's crazy how Pittacus Lore can make this many pov's and make each of them tell you something new! It's great! It was fun again seeing it by Malcolm's pov!

    • Tori Gupe says:

      Al final estos libros tan cortos te dejan con más ansiedad!!!Yo también espero lo mismo que Malcom!!

    • ♡Julalicious Book Paradise♡ says:

      review to come.

    • Xyleen Qien says:


    • CARISSA E says:

      this was just a short lil story

    • Stacy says:

      Wasn't really interested in Malcolm's POV tbh. But I love all the books.

    • Giselle says:

      No aporta nada nuevo, además es demasiado corto como para ponerle otra cosa.

    • Antonio Joaquin says:

      Basically Malcom's journal (as titled) and describes in his point-of-view some of the events that happened to him throughout the series. Nothing special though.

    • Jackie says:

      a nice unexpected find. i really want the garde to win.

    • Dalma says:

      I love to read this notes from Malcom's POV, it's so interesting bc he knows things that could help them win the war, but he just can't remember

    • Nickie says:

      Malcolm's character gets a bit of development. Still no unique information but the character is not as flat as in the full books.

    • Nancy The book junkie says:

      Rating: 3.25/5Review coming soon!

    • Matthew Oliveras says:

      A devoted father on many fronts.

    • Vidhi says:

      This is a very quick story, about seven pages. It is a completely different perspective of the story we have all come to love.

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