L'Eté indien d'une paire de lunettes

L Et indien d une paire de lunettes None

  • Title: L'Eté indien d'une paire de lunettes
  • Author: A.E. van Vogt Renato Pestriniero France-Marie Watkins
  • ISBN: 9782277210573
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

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    • Denis says:

      I’ve never taken any creative writing courses, but I imagine they might go something like this:Teacher: Here is a topic for all of you: In the near future, aliens come to Earth. Lets call them ah, “the Utt”. So, these Utt have come and have decided that all of Earth's social problems are caused by the males of this world because of their primal tendency towards violence. They then impose a solution which is that all men must wear rose-tinted eye glasses that, by way of light refraction of [...]

    • Isabel (kittiwake) says:

      Although this story is set in the future at a time when women are the dominant sex, it turns into a male wish fulfilment fantasy by the end. It was okay, but it was only 159 pages long, and if it was much longer I probably wouldn't have bothered finishing it.

    • Lostaccount says:

      Earth is taken over by an alien race called The Utt, who decide in their Godlike wisdom that Man (or more specifically the male sex drive) is the cause of all the world’s troubles, so they have to “psychically castrate” males. To create harmony on Earth they emasculate all men with a drug (given at puberty) that renders them nearsighted (so they can’t see the boobs, more or less) – “The Utt chemical method”. Pretty ridiculous. But anyway. Men are effectively made impotent by being [...]

    • João Sousa says:

      I read this book so I could get a glimpse of the author's work. It is somehow difficult for me to write a review on a book I didn't like. I always tend to assume that a given book has a target where I am not included, rather than analysing its content and getting involved in a personal evaluation of it.Anyway, "scifi" literature does not have to be closely related to soft (pulp? light?) content. But "Renaissance" is in my opinion anything but a fast paced action story, with some interesting prem [...]

    • Peter Dunn says:

      A great premise that quickly descends into relentless misogyny and an understanding of male and female interaction that is even more warped than that shown by the book’s alien Utt. Add to that a plot resolution built round a handy hypno mirror and you have in short one of Vogt’s worst novels.

    • Matteo Pellegrini says:

      Tutto il potere è femminile, gli uomini (che non possono neppure entrare in un bar se non sono accompagnati da una donna) hanno perso ogni aggressività, ogni baldanza, e perfino gran parte dei loro stimoli sessuali. E tutti questi spenti maschi devono portare per legge certi occhiali dalle lenti leggermente rosate. Poi un giorno, a uno di loro, uno scienziato, accade una cosa strana: le sue lenti s'incrinano quasi nello stesso istante ping ping Un caso davvero insolito, un incidente fuori da o [...]

    • DavidO says:

      This book starts with an interesting premise. Aliens took over earth and took away men's aggression, basically making them entirely subservient to women. On one guy the device to do this gets broken, so he starts acting more aggressive and sexual. From there, however, it doesn't go so well. It becomes a story about a man fighting aliens with his xcrazy inventions, eventually defeating them with his inventions. To me that feels like it got off track. It started as a study of what men are like wit [...]

    • Nick Heyns says:

      I read this in French. My mother, who reads no French, bought me a copy when she was on holiday in France. She picked it because the cover looked like Science Fiction. Like a lot of Science Fiction books, the cover had nothing to do with the story. It was an interesting story nonetheless.

    • John says:

      1981 grade B+

    • Brett says:

      Science Fiction

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