Paradoxes of Catholicism

Paradoxes of Catholicism A collection of essays relating to his conversion to Catholicism

  • Title: Paradoxes of Catholicism
  • Author: Robert Hugh Benson
  • ISBN: 9781428056893
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • A collection of essays relating to his conversion to Catholicism.

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    • Michael says:

      Hard to say, but of Robert Hugh Benson's I think this is my favoriate. A cool book on gaining a vision of Christ working through His Church in our world. I'd like to read this again soon.

    • Edward Clark III says:

      As Usual Benson RocksGreat throughout. Chesterton writes somewhere about there being no stick too good to beat the Church. She is too merciful or too cruel to spiritual for too practical, etc. Benson takes a dozen or so of these arguments head on. His last section which is a meditation on the words of Christ on the cross is worth the ( proverbial) price of the book.

    • Josh says:

      Since I have not found a blurb for this book, I will quote from the beginning of the last chapter, which also serves quite well as a summary of the book:"We have considered, so far, a number of paradoxical phenomena exhibited in the life of Catholicism and have attempted to find their reconciliation in the fact that the Catholic Church is at once Human and Divine. In her striving, for example, after a Divine and supernatural Peace, of which she alone possesses the secret, she resists even unto b [...]

    • Henrique Albuquerque says:

      Em português, Formatto.

    • Orlando says:

      Increased my interest and understanding of Catholicism. Very deep and insightful.

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