Spoiled Brats: And Other Stories

Spoiled Brats And Other Stories A brilliant new collection from one of the funniest writers in America Jimmy So Daily Beast In his collection SPOILED BRATS Simon Rich takes his absurd culture skewering style to new heights marry

  • Title: Spoiled Brats: And Other Stories
  • Author: Simon Rich
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A brilliant new collection from one of the funniest writers in America Jimmy So, Daily Beast.In his collection SPOILED BRATS, Simon Rich takes his absurd, culture skewering style to new heights, marrying the literary polish of writers like Karen Russell and George Saunders with the humor of Steve Martin to deliver truly dazzling tales.SPOILED BRATS is about the battlesA brilliant new collection from one of the funniest writers in America Jimmy So, Daily Beast.In his collection SPOILED BRATS, Simon Rich takes his absurd, culture skewering style to new heights, marrying the literary polish of writers like Karen Russell and George Saunders with the humor of Steve Martin to deliver truly dazzling tales.SPOILED BRATS is about the battles we fight with the ones who love us most our parents In Family Business, a young chimpanzee offends his working class father by choosing to become a research animal instead of joining the family grub hunting business In Proud Mom, a young mother is so besotted she doesn t realize her child is actually, truly a monster And in Animals, the fate of a terrified classroom hamster hangs in the balance when a notorious kid is picked for hamster care duty.SPOILED BRATS confirms Rich as one of the most adept, inarguably funny San Francisco Chronicle young writers at work today.

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    • Jessica says:

      In a word: underwhelming. Simon Rich's collection of short stories has some funny moments, for sure. I laughed out loud several times while reading "Sell Out," and several of the other scenarios made me chuckle (I particularly liked the premise of "The Tribal Rite of the Strombergs".). But for someone who seems intent on roasting the selfie selfishness of the Millennials, Rich seems a little too close to the fire. He's obviously an insider, a Brooklynite and a hipster. The stories are TOO tongue [...]

    • Shawn says:

      Any book that can have you laughing out loud this often, cannot possibly garner anything less than 5-stars. Absolutely hysterical. I thoroughly enjoyed "Last Girlfriend", and vowed to seek out anything else this writer put out -- and I'm so glad I did. What an enormously talented, funny, funny man. Just as "Cupid" was a must read in "Last Girlfriend", "Elf On The Shelf" is worth the price of admission with this collection. Not due out until October, so you may have to wait. But, be at your local [...]

    • Shannon says:

      I’ve long been a person who enjoys a short story here and there, but rarely goes hunting for collections (and I don’t think I’m alone). The exception to that rule is Simon Rich. After hearing raves over his 2013 collection, The Last Girlfriend on Earth, I picked it up and immediately fell in love with Rich’s quick, offbeat humor. With his fourth collection Spoiled Brats, Rich not only proves that love wasn’t just a fluke—he turns it up a notch.It’s funny AND smartIt should come as [...]

    • Wendy Russell says:

      This, among other reasons, is why I loved this book:"I love my father, but sometimes he can get on my nerves. It’s hard to explain why exactly. It’s just little things he does, here and there, that bother me. For example, sometimes he shits into his hands and then throws the shit into my face while jumping up and down and screaming. I know he’s just trying to be funny— and it is funny, I can see that. But there’s just something about it that annoys me. I’ve asked him politely not to [...]

    • Ellie says:

      Spoiled Brats: Stories is a collection of stories by Simon Rich, an author I feel compelled to read more of the moment I finish this review. I found these stories hilarious. Some of them are only as long as a lengthy joke and I preferred the somewhat longer ones, commentaries on hipsters, Brooklyn's status as uber borough, modern parenting, and elementary school classroom culture. Some of the stories are more successful than others (I particularly like the one where a man is pickled in a vat of [...]

    • Sean Kottke says:

      Ha! Millennials are the worst except when they're marvelous. A strong collection of very funny stories that hit the satiric nail on the head consistently. My favorite is the longest, "Sell Out," which imagines the author's ancestor, preserved in pickle juice for 100 years, awakening in modern day Brooklyn and discovering as many absurd continuities with the past as ridiculous devolutions. Sure, there are more than a few grasps at some of our era's lowest-hanging fruits, but then again, we 21st [...]

    • Stuart says:

      Simon Rich's previous books have been hilarious, but the stories were often just sketches, like SNL skits that were too funny to make it onto the air. This book, however, moves to a new level. It's equally hilarious -- but now Rich has a lot more on his mind. His satire is fantastic (the social critique in 'Sell Out' for example, is endlessly clever and always spot-on) and he manages to hit moments of great poignancy as well. He might rely on blue humor a bit too often for a laugh, but it's gene [...]

    • Moshe Mikanovsky says:

      I quite enjoyed this collection of short stories by funny-man Rich. For the most part, the ideas behind them were a bit juvenile, but to Rich's credit, he quickly pours out the premise of each story, getting over the juvenile part (chimpanzee who wants to work for human, hamster in a classroom, man falls into pickled brine for 100 years etc) and into the real fun of the story. I almost gave it 3 stars. The 4th star is for the gem in this collection, Sell Out. What a wonderful story. You can also [...]

    • Erik says:

      4,5*Superská kniha! Predali mi ju ako vtipné hipsterské poviedky, to najlepšie, čo ponúka dnešná newyorská scéna. Bože, a vôbec sa nemýlili. Už dávno som sa tak dobre nenasmial! Tento týpek s ničoho nebojí, berie si do huby, teda do klávesnica, každého a s takou ľahkosťou, až som sa musel naozaj premáhať, aby som sa nerehotal na celé letisko. Musím ASAP vyzistiť, čo iné ešte vyšlo od tohto týpka.

    • Luu says:

      They buried my wife in a shoe box in Central Park. () Pocahontas was her name. My name is Princess Jasmine. I am a male, so this name is humiliating.Čože, čože, pýtate sa počas celej zbierky. A potom vám to docvakne a TO JE GENIÁLNE. Fascinujúce nápady, originálne momenty, hromada vtipných scén, až si pripadáte hlúpo, že vám ujde smiech pred spolubývajúcimi, ktoré práve čítajú nudné veci do školy. I really liked it, volajú sa štyri hviezdičky. I really did. 8/10

    • Tuck says:

      outrageously funny stories making fun of ourselves and himself (the author simon rich), not many are spared, millennials, immigrant jews to nyc, hipsters, yuppie parents, douchey children, twee monsters, reallife monster children of country club set, short story writers, hulu, sex, death, moms even.lots of reviewers say they laugh and laugh reading these. it's true i think.

    • Vanessa says:

      Hilarious collection. Not to be missed, especially the first story.

    • Yossor Jamal says:

      A nice funny rest from daily stresses

    • Dirk says:

      A bit uneven, but in its best moments, particularly the longest piece, Sell Out, I lost weight while reading it. Laughing my butt off.

    • James says:

      Another fine and funny humor collection from Simon Rich. "Spoiled Brats" contains a number of short pieces as well as one stretching out to novella length. Some of the best use himself at the butt of the joke, starting with a disastrous turn as an elementary school hamster caregiver (offered from the doomed perspective of the hamster itself.“Hamster feeder is…”I scan the room. There are still some good candidates left. Maybe we’ll luck out and get Caitlin? Last month she gave us double p [...]

    • Jason Furman says:

      I really loved this book, I did a combination of reading and listening to Simon Rich's excellent narration. It was hilarious in the way it all-too-painfully captured much of the current period. It was also consistently inventive, although I found the incessant invention getting to me by the flurry of much shorter stories in the last part of the book.The first story is told in the first person by a hamster in a classroom--depicting the horrible children whose carelessness killed his wife and risk [...]

    • Charles H says:

      When I picked up "Spoiled Brats" by Simon Rich I was fairly intrigued. Recommended to me by my crazy teacher lady I started to read the first story. It was hilarious. A funny cute story about a kindergarten class pet living in a pampered private school. Each story's plot has absolutely nothing to do with another, but each story is connect by the theme of "Spoiled Brat's." If you like laughing at self obsessed millennials, and reading classic stories written in a new age funny way, this book is f [...]

    • Jane Stewart says:

      3 ½ stars. I didn’t laugh, but I smiled several times. Some clever ideas.This has several short stories. Most or all of them are told in first person. My two favorites were: 1. hamsters in a lower school classroom. When Simon was assigned to feed them for the week, they knew death by starvation was coming. 2. “Sell Out” had an immigrant making and selling pickles. He was advised to hire help, but he didn’t want the expense, so he was told to use interns. He couldn’t believe he was get [...]

    • J.I. says:

      Fun, and sometimes quite hilarious, this is a collection of short stories that starts weird and goes from there. Sadly, with a few exceptions ("Animals," "Guy Walks into a Bar"), they're all incredibly shallow. Here is a story about an insufferable child and an insufferable parent supporting them. Here is a story about hipsters. Here is a story about people affecting knowledge, etc. Past the jokes, most of the stories here, while light and fun and easy to read, are childishly rote in giving us a [...]

    • Kate says:

      I don't think I've read a short story collection so quickly. It's the perfect length, from the few page ones to the longer novella, and the cultural of millennials for good or ill is lampooned with great effect. Some of it you'll recognize in yourself as much as you won't want to. The humour is scathing, the stories told are warped and fantastical at points, and it is something I think people are either going to instantly get a kick out or put down pretty quick. I really enjoyed myself though. T [...]

    • Jennifer Didik says:

      ( giveaway!)3.5This book has everything: Burritoville. Housing Works. Miss Mary Mack. American Apparel. Secret Strokes shows. BJ Novak. Brooklyn Vegan. Miley Cyrus.And for all these stellar references (that basically speak directly to me), the material was good. But not great. I chuckled, but I never laughed out loud. This may be due to the fact that I've admired Simon Rich from afar for quite a while but never actually read his prose (though I'm willing to bet I was exposed to his material on S [...]

    • Alane says:

      Maybe this book is too white for you. Too absurd. Too New York. Too sly. Too crass. Too now. Too male. I tried to convince myself of a few of these things. But having written satire, humor, and a rare abysmal short story I can only conclude that this prose is tight. Jordache 1980 tight. The jokes may fade as of an era but there is a keen eye, a brilliant ear, and a whip smart writing that will keep. I had read one story before so when I arrived at that one midway through I had my Aha! moment. Th [...]

    • Marjolein says:

      Review Spoiled Brats - Simon RichThis book is a collection of short satirical stories, mostly light, always sharp, and very funny. There is plenty to laugh about, yet the humor has an undertone which makes you think about society. Three stars, because of some predictable stuff, and I don't like it so much that cruelty and rudeness is used so often to generate a laugh. The obvious exaggerated behaviour of characters is hilarious the first few times, but then the effect wears off for me. However, [...]

    • Emi Bevacqua says:

      Simon Rich is right up there with David Sedaris as far as my top favorite comedic short story writers, and this collection had me crying I was laughing so hard! Bad parenting and hipsterdom, torture and humiliation - in Simon Rich's hands, all of it is somehow completely spot-on hilarious. I like how he affixes his own name to some of the most odious of these spoiled brat characters, like the fat kindergartner who tortures the hamsters in Animal, and the 27 year old script doctor who rats out hi [...]

    • Miranda Reads says:

      some touching, most not

    • Sonia Reppe says:

      Really funny and clever stories that make fun of how spoiled we are. I love how Rich makes fun of himself in "Sell Out". This was one of my favorites, about a pickle factory worker immigrant in 1908 Brooklyn who falls into a vat, gets "pickled," wakes up in the present day, and meets his great-grandson Simon Rich. This story makes hilarious fun of hipsters in Brooklyn. In fact, this whole collection makes fun of contemporary society. I loved "Semester Abroad" in the 1st-person college girl voice [...]

    • Kat says:

      Not sure how to review a book of stories, as these are uneven. Some are funny but heartbreakingly so (Animals, Family Business), some are broadly drawn satires of modern day parenting (in Gifted rich parents give birth to a monster and think that he is, well, gifted) or "coolness" (Played Out) , but one absolutely stands out. Sell out is hilarious! Go read it now!! It is too funny. Though the author owes an apology to the city of Slupsk which is a very nice Polish town!! :)

    • Natalie Hamilton says:

      3.5 stars. There are a few really great stories in this collection, like "Animals". The novella, "Sell Out" is especially noteworthy and had me cracking up. Simon Rich is is a funny guy, but there are more duds than gems in this collection. And for the most part, I felt that the comparisons to Woody Allen were severely hyperbolic. Maybe in 15 or 20 years with some more development

    • Rohan says:

      As a millennial I was turned off by the title, but then after learning that Simon was one of us, it only made me enjoy this book more. Great satire, an easy read, each one of these short stories will have you laughing more than the last. My favorite one was probably "Sell Out."

    • Stephen says:

      Simon Rich is rapidly becoming one of my favourite authors. This collection, while being somewhat hit-and-miss, contains some hilarious and genuinely memorable stories all about the millennial generation. "Sell-Out" was the best of the bunch for sure. Cracking read, would very much recommend!

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