I Kissed the Baby!

I Kissed the Baby Mary Murphy s big eye catching graphics and bouncy ebullient text are sure to enchant readers who are celebrating a baby or relishing their own claim to the title I saw the baby Did you see the baby

  • Title: I Kissed the Baby!
  • Author: Mary Murphy
  • ISBN: 9780763621223
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mary Murphy s big, eye catching graphics and bouncy, ebullient text are sure to enchant readers who are celebrating a baby or relishing their own claim to the title I saw the baby Did you see the baby Yes I saw the baby, the teeny weeny thing It s so exciting News of the baby is buzzing from animal to animal, with each one fish, bird, squirrel, insect, frog boMary Murphy s big, eye catching graphics and bouncy, ebullient text are sure to enchant readers who are celebrating a baby or relishing their own claim to the title I saw the baby Did you see the baby Yes I saw the baby, the teeny weeny thing It s so exciting News of the baby is buzzing from animal to animal, with each one fish, bird, squirrel, insect, frog boasting of seeing, feeding, singing to, tickling, and kissing the tiny little thing With bold black and white illustrations and a flash of vivid yellow for the wee chick s appearance at the end, Mary Murphy s simple, singsong story captures the giddy commotion only a baby can bring.

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    • Jon(athan) Nakapalau says:

      Babies are magic! Everyone wants to be nice to them! Too bad we forget this lesson as babies grow older.

    • Ellias says:

      I love the part when Mommy says, "Yes, I kissed the baby, my own amazing baby, and I'm going to do it again." I like to run over to her and give her my face for a big kiss, then I quack, just like the duck in the book.

    • Beth says:

      Great black and white illustrations for little ones!

    • Elizabeth says:

      This really is the perfect first book for baby. The sing-song verse is simple, repetitive, and predictable, perfect for baby's growing brain. The illustrations are in high contrast black & white, with one or two (two on the very exciting pages) splashes of bright color, perfect for baby's developing sense of sight. Each two-page spread features two voices-- a very sweet book to read along with daddy or an older sibling. Actions such as tickling and kissing are emphasized by the verse, making [...]

    • Beyondthebookends says:

      This black and white board book is perfect for newborns since they can only see black and white initially. Make it interactive by following the tasks talked about in the book – tickling, hugging and kissing!For 12 more great board books check out this post:beyondthebookends/201

    • Charlene says:

      This is a five star book for it's intended audience--very young little ones. This book will not entertain a 5 year old and likely not a 3 year old, but the high contrast pictures and the sing-song repetitive dialog perfectly hold a language learner's attention, and the surprise ending will put a smile on their face.Whenever I read this book, I always give a prolonged kiss that ends in a loud smack on the page with the kissing noises. This is something that my children came to look forward to, ea [...]

    • Natasha says:

      I don't intend to review a lot of Children's Books, but because I've read this one soooo much AND my baby LOVES it, I decided to add it.Reading this story with enthusiasm goes a long way. Originally, I had checked this out from the library on a recommendation from Highlights magazine, but when I saw how much my son loved it, I had to buy it for him.Like most children's books, it's super simple, but the story arc here isn't as flat as many of them and I think the repetition of question/statement [...]

    • Romelle says:

      A concept book with big, bold text and shadow-like illustrations. The simple language is sing-songy and fun to read out loud. This is a perfect book for toddlers, especially since it is available as a board book. This could also be a great gift for a toddler expecting a sibling. It's a story about the exciting arrival of a baby and the things you can do with a baby like kiss, feed, tickle him/her.

    • Jill says:

      I admit it - I am a sucker for sweet children's books about a mother's love for her child. I am also a sucker for board books for my infant, so this was a perfect addition to our collection. The high-contrast b&w illustrations are great for small babies, and the text has a nice cadence and plenty of characters to voice, making it a great read-aloud book. The best part of this short read is that you get plant a big ol' smooch on your baby at the endppfffwah!

    • Lisa says:

      Both my baby and I greatly enjoy reading this together. He likes looking at the cute black and white images and seems to enjoy the repetitive nature of the story. I enjoy having an excuse to tickle, sing to, and kiss him according to what the animals are doing in the story. My favourite part of the story is when the Mom says "of course I kissed the baby, my own amazing baby!" which reflects how of course I love to kiss my own amazing little guy.

    • Laura Henderson says:

      This book is about a baby coming and there is a lot of commotion between the different animals. They are all so excited about the baby that they all try to see the baby, feed the baby, sing to the baby, tickle the baby and kiss the baby. I would use this book to read to the entire class, because it is very exciting. I would use this book in a thematic unit about families. I like this book because it is good for a young child to get excited about a new brother or sister on the way.

    • jacky says:

      The black and white pictures in this book would be great for a young baby to look at. The question and answer format would be good for teaching about questions and answers as well as providing repeated words for new readers. Very simple plot. Several fun animals. I liked the sparse use of color.

    • Karina says:

      Okay, it's possible that we like this book even more than Karina (2.5 months) does. It's easy for her to keep her attention on the black and white shapes, but really, what makes this fun are all the opportunities for us to kiss her. :) She is starting to get the giggles now when we kiss her, so I think we'll keep this one in the rotation for a while.

    • Taylor says:

      This is fun to read out loud (which is good because we read it out loud several times every day). There are lots of opportunities for silly voices, cuddles, tickles, and kisses. The black and white drawings are "good visual stimulation" for little babies (or so say the child development folk who know these things).

    • Tdavis says:

      Illustrated mostly with black-and-white pages and dash of color the text and pictures stand out. This book is designed perfectly for little eyes and ears. Early Literacy Skills:Narrative SkillsPhonological AwarenessPrint AwarenessPrint MotivationVocabulary

    • Molly says:

      A great book to read to your baby. My son likes this one and we've read it ALOT. My husband and I have found that it is a great book to try out new voices, tones, and paces while reading the parts for each of the two characters and then of course we end it with a great big kiss that leaves our son giggling and wanting to start the book over.

    • Jazmin Palma says:

      Cute little book for little ones to read. Great black and white illustration, they really caught my daughter's attention. She likes the book a lot. It also contains good action words that toddles and preschool will enjoy learning and doing. An activity that I would do is give the children black paper and white chalk to do their own animals.

    • Julie says:

      Animals share their excitement and love for a new duckling. This book will appeal to toddler's senses. It features bold illustrations, primarily rendered in black and white, and a catchy, sing-song text. The book's format is slightly larger than the average board book and therefore might be hard for very young children to hold on their own. A recommended purchase for a public library.

    • Tanya W says:

      Cute, short, fun illustrations, shows everyone's desire to be close to and interact with the baby. I read it about four times in the last 2 days I think it's fun because I like to use voices for the different characters in the story (without that I don't know if it would be 5 stars). This would be great to read to a younger infant because of the large black and white pictures.

    • Tessa says:

      Ok, I know I'm weird, but this book makes me feel like I'm being brainwashed by animals, or something; like if I read it backwards, it would say, "Paul is dead". BUT my littlest ones love it - probably because of the colors.

    • Mary Peplinski says:

      High contrast images are perfect for an infant's limited sight and promote brain development.

    • Trevor says:

      Probably baby Alfred's favorite book so far (nice high-contrast images and semi-predictable repetitive text).

    • Jack Kirby and the X-man says:

      The high-contrast illustrations and sing-song text would make this book perfect for a very young child. As such I'd get the board book version!I was all set to get on a high-horse about the promotion of breastfeeding in children's books with a bird and a squirrel (maybe?) both saying they fed the baby - then realised that the baby in question is a baby duck This would be perfect to read with your toddler and a brand new "Number 2/3/4, etc"

    • Courtney Gilmore says:

      In my opinion, I feel that this book would be a really great bedtime read. Reading this book with enthusiasm and acting out parts of the book (like tickling and kissing) with your little one would be comforting. Great for bonding!

    • Halley Todd says:

      This is a fun, interactive board book to read with your young child. The community of animals is excited because there is a new baby. The different animals discuss ways in which they have interacted with this new baby, like by tickling it, or kissing it. You can interact with your own baby or toddler by mimicking those actions. The simplistic drawings are easily identifiable by babies. The pictures are mostly in black and white, but there is bright stripe of color on every page. Sometimes that c [...]

    • Shauna Masura says:

      There's a new baby in the animal kingdom, and everybody wants to play. "Did you tickle the baby?" asked the parrot to the ant. "Yes! I tickled that wriggly giggly thing." I Kissed the Baby! is a darling board book that you can count on reading over and over again. The simplistic drawings are easily recognizable, and the prose invites the reader to act out the play with the little ones sitting in your lap. What a fun way to teach young children how to interact with a new baby in the family or pra [...]

    • Julia Miller says:

      This simple narrative has one sentence per page. Black backgrounds feature bold white creatures, until the baby duck is reached, which is yellow. Each animal asks the next if it has offered the baby some affection, until the mother is mentioned. It has one sentence per page, with simple words, which seems like it would support an early emergent reader. Pictures do not quite support the text, but the pattern becomes obvious quickly.

    • Ashlie Covington says:

      This little book was very simple. I believe it was meant for kids between the ages of 0-3 it is not really meant for an elementary school child. I am not saying that it was bad, I just think it suits a certain age group. It is not really a book I can use when I start teaching. It was kind of a pointless story. But good enough for a Preschooler.

    • Erika Flores says:

      This book had some nice illustrations and was a quick read- it literally took me 30 seconds. I read this to myself and I didn't really find it interesting. It was too simple, and it seems as if it's target audience would be toddler aged children. It's still sweet, but definitely skip if you're reading to an older group of children.

    • June says:

      Various animals, meet, sing, e baby duck.Used at laptime. 5/16/12Went over well at lap time this year. 5/11/15Used at PJ Time and the bold black and white pictures worked really well with the baby.Used again this year. Might have to round up really a 3.5, pictures holds attention and went over well again.

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